The most important tourist and archaeological places in Istanbul

Learn about the most famous, most important, and best tourist places in Istanbul, and their value including museums, mosques, malls, parks, beaches, archaeological sites, and palaces.

The most important tourist and archaeological places in Istanbul
2022-05-30 Last update 2022-05-30

The most important tourist and archaeological places in Istanbul

What is the tourist value of Istanbul?

Compared to other cities in Turkey, Istanbul is considered the medium of its beautiful contract, and the flower of its cities, which combines all the beauty and splendor. Its climate is moderate, its beauty features are many and varied, its legacy of history is abundant, its share of civilization is abundant, and much, much more.

Why does Istanbul attract tourists from all over the world?

In Istanbul, the link between the past and the present is renewed, and the relationship between East and West is taking root. Everything has its own splendor, and therefore Istanbul was and still is the most beautiful tourist resort at the gates of Europe and the doorstep of the Asian continent.

As for its attractions, we will discuss them along with this article

The most important and famous tourist places in Istanbul

In this article, we learn about the most famous, most important, and best tourist places in Istanbul, so it will be a tourist guide that fulfills an adequate package of the city's most beautiful tourist attractions, starting with museums and mosques, moving to malls, parks, gardens, and beaches, as well as archaeological sites and historical palaces, then we talk about the value of tourism investment and its connection to real estate investment.

Archaeological sites in Istanbul

We mention:

1. Constantinople Wall

It is a chain of defensive walls that surrounded and protected the city of Constantinople, since its founding during the reign of Constantine the Great as the new capital of the Roman Empire.

Many modifications and reinforcements were added to these walls throughout the history of the city, and they were among the major fortifications systems that have remained steadfast throughout the history of ancient eras.

Today, the walls of Constantinople surround the historic Fatih district, all the way to the city's coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara.

2. Rumelihisarı Castle

It’s also known as the Rumelihisar fortress, which is the fortress built by Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror, and was the starting point for the conquest of Istanbul (Constantinople).

Rumelihisar occupies an area of ​​31,250 square meters and was built in record time, in just 4 months, defying the topography of the land on which it was built.

Rumelihisarı Castle

3. Galata Tower

It is one of the oldest historical towers in Istanbul, where its construction dates back to the Middle Ages, near the Taksim area at the end of Istiklal Street.

The tower is known for its high cylindrical shape, conical roof, and panoramic view of historical Istanbul all the way to its Asian side.

Istanbul Museums

We mention:

1. Topkapı Museum: The Islamic Museum in Istanbul

One of the most beautiful places of tourism in Istanbul, the historical one, in particular, was originally a seat of the caliphate and the rule of the Ottomans, and then it was converted into a museum.

The Topkapı Museum was built by order of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror on an elevated site, which gave him a wonderful view of the Bosphorus. The museum consists of several buildings decorated with ornaments and inlaid with marble. The museum includes relics of the Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him.

2. Miniatürk Museum

A museum and a garden in the center of Istanbul within the Eyup area, and near the mosque and shrine of the great companion Abu Ayyub Al-Ansari.

The museum is located on an area of ​​approximately 60,000 square meters next to the Gulf of the Golden Horn. The museum includes many models of historical and tourist buildings in Turkey.

Miniatürk Museum

3. Chocolate Museum in Istanbul

Located in the Esenyurt area, the Pelit Chocolate Museum offers chocolate lovers the pleasure of watching chocolate statues of characters from Islamic history, heroes of novels, and myths. It also includes in its main hall a chocolate house of real dimensions, other Istanbul landmarks, and the most famous international personalities.

Istanbul beaches

We mention:

1. Florya Coast Beach

The beach is located on the European side of Istanbul, within the ancient Florya district.

Given the high demand for Florya Beach from the city’s residents and tourists, and because of its location near the malls, and the park of Ataturk Airport, the beach received special care by providing services and planting it, until it became one of the most beautiful public beach parks in the city.

