Zekeriyaköy, the Beauty and Sophistication of Istanbul

When it comes to the most beautiful areas of Istanbul, it is normal to think of Zekeriyaköy, which is one of the wonderful areas embraced by the picturesque nature, and close to the most beautiful parts of the city

Zekeriyaköy, the Beauty and Sophistication of Istanbul
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Zekeriyaköy, the Beauty and Sophistication of Istanbul

When it comes to the most beautiful areas of Istanbul, it is normal to think of Zekeriyaköy, which is one of the wonderful areas embraced by the picturesque nature, and close to the most beautiful parts of the city.


Zekeriyaköy, geography, and location

In the European part of Istanbul, next to the Bosphorus between the two parts of the city, in the Sarıyer district, and next to the vast forests of Belgrad, Zekeriyaköy is located.

The area is about 6 kilometers from the Bosphorus and about 8 kilometers from the Black Sea, close to the Sultan Selim I Bridge (the third bridge) linking the Asian and European continents, and is also close to the heart of Istanbul.

On the other hands, the area enjoys a beautiful rural environment, which reflects the beauty of nature, elegance of buildings, and modern infrastructure, giving it a special privilege among the areas of Istanbul, and a distinctive luster, casting its impact on the real estate market.

Therefore, these advantages give the Zekeriyaköy area a priority over many other areas of Istanbul, making it one of Istanbul's most spectacular areas.

Zekeriya köy

Zekeriyaköy, the habitat of the rich and the beauty lovers

Zekeriyaköy district of Sarıyer is an important district where real estate prices are increasing. Although the district is located within the city, it gives its inhabitants the opportunity to live in the picturesque nature, where the sea overlaps with green forests, and detached villas with private gardens spread there. This has had a significant impact on their prices and rents where the prices of villas have become very high, which is commensurate with its luxury and important position in the city of Istanbul making it a place for the rich and the elite.

In general, Zekeriyaköy Istanbul area is desirable by the wealthy, as Turkey’s richest people often inhabit it. However, when it comes to villas for sale in Istanbul or real estate investment in Istanbul, one of the first areas that come to mind is Zekeriyaköy. In particular, studies and statistics carried out on the activities of real estate sales in the area have proved that it is one of the most areas of Istanbul, which is witnessing an increase and improvement in property prices.

Zekeriyakoy Istanbul

These studies have also shown that one of the reasons for investing in this region is the predominance of green areas where is considered one of the most beautiful areas of Istanbul in terms of the spread of greenery and the beauty of its nature. In addition, the region is witnessing an improvement and rise in the prices of real estate continuously. This has made it a magnet for investors, and its predominantly villa-style real estate system has increased its importance.

Prices of villas and real estate in Zekeriyaköy

Real estate prices in Zekeriyaköy start at approximately $ 500,000 to more than $ 3 million, while rents start from $ 2,500 to more than $ 13,000 per month, indicating the importance of the region and its investment activity.

As for the continuous rise in real estate prices in the region, according to the data of a study conducted by Eva real estate valuation, we notice that real estate prices increased in 2013 by 26%, in 2014 by 13% and in 2015 by 23%. This means that real estate prices have only risen during these three years by an average of 75%.

It is well known that the mega projects increase the value and prices of the areas that pass through them, and Zekeriyaköy area is one of the areas that have benefited greatly from these large projects. Roads to Istanbul's third bridge pass through the area, leading real estate experts to expect property prices to rise after the opening of the said bridge.


One of the most important projects near the site is the Istinye Kent Villas project with a charming view.

IMT-505 Istinye Kent Villas

  • The concept of the luxury house changes through the ages and today we introduce the most luxurious duplex villas of the 21st century.
  • Beautiful views of the Bosphorus.
  • The villas are a very special complex which is capable of offering the green and sea together on the crests of the Bosporus in the heart of Istanbul as a location.
  • Its vicinity to İstinye Park and İstinye Marina which is newly being constructed, its location in the immediate vicinity of the settlement in the coast of Bosporus, its connection to TEM exit and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge as well as the Bosporus Bridge offer a unique location advantage to the project.
  • Situated in Sarıyer / İstinye in the very close proximity of Maslak office area, IMKB and Enka Schools, the complex is easily accessible via metro, sea route, and public transport.
  • Our complex respects nature! It’s considered a modern and rare housing project in Turkey respecting to the silhouette of the Bosporus, which is a candidate for the certificate of Leed for Homes.
  • Specially designed with a unique housing understanding, the project preserves the nature and ensures energy saving with its building structure respecting to nature, thinking about tomorrows, with low carbon release and high energy efficiency.
  • In this spacious complex projected in low-rise three blocks in İstinye and a life intimate with nature in which you will be able to take maximum benefit from sunlight and landscape awaits you.
  • The complex has been projected by Tabanlıoğlu Architecture, the owner of many national and international awards, with an innovative architecture understanding.
Apartments for sale in Istanbul
  • The buildings were planned so as to create a city panorama and form a visual and physical harmony with each other.
  • In the complex in which housing owners will be able to lead a joint life together and in harmony, there are both open and closed spaces thanks to the landscape embracing the three blocks.
  • The smart home system, curtain/Venetian blind control, in-house security control, control of all electrical systems on a touch panel, and lighting control ensure you to meet all your needs such as connection to/communication with the management.
  • The complex is a very fine-thought living space offering more sunlight and a broad view in interior locations thanks to roomy spaces, wet volumes requiring less light is placed to points where housings combine with each other.
  • Inhabitants will live every moment of life to the fullest. Those who wish will get fit in the fitness center, those who wish will be able to enjoy becoming cooler in the pool or savor chatting with their friends to the accompaniment of delicious and healthy foods and beverages.
  • Iconic interior architecture, the project offers a functional aesthetic understanding in interior locations coming to the forefront with its modern and plain language.
  • Intimate with the Bosporus in nature with their terraces and balconies, these housings have a flexible structure with their totally hinged transparent separators.
  • 24 Hour Security and surveillance cameras.

Number of rooms 

Minimum space

Number of bathrooms


The minimum price in dollars





















In conclusion: Imtilak Real Estate offers its clients the best investment opportunities within apartments for sale in Istanbul and all real estate in Turkey, fully prepared to offer the best free real estate consultancy, and integrated services, including pre-sales and after-sales services. We also follow up the Turkish citizenship papers for those who buy property in Turkey worth 250 thousand US dollars, and other important services, with high credibility and professionalism.

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