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Villas for Sale in Turkey 2021

Offers of villas for sale in Turkey 2021 by Imtilak Real Estate. Luxurious and luxurious villas, small and cheap villas, and offers of palaces, rural villas, and villas overlooking the sea, with the option of installments, contact us.

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Ozar palaces IMT - 687

Luxurious villas for sale in Sakarya, near the city center and Sapanca Lake, with modern finishes, a...

Starting at

317,000 $

Kings Villas  IMT - 686
citizenship Conforms to conditions of Turkish citizenship
Kings Villas IMT - 686

Luxury villas for sale in Sapanca, Sakarya next to the most important tourist centers, with large ar...

Starting at

425,000 $

Andalusian Villas  IMT - 684
citizenship Conforms to conditions of Turkish citizenship
Andalusian Villas IMT - 684

Luxury villas for sale in Sapanca, Sakarya, near the charming lake, with great prices and large spac...

Starting at

250,000 $

Village Residences  IMT - 297
This project is government guaranteed
Village Residences IMT - 297

Independent houses for sale in Istanbul within the Zekeriyakoy area, with a luxurious horizontal arc...

Starting at

179,000 $

Volony Villas  IMT - 517
citizenship Conforms to conditions of Turkish citizenship
Volony Villas IMT - 517

Villas for sale in Asian Istanbul within one of the city's finest complexes, with luxurious designs,...

Starting at

1,350,000 $

Green Life Villas  IMT - 516
citizenship Conforms to conditions of Turkish citizenship
Green Life Villas IMT - 516

Villas for sale in European Istanbul in the Silivri district, within a complex that offers high-end...

Starting at

302,000 $

Dosemealti Villas IMT - 791

Villas for sale in Antalya in the Dosemealti district, within a quiet surroundings, large areas, dis...

Starting at

325,000 $

Orhan Villas IMT - 790

Villas for sale in Antalya in the coastal region of Belek, with luxurious finishings and excellent p...

Starting at

350,000 $

What are the advantages of buying a villa in Turkey?

There are many advantages to buying a villa in Turkey, from the many views of the seas, mountains and different valleys, and the quality of finishes, but what distinguishes owning a villa in Turkey is that it represents the greatest gain in obtaining Turkish citizenship, because the price paid for the value of the villa covers the minimum amount for obtaining Turkish citizenship.

What is the average price of villas in Turkey?

The prices of villas in Turkey vary due to the different locations of the villas, their sizes, the quality of the cladding, finishes, and the view. The prices of villas in each city differ from the other, but the prices of villas in Turkey compared to their counterparts in Europe are low, and the average prices of villas in Turkey range between $250,000 and $2,000,000.

Villas for sale in Turkey

What are the best cities in Turkey to buy a villa?

Istanbul villas

Villas in Istanbul are characterized by being multiple, between luxury, cheap, old, overlooking the sea, etc., and they have different locations, various designs, and competitive prices, and they are characterized by a developed infrastructure, and Istanbul contains many villas in different areas and sizes.

Antalya villas

The villas in Antalya are among the most luxurious villas in Turkey, given the attractive factors for many who wish to own property in Antalya, as it is characterized by its charming nature, sea views, and beautiful sandy coasts, and the average price is $250,000.

Trabzon villas

Villas in Trabzon are cheap, given the beauty of their nature and views. Villas in Trabzon combine the sea and green nature, and the average price is $150,000.

prices of villas in Turkey

Sakarya villas

Sakarya villas are located in distinct places with their spacious spaces, in an organized distribution that gives them luxurious views, such as city villas, in one of the most beautiful natural areas surrounding Sapanca Lake in Sakarya, as well as Sultan villas and Kerbnar villas.

Bursa villas

Bursa villas are distinguished by being located in the most beautiful and most modern cities of Turkey, overlooking the sea, such as the Badmeli Bursa villas complex, in the Badmeli district, where the villas have a wonderful panoramic view, as well as the Terraces Bursa villa complex, about 45% of the project area is green spaces.

Yalova villas

The beautiful villas in Yalova are distinguished by their proximity to Istanbul, and their luxurious styles and distinct views, such as Jerry villas, in the Japanese style, and within a calm and charming nature, as the complex is half an hour away from Istanbul Sabiha Airport.

Fethiye villas

Fethiye villas in Mugla, Turkey's most famous tourist city, are famous for their location in the Aegean region, which means a stunning view of the Mediterranean Sea, and this region is characterized by its charming nature.

villas for sale in Turkey in installments

Offers of villas for sale in Turkey by Imtilak Real Estate

Luxury villas for sale in Turkey

Turkey has many locations for luxury villas, including Green Reserve villas, Al-Noor Complex villas, Western Mahalla villas in Istanbul, Digital Home Villas, and Eva villas in Antalya, Kalıcak Garden villas in Trabzon, City villas in Sakarya, and Sultan villas in Sapanca.

Rural villas for sale in Turkey

Rural villas in Turkey are distinguished by their low prices and are ideal for those looking for a residence that combines the modernity of Turkey with the instinct of calm, meditation, and natural beauty, such as Silivri villas, Çatlıca villas, Arnavutkoy villas, in the countryside of Istanbul, and Granda villas in Antalya, and so on.

Villas and palaces for sale in Turkey

Turkey is distinguished in offering all options for real estate ownership in various Turkish cities, and among the options are the presence of palaces for sale and villas in Istanbul and other regions of Turkey, such as Sariyer palaces, which are classified as the third richest, most luxurious and most expensive area in Turkey, and are classified as safer than earthquakes. The location of the project gives fresh outdoor air due to its proximity to Belgrade forests and beaches.

Small villas for sale in Turkey

Turkey is characterized by the fact that it includes options for buying small villas in Turkey, such as Yesil Valley villas in Sile, Green Reserve villas in Buyukcekmece, and Riva villas in Beykoz, and there are other areas that contain small villas such as Kalicik Garden villas in Trabzon, and Granda villas in Antalya, and a complex of Jerry villas in Yalova.

Villas for sale in Turkey by the sea

There are many villas with sea views in Turkey due to the many seas in it, and Buyukcekmece in Istanbul is characterized by containing villas overlooking the sea, such as Traca Palaces, Al-Noor Villas Complex, and Paradise Golf villas. In Sakarya, Marina Marmara villas, city villas, Sultan villas, and many more.

Villas for sale in Turkey in installments

It is possible to buy villas in Turkey in installments, and get all the offers for buying villas in distinguished places in Turkey, whether for the purpose of family housing or for the purpose of leasing and investment and obtaining monthly financial returns, through convenient installment options provided by Imtilak Real Estate, contact us.

What are Imtilak's real estate services for those who want to buy a villa in Turkey?

There are many Imtilak real estate services for anyone who wants to buy a villa in Turkey. Imtilak Real Estate provides its integrated services for the purchase of villas in Turkey, through its offices in various Turkish states, and its services include, in addition to installment services, pre-sales, and after-sales services and during sales, by receiving the customer from the airport to the hotel, help him choose the place of residence, provide specialized real estate consultancy, and take him on tours throughout Turkey.

We also have a team specialized in following up the procedures of the title deed, receiving the villa, verifying its conformity with the contract, getting a residence permit, opening a bank account, preparing villas and their accessories for use, in addition to managing villa affairs, such as renting it, reselling it and following up on taxes, fees, and bills for the villa. We also have a team especially to follow up on the procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership


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