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Installment Villas for Sale in Turkey 2024

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Installment Villas for Sale in Turkey

Turkish real estate companies have been competing in 
real estate campaigns that have led to a quantum leap in apartment sales, local and foreign investors were given the opportunity to buy comfortable apartments for periods of up to 240 months, making the search for villas for sale in Turkey in 2022 suitable option for those wishing to own and invest.

Real estate sale to foreigners will be at the forefront of Turkey's real estate market development tools in 2022, by facilitating their purchase of real estate and reducing routine procedures, as well as providing the possibility of easy installment for foreign investors, in addition to the advantages granted by the Turkish state to those interested in investing in real estate, Taxes cuts and granting them exceptional Turkish citizenship if they own property for a certain price.

In addition, the amazing installment options to suit different times, including a real estate campaign that has the potential to pay 1% of the apartment prices, and start paying installments starting in 2021. Real estate experts predict that the year 2021 will see such campaigns, which will increase the vitality of the real estate sector in Turkey, and the demand to buy apartments and investment in Turkey of various types, especially villas with amazing sea views.

In parallel with the recovery of the real estate sector, it is also planned to improve the services of the banking sector by reducing the rates of interest and Islamic profits (murabaha) applied by banks to properties financed by bank loans to enable all segments of society to obtain and benefit from these loans.

In a preliminary step to stimulate banks of gran facilities of this kind, some real estate companies offer a new offers based on the installment of the property price without paying any additional benefits, but the buyer pays 10%of the price of the property in advance, and the rest to be paid in installments for 84 months.

Advanteges for Buying Villas in Turkey

Villas are the most luxurious dwellings, for the lovers of nature, the tranquility, and the comfort, in which the greenery, the water, the beautiful views, the privacy, the feeling of independence, especially if the villa overlooks the sea in Turkey easy to own with installment plans!

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Update date: 2024-01-10

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