Florya Coast Beach

2. Kilyos Beach

It’s a public beach on the Black Sea coast, within the Sariyer district of European Istanbul, it is also referred to as a mixed beach that is not suitable for veiled women.

Kilyos Beach offers its visitors the opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of the Black Sea during the summer on its clean coast and golden sand, with the availability of dedicated barbecue places, a feature that is not available on all of Istanbul's free beaches.

3. Solar Beach

It is one of the largest and purest beaches of Istanbul, with a length of approximately 1 km, on the Black Sea coast in European Istanbul. The beach is characterized by the calmness of its charming location in its location near the Belgrade forests, in addition to its clean water and golden sand.

Istanbul mosques

We mention:

1. Sultanahmet Mosque (The Blue Mosque)

The mosque was built by Sultan Ahmed I, directly opposite the Hagia Sophia Mosque. It is one of the most famous and important mosques in Istanbul. It is distinguished by its six minarets, its attractive workmanship, and its superimposed domes.

Sultanahmet Mosque (The Blue Mosque)

2. Süleymaniye Mosque

Suleiman the Magnificent Mosque, or what is known as the Süleymaniye Mosque, which is located on the third hill of the seven hills of Istanbul, impresses with its vast area, and the creative workmanship of its construction.

The mosque overlooks the Bosphorus with majesty, and next to it lies the famous Ottoman architect, Mimar Sinan.

3. Fatih Mosque

Fatih Mosque was built between the years 1463 - 1470 AD and is a great example of Turkish Islamic architecture in Istanbul.

The Mosque is located on the European side of Istanbul, within the historical Fatih district, which bears the name of Sultan Muhammad Fatih. The mosque also includes an annex section that includes the tomb of Fatih Sultan Mehmet on the tribal side of the mosque.

Istanbul Shopping Malls

We mention:

1. Mall of Istanbul

It is one of the most important modern Istanbul malls, as it is distinguished by its extension over a large area. It was opened in 2014 and consists of 4 residential towers, another office tower, a hotel, and a huge shopping mall.

Mall of Istanbul contains about 400 shops, including many local and international brands.

2. Cevahir Mall

Cevahir Mall is located in the Şişli district of European Istanbul and is characterized by a large clock installed in the center's glass ceiling, in addition to the theater with a hydraulic system in the center of the center surrounded by a pool of water, which is used for various artistic performances.

Cevahir Mall contains 290 shops, in addition to three cinemas, and a children's entertainment city. The hotels near Jawaher Mall are also characterized by luxury and sophistication.

3. Venezia Mega Mall

It’s located in the Gaziosmanpaşa district in Istanbul, Europe, it has more than 180 various shops.

The mall was designed in the style of the Italian city of Venice, with its streets, squares, and ancient landmarks, so that you feel like you are in the center of the famous Italian city of Venice, where you find water channels in the middle of the shops, to give the place splendor and splendor, topped by bridges that help to move between the mall.

You will be surprised when you wander through a copy of the city of Venice near the building of the archaeological square, in the middle of which is a tower surrounded by restaurants and cafes. The shops in Venice Mall are also distributed on the banks of the beautiful canals, where elegant boats roam.

Venezia Mega Mall

Istanbul Parks

We mention:

1. YIldız Park

It’s one of the largest public parks in Istanbul within the Beşiktaş district, which is part of the famous Ottoman Yıldız Palace.

The park extends to the bottom of the slopes of Yıldız Palace, includes artificial lakes and the most beautiful landscapes, and includes about one hundred and twenty species of trees collected from all over the world, some of which date back to the Ottoman era.

2. Emirgan Park

The largest of Istanbul's parks is in Sarıyer, directly opposite the Bosphorus. The spacious garden contains many types of rare trees and plants, including Turkish, Aleppo and blue pines.

The park amazes its visitors with the overwhelming presence of colors in all its gradations, especially on its ornate rugs at the annual tulip flower festival, that unique and wonderful flower that amazed Europeans after the Ottomans transferred it to Europe during their reign.

