Who is the real estate consultant? What are the criteria for his selection?

Learn about the real estate consultant, his work, his importance in buying a property, and the criteria for selecting the best real estate consultant. Read at Imtilak Real Estate.

Who is the real estate consultant? What are the criteria for his selection?
2021-05-10 Last update 2022-01-12

Who is the real estate consultant? What are the criteria for his selection?

Comprehensive information about the real estate consultant in Turkey, the work he does, and the great role he plays in reducing the burden on investors when buying a property in Turkey.

Definition of a real estate consultant

There is no doubt that foreign investors coming to Turkey with the aim of owning real estate need some advice that guides them in making the right choice of real estate to be purchased.

Here, the role of the real estate consultant or the real estate consultancy office saves investors a lot of time and effort in searching for the right property for them, and according to their requirements.

Therefore, a real estate consultant can be defined as a person or group of people, working in a consulting office, who have high competence, and sufficient and adequate knowledge, regarding the purchase of the real estate in Turkey.

The real estate consultant provides the best services to businessmen wishing to own real estate, by providing appropriate suggestions, providing a comprehensive study on the property to be purchased, and avoiding all risks and mistakes that may result from the process of buying a property.

We mention that at Imtilak Real Estate we have a team of real estate consultants who are experts have many experiences in the Turkish real estate market, besides, we provide all real estate consultancy for free.

What is the work of a real estate consultant?

As mentioned, the main task of the real estate consultant's work is to provide a comprehensive study of the property, and the advice through which to gain customer satisfaction in the end.

But the work of the real estate consultant can be summarized as the following points:

  • Listening to the client's requirements by holding a meeting with him, and correctly determining what is required of the property.
  • Providing all kinds of consultancy support to clients, and assisting them in choosing the right property, according to the required conditions.
  • Creating a list of properties that comply with the client's requirements.
  • Planning with the client to set dates to go on field tours, and provide adequate explanations about the property, and the characteristics that the property has.
  • Providing recommendations and advice to the client, by reviewing new construction plans with clients, and preparing the options and features available about the property, after the field tour at the property location.
  • Playing the role of mediator between the customer and the seller.
  • Coordination of sales operations, full supervision of contract signing, and payment of financial dues.

What is the importance of a real estate consultant?

Buying an apartment or a certain property is one of the most crucial steps that a person takes. So asking the assistance of a real estate consultant is very necessary, in order to prevent ourselves from making mistakes when buying a property, especially with a large number of deception networks, and fraudsters who drag people to the edge of the abyss when choosing a property.

The importance of the real estate consultant lies in saving great time and effort for the client in searching for the right property, especially since buying a property in Istanbul, for example, will require long searches, which may last for many months.

The real estate consultant also plays a great role in guiding clients to deal with reliable construction companies, especially with the presence of a huge group of companies that are interested in the construction sector, and the difficulty of choosing the construction company that will be dealt with when buying a property.

Consulting offices pay great attention to guiding clients towards residential projects, which provide them with a peaceful life, in accordance with their requirements, appropriate to their standards, and it is no secret that it is difficult to buy a property in light of the excessive number of real estate projects in Istanbul.

The offices of real estate consultants do not hesitate to provide the information that is required of the client when buying a property, from the location of the property, its internal and external specifications, and the services provided for this property.

The most important point on which the importance of real estate consultancy is focused is to obtain the property at a reasonable price, without increasing, decreasing, or underestimating the right of the buyer or seller, that is, the real estate consultant provides reasonable prices in agreement with the real estate market.

The real estate consultant’s work is not limited to that, but he continues his work later in the title deed department, solving all legal issues related to the transfer of ownership, and the procedures for real estate ownership in the State institutions. The procedures for foreigners who wish to own property are difficult without the assistance of a real estate consultant.

Real estate consultant

Criteria for choosing a distinguished real estate consultant

After talking about the definition of a real estate consultant, the work he performs, and the important role he plays in buying a property. We will talk about the most important criteria for choosing a real estate consultant, who guides you to the right path when you want to buy a property.

First, you can search for a real estate consultant online, or ask a friend to try to find an experienced real estate consultant, in the area in which you are looking for a property.

It is also possible to view the CV and experience of the real estate consultant to be dealt with, to identify his most important achievements, and to evaluate the level of work accordingly, as well as to ask a person who had experiences in dealing with a particular consultancy office, to obtain information from him about his performance.

The issue is really related to the existence of a set of criteria, which you must pay attention to when choosing a real estate consultant:

  1. Transparency at work: The client can adopt the principle of transparency as a basis for choosing the real estate consultant, and investigate the honesty in their words and actions, and this is clear in front of the client from his first meeting with the real estate consultancy office.
  2. Professional competence: The professional competence and high capabilities of real estate consultants can be known by providing a complete study of the property and persuading the client to buy a real estate, and the professional competence of the real estate consultant can be discovered by conducting the real estate evaluation processes in the required manner.
  3. Punctuality: The real estate consultant must have accurate dates from the beginning of work so that he can gain the confidence of the client.
  4. The speed in completing the work, and the lack of delay in resolving issues, or the procrastination in the implementation of the required work.

It is necessary for the client to find these criteria in the real estate consultant before trusting and dealing with any of these consulting offices.

Real estate consultant’s business

Imtilak Real Estate and its leading role in real estate consultancy in Turkey

Imtilak Real Estate, with its real estate consultants, provides its clients with all the real estate advice that customers need when buying a property in Turkey, and this advice includes the information and initial expectations necessary for investors in Turkish real estate sector.

Real estate consultancy also includes bid requests related to a real estate project, the costs of these projects, and the returns that it can produce in the future.

The real estate consultants in Imtilak Real Estate also inform investors about the Turkish real estate sector, and the changes in the real estate price in light of the fluctuations in the exchange rate of the Turkish lira against the dollar, where the assessment of what the investor wants to achieve through his investment, and the creation of an appropriate strategy in light of that.

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