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Apartments for sale in Nilufer, Bursa 2024

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Learn about the special offers of cheap apartments in Nilufer, Bursa 2024 with the availability of installment opportunities from Imtilak Real Estate company.

What’s special about the Nilufer district of Bursa?

Nilufer district is one of the largest districts in Bursa Province. It occupies third place in terms of size after Osmangazi and Yildirim districts, with a total area of ​​423,181 dunums.

The Nilufer region has a distinct historical position, as it was named after "Nilufer Hatun", the wife of the second Ottoman Sultan "Orhanghazi", who opened the city of Bursa and made it the capital of the Ottoman Empire.

Nilufer consists of 64 residential neighborhoods, it is 100-150 meters above sea level, located 10 kilometers west of Bursa, and it is one of the huge industrial areas that provide job opportunities for 80% of Bursa's population and provide a great income for the Turkish economy.

In addition to its historical status and important industrial value in Bursa, the Nilufer region is one of the areas that have witnessed tremendous urban development in recent years. Despite the rapid urban development, agricultural production continues in all its forms and is witnessing great activity in the region in general.

What are the advantages of buying an apartment in Nilufer, Bursa?

The great advantages that the Nilufer, Bursa region enjoys, in addition to the great urban development in recent years, have led to the emergence of real estate projects, which, with their exquisite urban models and high-end finishes, have attracted businessmen to settle and live in this region, away from the hustle and bustle.

The presence of green areas with huge areas in Nilufer, and the large number of tourist attractions that attract thousands of visitors daily, are among the most important advantages of buying an apartment in Nilufer, Bursa.

Not to mention the strong infrastructure that Nilufer has in Bursa from health centers, universities, schools, and shopping malls is one of the main reasons that encourage buying an apartment in Nilufer.

Nilufer, Bursa

Average prices of apartments in Nilufer, Bursa

Depending on many factors related to the location, size, style, and availability of the property, the prices of apartments in Bursa are determined. Looking at the apartments for sale in Bursa and the residential projects promoted by Imtilak Real Estate in this region, we find that the prices of 2+1 apartments start from about $87,000.

Offers for apartments for sale in Nilufer, Bursa 2024

Due to the great demand for real estate purchases in Bursa in general, Imtilak Real Estate has provided a range of offers for apartments for sale in Nilufer, Bursa, which include high-end residential projects suitable for Turkish citizenship, with the possibility of convenient installments, the most prominent of which are the following:

  • Bailon Residences
  • Bursa Port Complex
  • Nilufer Houses
  • Vision Project

What does Imtilak Real Estate offer to those wishing to own in Nilufer, Bursa?

The plan developed by Imtilak Real Estate in providing its services to clients includes all stages in the purchase of the real estate. It also extends beyond the purchase process, and includes providing real estate advice, providing it with the information and initial expectations necessary for investors in the Turkish real estate sector. As well as managing the title deeds and Turkish citizenship files in state institutions for free, and the management of real estate under formal contracts signed between the two parties. 

Nilufer, Bursa

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Edited by: Imtilak Real Estate©

Update date: 2024-01-03

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