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farms for sale sakarya sapanca

farms for sale sakarya sapanca

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Sapanca, Turkey | Tranquility, beautiful nature, and promising investment opportunities

It is a city of tranquility and peace of mind, an example of beauty and gorgeous charm, Sapanca is a Turkish city of Sakarya State west of Turkey, and in addition to the charm of its beauty, it enjoys an authentic historical legacy, where talking about it takes us back to 1200 BC.

Sapanca is known as a simple, quiet, and dreamy city in the arms of nature, during the past period, it turned into a haven for relaxation and recreation, where the city became famous among the Arabs coming from countries of the Arab Gulf, in particular, especially those looking for farms for sale in Sapanca Turkey.

Today, Sapanca is considered one of the most Turkish cities attracting tourists and vacationers from all over the world, thanks to its charming lake and its picturesque hills.

Farms for sale in Sapanca


Farms for Sale in Sapanca | Investment Options and Plenty of Good

Farms for sale in Turkey Sapanca spread between the hills of the peaceful area, and the location of the city is an important strategic location in Turkey, in terms of the heart-captivating mesmerizing and wonderful nature.

Farms for sale in Sapanca


In addition to the suitable prices of agricultural lands in the region, which constitute a real opportunity for agricultural and tourism investment.

Sapanca is also the closest summer and winter resort to Istanbul and considered a haven for the comfort and relaxation of Arab tourists and a lively place.

Regardless of the aforementioned, several factors make the opportunity to invest in agricultural lands and farms in Sapanca a distinct opportunity as follows:

Which made land possession in Turkey an investment with guaranteed added value, in addition to the expected profits from investing in the land itself in any way, such as agricultural, commercial, or industrial investment.

1- Agricultural land in Sapanca | Rich soil and resource-rich environment

Sakarya in general and Sapanca, in particular, are known for their rich agricultural environment, due to several reasons including fertility of the land and the availability of adequate quantities of water for agriculture irrigation, and the rainy climate most of the year which suits crops.

The region's economy is generally dependent on agriculture, where 65% of the active population are working in the agricultural sector; therefore, it is considered one of the most productive agricultural regions in the country.

2- Lands of Sapanca | Various Crops throughout the Year

Due to the appropriate climatic conditions, the agricultural lands are used in Sapanca throughout the year, and products of Sapanca region include a wide range of fruits including the following:

Apple, pear, quince, plum, cherry, walnut, chestnut, strawberry, sugar beet, sunflower, potato, onion, tobacco, wheat, barley, rice, corn, cereals, soybeans, oats, lentils, chickpeas, corn, and hazelnuts.

What are the advantages of buying a farm in Sapanca?

  1. Farms for sale in Sapanca meet the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship

The Turkish Citizenship Law is one of the additional factors that encouraged foreign investors to own land in Turkey, where the investor can apply for Turkish Citizenship by simply purchasing a property with a minimum value of $250 thousand US dollars, regardless of its type (land, apartment, commercial shop) and not selling it for three years.

  1. In Addition to Ownership and Investment | Sapanca is full of attractive landmarks

Sapanca city includes many tourist attractions, such as the famous Sapanca Lake, Soğucak

Plateau, and the saffron plateau, which earned its name because of the large number of saffron flowers in it, giving it an enchanting appearance when they bloom in spring and autumn, and some of the well-known rivers in the region are Istanbul and Maşukiye rivers.

Many of Sapanca's mosques are considered historical monuments that tell stories about the history of the region, such as Rustem Pasha Mosque, which dates back to 1550-1560 AD and named after Rustem Pasha, who was a major minister of the Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent for fifteen years.

Farm for sale in Sapanca

While the Sultana Rahima Mosque was built by the order of the Sultana Rahima, the wife of Sultan Abdul Majeed in 1892 AD and was named after her. It was built of bricks and tiles and its front was decorated with arched windows.

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