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Terms of Use

Learn more about Imtilak real estate terms of use, and how we use and save your personal data that you provide.

Terms of Use

Greeting to all our esteemed customers in Imtilak Real Estate website. We would like to draw your kind attention to Imtilak Real Estate Website Terms of Use starting with the fact that surfing this website contains a tacit consent to the terms of use of Imtilak Real Estate website along with its privacy policy.

Moreover, all of Imtilak Real Estate websites and pages on the social networking sites, and all of Imtilak Group numerous electronic accounts on the World Wide Web are formally registered as a Turkish brand. Namely, they are registered at the Higher Institute for Turkish brands and at the Google Network as a Turkish brand as follows: Logo and brand, websites, website designing, search, and articles.

When it is proved that any entity, be that within the territory of the Republic of Turkey or on the World Wide Web, has copied, published, or used any written script, photos, videos, or any other materials of Imtilak Group websites, including Imtilak Real Estate website, and that was for commercial purposes, without a prior written permission from Imtilak Group Management, the legal department in Imtilak shall submit a written complaint to the Higher Institute of brands and Intellectual Creations Rights and mail a complaint to Google Network to inform about the breach and get the legal procedures started.

Furthermore, if it is proven that any entity has plagiarized or used Imtilak brand, the legal department shall preserve the rights of Imtilak group, which is accredited to the Turkish government, by filing a lawsuit to the Higher Institute of brands and Intellectual Creations Rights to claim compensation for the damage of plagiarizing.

What are the Terms of Use of Imtilak Real Estate Website?

  1. The contents of this website are subject to change at any time. Changes would happen without notification by the website management.

  2. This website contains general information and studies carried out by Imtilak team, available for our customers as a reference to help and support. Still, none has the right to assume Imtilak website management the responsibility for any inaccurate content or information on this website.

  3. Using or applying any of the material or information available on Imtilak website pages shall be at user/applier own responsibility, the website management would not have any interference.

  4. Only the website management has the right to own the licensed materials of this website. Therefore, this website contains mustn’t be violated by quoting, reproducing, or copying, especially for, the real estate and investment studies, the design of the website, the template, and the logo of the company.

  5. The misuse or infringement of the intellectual property rights or the copyrights of Imtilak website, in a bad faith, by users could expose them to legal accountability.

  6. In order to provide more information to our customers, some of our website pages may sometimes include links to other websites the customer may find useful. However, this does not mean that Imtilak Real Estate assume responsibility for any inaccurate or useless materials or information.

  7. Nevertheless, customers may create external links of Imtilak website without having the permission of its website management.

  8. The misuse of Imtilak Real Estate website in a way contradicts with the terms of Uses mentioned is subject to the laws adopted in the Republic of Turkey especially and the international laws generally.

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