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Stores for Sale in Turkey 2024

Investment in Turkey

Foreign capital inflows into Turkey have become a significant sign of increasing trade confidence in the promising Turkish economy. Government facilities and exemptions for the real estate sector, in particular, have encouraged the commercial sector and the influx of investors seeking shops and stores for sale in Turkey.

Turkey has become a turn-out for those looking for an excellent place to do business and investment activities, and Turkish cities have competed to attract investors, especially IstanbulAntalya, and Yalova, as well as other central Turkish cities. These are the desirable options for those looking for shops and stores for sale in Turkey.

Stores and Coomercial Shops for Sale in Turkey

Imtilak Real Estate offers unlimited options to buy a store, office, shop or any commercial property, to start your major business, or even to invest in real estate and to lease it to other investors, with profitable returns.

If you are looking for stores, shops or offices for sale in Turkey in 2021 we recommend to take into account some of the elements of quality when selecting a commercial property and the most important are:

  • The store or shop is close to or accessible to the main roads of the city, especially in major cities such as Istanbul, where traffic congestion increases the difficulty of transport and logistics.
  • The store or shop should be near industrial or commercial areas to increase investment opportunities.
  • There should be parking suitable for storage operations next to the store or shop.
  • Ventilation, risk management, and fire extinguishing services are of high importance in stores and shops.
  • Providing a security guard system during the day using surveillance cameras.

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Update date: 2024-01-09

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