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Sentez Project IMT - 1346
citizenship Conforms to conditions of Turkish citizenship
Sentez Project IMT - 1346

Shops for sale in Merter, Istanbul in the European section of Istanbul, suitable for Turkish citizen...

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475,000 $

Stores and Markets for Sale in Istanbul 

Commercial confidence in the Turkish economy has been steadily increasing. Government facilities and exemptions have contributed to the boom of the real estate sector, especially in the growth of markets and the influx of investors. Turkey's economy has become increasingly attractive for investors, and Istanbul has become a haven for investors to find an excellent place for doing business and investment activities and seek shops and stores for sale in Istanbul.

Imtilak Real Estate offers unlimited options to buy a store, office, shop or any commercial property, to start your important business, or even to invest in real estate with profitable returns by leasing it to other investors or reselling it.

If you are looking for stores, shops or offices for sale in Istanbul during in 2021 we recommend considering the quality elements while selecting stores or any commercial property, including:

  • The store should be close to the main roads in the city.
  • It should be near the city center, next to mass transports, and metro lines.
  • The store should be chosen near industrial or commercial areas to increase investment opportunities.
  • There should be suitable parking for loading and unloading operations.
  • Heating and ventilation services are of high importance in shops and stores.
  • Providing a security system during the day using modern technologies such as surveillance cameras.

If the nature of the store and work requires calm and distance from congestion, and the presence of green landscapes, this will be so good and easy in projects near the quiet and classy areas.

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