6 Factors Leading to the Variation In House Prices in Turkey within the Real Estate Investment Areas

House prices in Turkey are affected by several factors related to the real estate sector, which are based on fixed foundations such as infrastructure development projects and urban renewal

6 Factors Leading to the Variation In House Prices in Turkey within the Real Estate Investment Areas
2018-12-25 Last update 2020-09-16

6 Factors Leading to the Variation In House Prices in Turkey within the Real Estate Investment Areas

Prices of houses in Turkey are the talk of the time for many who want to buy property in Turkey, and some consider that what Turkey has from the strategic location, and natural resources is enough to ensure a real estate rise like already seen in our days.
Some say the former is an economic fact, but reality is different the reason is that the successful real estate sector is always lacking in fixed foundations and specially prepared for this rise that can be based on it, such as infrastructure development projects, urban renewal, modern transportation network and airports, not to mention the comprehensive reform of regulatory laws and the provision of government facilities to both real estate developers and investors, reflecting the growth and prosperity of real estate in Turkey in terms of quantity, quality and price.

The variance of Houses Prices in Turkey: Direct Factors

1- Location

The proximity or location of the city centers directly affects the value of the property. Properties located in the heart of the city are priced higher than those located in the suburbs.
As well as the proximity of the property to historical areas and sea views, all this plays a key role in determining the value of the apartment to be evaluated.

2- Age and construction status
If the property is under construction, it usually expected to be relatively low, which leaves a better margin for a good return on investment compared to the ready property, in addition to the likelihood of future price improvements.

3- The property spaces
Is also a key factor in determining the prices of apartments in Turkey, but you must pay attention to the net space, the total area and internal division, and generally the larger the area of the property the lower the price of unit per square meter and vice versa.  

4- The house proximity to modern transport stations and lines in general
Despite the steady growth of the public transport network in Turkey, houses prices in Turkey continue to rise and fall whenever it is near or away from public transport stations of all kinds: Metro, Metros, tramway...
If we take the prices of houses in Istanbul, for example, Esenyurt area has preferential prices as it is experiencing a continuous social and urban rise. Some major transport projects are still under construction and underway, such as new tunnels and metro stations in the area, leading to price difference within the area up and down, according to its proximity to the line of the Metrobus for example, the arrival of the Metrobus line to the area led to the growth of real estate investment profits.
A large number of large-scale projects are still underway, with apartments suitable for all segments of society, in accordance with various large, medium and limited budgets. It is now possible to get luxury apartments with many modern facilities within many of the luxury projects in the region, at affordable prices for everyone!
The following are data on a residential apartment within the Ems Plus project in the Esenyurt area, in which spaces start from 86 m2:

Number of rooms: 1 + 1


86 m2

Number of bathrooms:



Prices from: 57 thousand US Dollars.

Equivalent to about 213 thousand Saudi riyals.


Prices of houses in Turkey

Proximity to vital projects
Prices of houses in Turkey are clearly reflected by their location of major infrastructure projects, such as the new Istanbul airport, the Bosphorus Bridge, and the Istanbul Canal project.  
Bahcesehir is a model in this area. It is close to giant projects such as Istanbul Bridge III, the world's largest airport, the Istanbul New Canal and the Marmara Highway.
Experts expect that prices will rise in Bahcesehir district by as much as 50 %
Which includes a number of luxury residential and leisure projects that add to the region a special splendor, along with social and health facilities, shops and commercial complexes.
The following are data on a residential apartment within Bahchekent Residences Project located in the district of Bahcesehir:

Number of rooms: 1 + 1

Area: 67 m2

Number of bathrooms: 





Prices from: 49 thousand US Dollars

Equivalent to about 183 thousand Saudi Riyals



6- Apartment Proximity to shopping and entertainment centers
Plays an important role in determining the value of the apartment given the importance of these centers in each city, and one of the most popular multi-use malls in Turkey is Mall of Istanbul, the pioneer in Europe.

House prices in Turkey are among the best investment areas

When looking for apartments in Turkey for sale, not only you should focus on the famous areas, but it is recommended to go to investment area that are expanding and with promising opportunities, such as the new Istanbul areas favored by everyone looking for an apartment for sale like Beylikduzu, Basaksehir, Bahcesehir or Buyukcekmece.

Bursa city in Turkey
The real estate value of the Bursa region is increasing day by day, and the district’s highest real estate value is Karacabey district’. Mudanya and Nilufar are other areas of interest to investors.

Sakarya city in Turkey
The Karasu district is considered one of the most important investment areas in the city of Sakarya. The area is witnessing the establishment of a seaport, which gives a promising future for the region.

Antalya city in Turkey
The city of Antalya, Turkey's most important tourist center, shows that the value of real estate is constantly increasing within the resort and holidays areas in the city. According to real estate experts, the areas of Kibiz, Dushma Alti, and Konyaalti are in the forefront of the city in terms of high property value, these areas have a high potential for growth and investment.

Apartments in Trabzon
Trabzon the Green, the Black Mermaid, the Turkish North Sea, and the Georgian border neighbor, its mountainous villages are scattered like pearl beads on the peaks of the clouds, above the high, cold highlands even in the harshest summer days.

Trabzon city in Turkey
A beauty surrounds the fortified villages near Uzungol Lake or on the slopes of the village of Ayder and the heights of Haider Nabi, adjacent to the modern city of Trabzon with its international airport and sea ports, which is one of the most important ports of Turkey on the Black Sea.
The city is also active in tourism, agriculture and trade, so it was necessary to provide apartments for sale in Trabzon  in the finest modern residential complexes, for lovers of peaceful housing in the green nature, and bright sea views...
The following is a sample of homes in Trabzon Earth paradise:
Yildiz Residence in Trabzon
  • A new ready residential complex within green nature and neighbor to the black sea in Trabzon.
  • Located in Ortahisar district which is considered to be the central area in Trabzon, not too far from Trabzon international Airport.
  • Located near to E70 highway which makes it easy to reach other Trabzon’s districts also it’s near public transport.
  • The strategic location of the complex between Jawaher Mall, the airport, and the city center.
  • 3 minutes from the beach.
  • Panoramic wonderful views of the sea and the green mountains of Trabzon.
  • Surrounded by schools like (Avrasya University), hospitals, and shopping centers.
  • 1 hour to Trabzon famous attractions like Uzungöl and Sümela monastery.

Apartments For Sale in Trabzon
These are residential apartment data within the Yildiz complex:

The number of rooms:

3 + 1


190 m 2

Number of bathrooms:




Prices from: 71 thousand US Dollars.

Equivalent to about 266 thousand Saudi riyals.


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Source: Meydan website
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