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Green Certification for Nature-Friendly Residential Buildings in Turkey

: 2017-04-20

Green Certification for Nature-Friendly Residential Buildings in Turkey
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Ministry of Environment and Urbanization in Turkey is currently working on activating a new mechanism to be applied throughout the country in order to give the green certificate for buildings and residential areas that meet the necessary standards which make them Nature-Friendly buildings.

The aim of the project is to establish an infrastructure of buildings throughout Turkey and will result in a draft law that will give the green certificate for the environmentally friendly buildings and will take into account the principles and standards of " Nature-Friendly ".

The resolutions’ draft provides that building owners shall submit to the Ministry through a report prepared by the competent experts in a manner consistent with the evidence prepared by the Ministry in this context in order to achieve the standards of sustainability in particular for the buildings that will be constructed by them.

These requests will be evaluated by the buildings’ owners through the concerned ministry and will be approved if they comply with the required standards and work on organizing a green certificate document that will be considered as environmentally friendly. The building will then be given a permission to pin out the green certificate on it.

A specialized committee will be founded to determine the rules and assets necessary for the establishment and operation of the sustainable building system in the context of green certification for green buildings. The Committee will update the standards of environmentally friendly buildings continuously for a period not exceeding five years.

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