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Apartments for sale in Mudanya, Bursa

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What distinguishes the Mudanya district of Bursa?

On the coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara, and opposite the city center of Bursa, is the beautiful rural area of ​​Mudanya, which extends over a wide agricultural area.

The population of Mudanya is approximately 105,000 people, according to the latest statistics issued by the Turkish Statistical Directorate, and it enjoys a good infrastructure, with a united connection to the city of Bursa through a transportation network linking them, and sea lines linking Mudanya to Istanbul.

Mudanya has a mild climate of the Marmara Sea region, and it is about 28 km away from the city center of Bursa, i.e. 20 minutes by land by car, and about an hour by sea to Istanbul.

Mudanya has a beautiful green nature, where green forests are spread, and includes about 6,380 hectares of pine and oak forests, in addition to its stunning marine location and beautiful coasts.

What are the advantages of buying an apartment in Mudanya, Bursa?

Among the most prominent features of owning and buying an apartment in Mudanya:

  1. Affordable prices: compared to the rest of Bursa and its other neighborhoods.
  2. Various real estate items with a quality no less than the real estate in the city center.
  3. It provides investment options that can be rented for tourism during the tourism seasons.
  4. A good transportation network connects Mudanya with Istanbul and Bursa city center.

Apartments for sale in Mudanya

Average prices for apartments in Mudanya, Bursa

According to the Zingat site index of real estate prices in the Mudanya region, among all types of apartments, old and new, they are around: 950 Turkish liras per square meter. However, there is no doubt that the prices of apartments in modern residential complexes with integrated infrastructure are commensurate with the features they include.

Offers apartments for sale in Mudanya

Due to the extension of Mudanya’s area on a wide land divided between coastal and inland, and due to the demand for ownership in the elegant Mudanya real estate that attracted attracts investors and those wishing to reside and relax, the real estate ownership opportunities in Mudanya apartments varied within a range of options that enriched the area with attractive real estate offers.

Apartments for sale in Mudanya with sea views

Real estate opportunities near the sea constitute a good investment resource for their owners if they are invested during the tourism seasons, and despite their scarcity, they remain attractive options for housing and investment.

One of its models, for example, is the Mudanya Site complex, whose apartments were sold out in record time, as the project is located on the southern coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara within the Mudanya region, which is rich in beauty, pure oxygen, and mesmerizing sea scenes.

The project area is also considered a promising area for investment due to its distinguished location that combines views of the green nature and the Sea of ​​Marmara, and because of its proximity to the main ports that connect Bursa to Istanbul, to make living and moving between the two cities very easy.

Apartments for sale in Mudanya in installments

Given our long experience in the Turkish real estate market and the presence of our team on the ground in the city center of Bursa; Imtilak Real Estate provides the best options and investment offers in Mudanya and other Bursa regions, within the latest residential complexes with integrated services, with the option of installments within installment plans that suit the aspirations of our customers.
Apartments for sale in Mudanya

Imtilak Real Estate Office in Bursa provides you with the best ownership and investment opportunities

From our early start in Imtilak Real Estate, our vision was to expand our business to include the most important Turkish cities. The office of Imtilak Real Estate Company in Bursa was a natural extension of the activity of our specialized team in the marketing sector for residential complex projects with standard specifications.

Our advisory team at Imtilak Real Estate provides the best real estate ownership services and investment offers, in addition to free consulting services or real estate tours, after-sales services, and everything surrounding the ownership process of services.


Edited by Imtilak Real Estate ©

Edited by: Imtilak Real Estate©

Update date: 2024-01-05

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