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Information on Penthouse- Penthouse Apartments

The Penthouse, a popular term in the luxury housing world, has recently spread to the world of a luxury residence. The following is an explanation of the concept of penthouses in Turkey and its most important characteristics.

Penthouses are distinctive apartments in the upper floors, often located in the upper floor of high buildings and skyscrapers in major cities, and its main idea that the outer walls of the four sides are made of glass, it offers a panoramic view of the entire city from high altitudes. The most important feature of the apartment is that it extends over a whole building. There are no neighbors on the same floor, providing the occupant with complete freedom, a style of luxury like living in a villa, Town Centre.

One of the most important features of the penthouse apartments, which attract visitors to luxury housing is its location in the heart of the major cities, capitals, and provides access within minutes to restaurants, hotels and shopping centers in the city. It is also possible to stay above the city and enjoy a panoramic view, away from the noise and congestion, in addition to the large area, which exceeds the normal apartment areas and similar areas of villas.

Real estate companies around the world are competing for providing more luxury on the Penthouses, with luxury amenities such as a private elevator different from the building's elevators, a private entrance from the building itself, a balcony with an elegant terrace, a swimming pool, an office and meeting room, Jacuzzi and more.

If the whole building adopts the style of apartments with a full floor, where each apartment gets the entire floor, in this case, is characterized by penthouses as a two-story apartment, where two full floors are allocated, distinct from the rest of the apartments in the building.

Buying Penthouse in Turkey- The Advantages

Residents of the Penthouses can enjoy additional services from luxury hotel services, and cleaning services are often available, offering a luxury restaurant, dining service to the apartment and other hotel services.

Penthouses also have the finest in-house built-in steel, marble floors, and luxurious wood decors, as well as moisture and external wind sensors, adjustable vents in the facade glass, temperature sensor and emailing the owner of the apartment and to the management of the building to adjust the ventilation and heating degrees.

Penthouse for Sale in Turkey

Penthouses are a great choice for many Arab tourists who immigrate to Istanbul and other major Turkish cities, where you can find a penthouse apartment near the city center, or the sandy beaches and local facilities of the city.

If you would like to buy a penthouse apartment in 2022 in Turkey, Imtilak Real Estate Company offers you the best real estate offers in Turkey in various Turkish cities such as Istanbul, Bursa and we are happy to contact you.

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Update date: 2023-01-04

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