Emirgan Park

3. Gülhane Park

Gülhane Park is located behind the Topkapı Historical Museum, and extends to the Sirkeci district, to the sea beach at a distinctive point where the paths diverge between the Sea of ​​Marmara, the entrance to the Bosphorus Canal, and the entrance to the Gulf of the Golden Horn.

The name Gülhane Garden means Garden of the House of Roses.

The park was opened to visitors in 1926 after it was an official garden for Topkapı Palace. The park is visited by locals and tourists in Istanbul from all over the world to breathe fresh air, and relax in the shade of the embracing plane trees.

Istanbul Palaces

We mention:

1. Dolmabahçe Palace

The palace is located in the Beşiktaş region on the European coast of the Bosphorus strait and parallels the Üsküdar region. It is one of the most important palaces of the city of Istanbul in the late days of the rule of the Ottoman Empire between 1856 and 1922 AD.

The palace has an area of ​​more than 45,000 square meters, and it is the largest of Istanbul's palaces and its most important museum, due to its luxurious design and construction.

The palace includes 285 rooms and 46 halls, in addition to the beautiful gardens distributed among its buildings.

2. Beylerbeyi Palace

It’s one of the most beautiful palaces in Istanbul, due to its direct view of the Bosphorus, and its name means The Palace of Lords.

The palace is located in the Üsküdar district of Istanbul, Asia, and was built to be a summer residence for the Ottoman Sultan in the sixties of the 19th century AD. The palace includes 24 rooms, 6 halls, and a Turkish hammam.

Beylerbeyi Palace

3. Yıldız Palace

Located on the highest hill in its area, surrounded by the famous Yıldız Park, it is one of the Ottoman palaces built after the Islamic conquest.

The palace was built during the reign of Sultan Selim III in 1790 AD as a gift from him to his mother, then Sultan Abdülhamid II  expanded the palace during his reign, and made it the seat of the rule of the Ottoman Empire during his reign.

The most important streets in Istanbul

The famous ones include:

1. Istiklal Street and Taksim Square

Taksim Square is the administrative center of Istanbul, located at an intermediate point between the Gulf of the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus, and is close to the ancient Şişli district.

Istiklal Street extends between Taksim Square and the historic Galata Tower and is considered one of the oldest streets of Istanbul, and one of the most crowded with tourists.

It is a pedestrian street that includes hundreds of shops on its sides, and an ancient tramway crosses it bearing the character of a historical street. The street also includes some historical buildings and museums.

Istiklal Street and Taksim Square

2. Bağdat Street in Kadıköy

The street acquired its current name in the Ottoman era, when Sultan Murad IV seized the city of Baghdad in the seventeenth century AD, so the street was named after the city.

Bağdat (Baghdad) Street extends over a distance of 6 km, from the touristic Kadıköy district to the Maltepe district. It is one of the most prestigious and longest streets of Istanbul among the streets of the Asian section and the most famous for its high-end Turkish and international brands.

3. Fatih Street in Istanbul

Fatih Street in European Istanbul is known administratively and officially as Fevzi Paşa Street.

The street acquired its name due to its location along with the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Mosque on its western side. It is a very lively street that includes hundreds of shops, various commercial centers, all kinds of clothing, and many monuments.

Tourism investment opportunities in Istanbul

Istanbul is a strategic center for tourism investment in Turkey, due to its unique geographical location, and its heritage value that dates back to many historical eras and great civilizations, in addition to Turkey's major cultural steps have generally been taken to advance it in all aspects of life.

In this context, many investors in the tourism sector in Istanbul found their help in achieving success opportunities within the tourism investment sector, through their successful investment projects.

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The value added by tourism to real estate in Istanbul

Investment opportunities in the tourism sector vary according to the tourism business itself, extending even to the real estate sector suitable for tourism investments.

From this point, the tourism investment industry has risen in hotels, furnished apartments, huge resorts, tourist restaurants, and many more whose fruits are clearly visible and tangible.

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