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Apartments for sale in Bursa 2021

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Mudanya Colors  IMT - 1053
citizenship Conforms to conditions of Turkish citizenship
Mudanya Colors IMT - 1053

Apartments for sale in Bursa within a coastal area that contains various types of recreational servi...

Starting at

51,000 $

Nefes Mudanya  IMT - 1052
citizenship Conforms to conditions of Turkish citizenship
Nefes Mudanya IMT - 1052

Luxury apartments for sale in Bursa, within the coastal region of Mudanya, at great prices with the...

Starting at

136,000 $

Yesil Bursa  IMT - 1051
citizenship Conforms to conditions of Turkish citizenship
Yesil Bursa IMT - 1051

Apartments for sale in Bursa within the coastal area of Mudanya, with stunning sea views at cheap pr...

Starting at

74,000 $

Modern Bursa Project IMT - 1050

Luxurious apartments for sale in Bursa within an elegant area and within a complex that includes all...

Starting at

103,000 $

Mudanya Hayat Project

Find cheap apartments in Bursa within Mudanya hayat complex, the project combines the sea view and n...

Top Mudanya Project

Find sea view apartments for sale in Bursa within Top mudanya complex, great view on Marmara Sea and...

Mudanya Mountain Project

Explore apartments for sale in Mudanya Bursa within Mudanya mountain project, near the seaports whic...

Pine Palace Project

Find apartments for sale in Mudanya within Pine palace project surrounding the green nature and stun...

Advantages of Buying an Apartment in Bursa

People want to own property in Bursa because of its distinctive characteristics, for example, Bursa is the Ottoman Empire's first capital, this made it retain a large amount of historical, cultural, and religious heritage, and its landmarks are still there for visitors and residents to see, Bursa is also characterized by its diverse natural beauty due to its view of the sea and what the Uludag mountain gives is of charming and splendor, while its fresh air, lakes, and the surrounding agricultural areas on the slopes give the investors additional reasons to put Bursa Real Estate on top of the list of their real estate investments.

apartments for sale in bursa

Apartments for Sale in Bursa by Imtilak Real Estate

Bursa is the most important Turkish state that attracts tourists to reside or invest in due to its rich economic nature in addition to the physical and geographical nature, which made the Arabs buy homes, lands, and villas in an increased manner, some of them visit it several times a year while others have decided to reside in it, therefore, IMtilak real estate has paid great attention to this city, as it is no less important than Istanbul in terms of economy, construction, tourism, and investment attractions, and Imtialk has provided various and luxurious models for all types of investment with different specifications.

Apartments for Sale in Mudanya Bursa

Bursa has many neighborhoods, one of the most important of which is Mudanya neighborhood, which is surrounded by forests with a very tall tree, green meadows, and coasts overlooking the Marmara Sea, also Mudanya is the third richest region in oxygen in the world, which made it an important destination for residence via real estate investments, as the buildings become the connection between the land and the sea in a quiet area.

cheap apartments for sale in bursa

Apartments Prices in Bursa

Due to the high demand for investment and ownership in Bursa, and due to the city’s archaeological and historical attractions, and because of its marine and mountain views and its agricultural surroundings, the prices of apartments in Bursa differ from one location to another, because of the different specifications of the real estate, apartments, or the lands, some of which enjoy a sea view and others don't, also the proximity of the real estate from the vital places plays an important role in determining its price.

Apartments for Sale in Bursa by Installments

After the great experience of Imtilak Real Estate in the important investment fields, sale, and real estate brokerage, the company wanted to fulfill the investors' desire to have real estate investment or ownership in installments. The installments differ according to the apartments and their location, also, the specifications of the property itself have an essential role in determining the down payment and the monthly payments. 

Cheap Apartments for Sale in Bursa

Imtilak Real Estate has studied all the appropriate options that suit the needs of investors or those interested in real estate ownership in Bursa, Imtilak offers a set of options for cheap apartments at competitive prices, it also provides the customers with various paying methods that suit the needs of the client, and we advise everyone looking for the cheapest apartments for sale in Bursa to contact us directly.

Investment in Bursa

The attention of investors was drawn towards the apartments in Bursa and they considered it an appropriate investment option with good profits, given the city's sustainable features regarding the real estate investment, with its natural, historical, economic, and geographical features, which increased the interest in it recently, and real estate ownership became an important and primary option for everyone searching for profitable investments.

Imtilak Real Estate services in Bursa for Properties and Investment

Imtilak Real Estate Company presents many options to its customers and provides them with unique services, like in providing safe consultations from its real estate experts, it has also facilitated the access to the investment options in the city through a set of competitive offers in the real estate fields, and by contacting the company; the investor contacts the whole city with its apartments, luxury complexes, and homes with or without a view over the sea, the company also provides pre-sale, after-sale, and transportation services to and from the airport, as well as other detailed services on the website.

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