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Villas For Sale in Antalya 2021

explore a great veriety of villas for sale in antalya with stunning views and cheap prices, installment options and suitable for real estate investment.

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Dosemealti Villas IMT - 791

Villas for sale in Antalya in the Dosemealti district, within a quiet surroundings, large areas, dis...

Starting at

325,000 $

Orhan Villas IMT - 790

Villas for sale in Antalya in the coastal region of Belek, with luxurious finishings and excellent p...

Starting at

350,000 $

Life Villa IMT - 788
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Life Villa IMT - 788

A villa for sale in Antalya within the prestigious Belek area, with a large area, a swimming pool wi...

Starting at

460,000 $

Digital Home  IMT - 785
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Digital Home IMT - 785

Luxury villas for sale in Antalya at premium prices within the prestigious Dosemealti area, you can...

Starting at

141,000 $

Eva Villas  IMT - 782
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Eva Villas IMT - 782

Luxury villas for sale in Antalya within the Belek region, with high-end specifications and suitable...

Starting at

476,000 $

Kadriya villa  IMT - 781
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Kadriya villa IMT - 781

A villa for sale in Antalya within the Belek region, with a large area, a quiet ocean and a premium...

Starting at

309,000 $

The Banks of Belek’s Villas  IMT - 776
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The Banks of Belek’s Villas IMT - 776

Villas for sale in Antalya within the Belek area in a modern architectural style, suitable for Turki...

Starting at

282,000 $

Granda Villas  IMT - 775
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Granda Villas IMT - 775

Villas for sale in Belek Antalya, with distinctive prices and luxurious specifications, within one o...

Starting at

540,000 $

Villas for Sale in Antalya

It is clear that the city of Antalya is the luckiest candidate and reputation among the Arabs, whether they are investors or tourists. Turkish cities have varying proportions in terms of investments or tourism. The city of Antalya, with its ancient monuments, is an important tourist and investment destination for tourists and investors.


According to the official authorities, the number of Arab tourists in Turkey rose by 21% last year, most of them Arab nationalities such as Iraq, Saudi Arabia and a number of Gulf countries. According to the Tourism Organization, the Arabs currently represent about 40% of the 42 million visitors to Turkey every year.

The city of Antalya is famous for its historical and archaeological sites, temperate regions and water cities. A large proportion of these tourists are attracted by tourists buying villas for sale in Antalya. Villa prices in Antalya and residential projects are on the increase, which makes your property with unprecedented value.

Antalya Villas- Great Investment Opportunity

Most Arab buyers are from Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Jordan. The billionaires and royal families in the Arabian Gulf region are very much willing to buy real estate in Antalya for sale with direct sea destinations in various areas, including Antalya, where prices can reach nearly $ 100 million.

  • Real Estate in the Fields of Brilliant Investment:

The sales of villas in Antalya and their prices have been rising steadily for quite some time. According to Turkstat, Turkey has witnessed real estate and villa sales of around 427,000 properties, while in contrast, almost a million properties have been sold over the past year.

According to the figures, the real estate market in Turkey is recovered enough. In fact, as sales increased, prices continued to rise, rising by 18.96% this year compared to 2014. Studies indicate that the demand for real estate far outweighs supply, especially in major tourist cities such as Istanbul and Antalya.

After monitoring this information and clarifying it, it is now easy and does not need much thinking about buying property in Antalya for sale such as villas, as the prices of villas in Antalya, as we have talked about is in a steady growth and a clear increase, making it a distinct investment area.

  • Improved Arab infrastructure in Turkey:

It is no longer difficult to come to Turkey to buy a property or to make investment. Do not hesitate to come to Turkey to buy your property and invest in it., There are many, but a lot of Arabic-speaking companies that deal with investment and real estate in Turkey.

More importantly, formal transactions are now easier and simpler than before, as the investor can have an interpreter who speaks Turkish with him in his official transactions without suffering, hardship or trouble.

  • Business in the booming hotel sector:

With the influx of Arab tourists in the country, the demand for new hotels has increased, so the problem of hotel reservations is no longer there, as you find the owners of these hotels themselves Arabs prefer to spend their holidays in the Mediterranean, where the coasts are green and with scenic nature.

Therefore, owning a villa from villas for sale in Antalya is a successful investment opportunity and with guaranteed results, and we recall that the prices of villas in Antalya are still in steady growth and clear and high rates.

  • Investment Is Becoming Easier Now than Ever Before:

The new law passed in 2012 allowed foreigners to buy real estate in Turkey easier than ever before and removed many restrictions and thus hastened a wave of investment flowing from the Middle East.

The amendment of the law abolished the reciprocity rule whereby only Turks were allowed to own and buy real estate in Turkey, thus opening the door to many foreigners to buy, including Arabs.

It is also possible for foreign buyers to buy more properties that were previously only 2.5 hectares and now become 60 hectares.

  • Feels Like You Are at Home:

Turkey's east-west location means it is a comfortable place to live and work for those from the Middle East, and millions of Arabs are now living in Turkey.

With so many mosques, familiar foods, religious events and even architecture that reflects the heritage of the Middle East, Turkey is a second home to many Arabs.

Now many language schools in Istanbul offer courses in Arabic, and even shops have jobs in sales for Arab speakers.

  • Turkey Is a Safe Place for Tourism and Investment:

Despite the effects of the Arab Spring in the Middle East, tourism and investment in Turkey showed no signs of decline and the Turkish economy remains stable.

Buyers looking for a safe haven to invest in places away from any turbulence in the Middle East and away from traditional tourism such as those in Syria, Egypt, Tunisia and Lebanon, they go to cities such as Istanbul and Antalya to get new and serious opportunities.

The role of these cities, especially the city of Antalya, which meets the wishes of visitors and investors in the construction of real estate in Antalya for sale such as, which have tranquility and and wonderful views on the shores of the Mediterranean and with a beautiful nature.

  • Distinctive Networks and Communication Lines:

Istanbul's third airport is set to become the second largest airport in the world. Which will link the Middle East and Turkey and this has never been done before, with hundreds of flights at major airports across the Middle East next week. This logistics is very important for investment as more than 70% of the 42 million visitors to Turkey arrive by air, and the good and new relations between Turkey and the Middle East will lead to increased investment opportunities for Arab buyers.

  • Statistics and Figures:

Real Estate Sales in Turkey and Antalya

In February of this year, sales reached 27.8% during the month of February compared to the same period last year, recording about 1,369 properties instead of one thousand and 71 properties.

The monthly average of foreign property buyers reached about 600 properties, with the number of properties sold in Istanbul reaching a peak, followed by Antalya with 356 properties, Bursa with 106, Yalova with 77 properties, “, and the city of "Muğla" to about 75 properties.

In April, sales rose by 507 units in Antalya, up to 19.4 percent on last year's sales, followed by the Yalova Stock Exchange with 90 units, while in Ayden State 63 units was sold.

The Turkish real estate market has witnessed an increase last July, an increase of 37.6% compared to the same month last year, where the Iraqis were among the first foreigners to buy houses in Turkey.

The number of houses sold to foreigners in the same month was 2,207, 686 in Antalya, overlooking the Mediterranean, 541 in Istanbul, 127 in Yalova, 119 in Ayden, 112 in "Bursa", and 89 in" Muğla ".

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