Useful tips before renting a house in Turkey

Renting a house in Turkey is surrounded by a contract concluded in accordance with legal frameworks that preserve the right of both the tenant and the landlord. Find out with Imtilak Real Estate the most important tips before signing the lease contract

Useful tips before renting a house in Turkey
2021-08-12 Last update 2022-01-03

Useful tips before renting a house in Turkey

Before renting a house in Turkey and signing a lease, you need to know some of the legal issues assigned to the contract, which would preserve the right of both the tenant and the lessee.

Since the lease is a beneficial relationship between the lessee and the lessee, regulated by legislation and laws guaranteeing each party its right and obligations, the lease contract in Turkey bears the greatest importance in the legal relationship between the tenant and the lessee.

Its terms and conditions constitute the legal regulation of this relationship and the guarantor of problems that may arise from its applications. It was, therefore, necessary to draw attention to many important points in the conclusion and conclusion of such a relationship in order for it to proceed properly and without prejudice to any of the parties. The most important of these points are:

Things to pay attention to before signing a house rental contract in Turkey

Before renting a house in Turkey, you must verify some of the clauses in the contract, the most important of which are:

  1. It must be confirmed before signing the lease that the party signing the contract as the lessee is the real owner of the house. If it is not the owner of the house, it must be a person by whom it is entrusted under a valid legal agency and provide that the agent may lease the house.
  2. To ensure that the property registered in the lease is in conformity with the property that the tenant consulted and made the decision to rent, by closely matching the property information contained in the lease agreement with the information mentioned in the property's typewriter, that is, to ensure that the area, neighborhood, street, building number, floor and apartment number in both sections are in conformity with reality.
  3. Full knowledge of the basic and additional technical specifications of the house to be rented; such as the type of heating used in construction and others, as well as taking note of the additional expenses of the house and construction; like the monthly income.
  4. Verifying the numbers registered on the water, electricity, and gas meters, and recording them in the lease contract, verifying the work of all devices connected to these networks, recording the status of these devices in the lease contract, and agreeing to repair faults, if any.
  5. Accurate description of the internal and external condition of the leased property; such as the case of construction, paint, doors, windows, etc., and accurate recording of the furniture contents of the house in the event of a rented house.
  6. Determination of the amount of rental insurance for the home, registering it in the contract and filing it through a bank account to get a receipt proving the legal payment of the insurance.

شقق للبيع بالتقسيط انجليزي شقق للبيع بالتقسيط انجليزي

Important information that you should not miss from the rental agreement

It is important to register the exact information concerning the parties to the lease in Turkey and the information of the property that is the subject of the contract, and this information can be clarified by the following points:

  • The identity information of the tenant as well as the identity information of the lessor.
  • Legal agency information in case the landlord is the legal representative of the property owner.
  • The exact and detailed address of the property.
  • The agreed amount is the monthly rent for the property.
  • Information about the equipment in the property and its condition.
  • The names of the witnesses to the lease agreement and their signatures.
  • The signature of the landlord and tenant must be present on every page of the lease agreement.
  • Information related to the rental payment method and bank account number.
  • The amount of insurance and the conditions under which the insurance amount should not be returned.

الإيجار في تركيا

Rental terms must be clear

The conditions related to the rental contract of a house in Turkey or the property to be rented should be clearly and clearly defined, and recorded in the rental contract, for example:

  • Determine the amount of the property's monthly rent.
  • Determine the rent payment date of each month.
  • The bank account to which the rent will be sent.
  • Determine the periods at the end of which the rent amount will be increased.
  • As well as specifying the terms of the lease and the furniture and others entrusted by the tenant.
  • The purpose for which the leased property will be used
  • Who is the owner of the usufruct of the property; for example, the tenant is allowed to rent the property or grant temporary usufruct to other parties.
  • Determine the amount of insurance and how it is maintained, and what conditions allow the landlord to dispose of the amount of insurance.
  • In addition to determining the possibility of allowing the tenant to make modifications to the house, and what is the condition of the property that must be returned to its owner.


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