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Apartments for sale in Beyoglu, Istanbul 2024

Own a property in Beyoglu, the most famous European area of ​​Istanbul, and the most distinguished in terms of tourism, commercial, and service aspects, through Imtilak Real Estate Company.

What distinguishes the Beyoglu district in Istanbul?

The Beyoğlu district is one of the most important central areas on the European side of Istanbul, and it is the area where the best commercial and real estate projects, and the most wonderful tourist attractions such as Istiklal Street, Taksim, and Galata Tower. Many art and cultural centers meet in it, and traces of historical civilizations that passed through its lands appear in its streets.

Beyoğlu is a lively area full of services, crowded with markets, shops, and public and private hospitals, and constitutes the main transportation node, in addition to beautiful parks, restaurants, high-end hotels, and social facilities that meet all the modern needs of residents and visitors.

Apartments for sale in Beyoglu

What are the advantages of buying an apartment in Beyoglu, Istanbul?

The importance of investing when buying an apartment in Beyoglu, Istanbul is due to its vitality and the distinguished geographical location in which it is concentrated. This gives a great opportunity for investors to create various real estate, commercial, and tourism investments in Istanbul.

A large number of tourist attractions, the centrality and vitality of the area, its proximity to Istanbul Airport and Sabiha Gokcen Airport, its proximity to educational and shopping malls, in addition to the sea views that many residential complexes enjoy on the Bosphorus and Golden Bay, are among the most important advantages when buying an apartment in Beyoğlu in Istanbul.

Average prices of apartments in the Beyoglu district of Istanbul

The prices of apartments in the Beyoglu district witnessed an increase of 5.62% in the last month of this year, while the average price per square meter in this area amounted to 16,878 TL.

It should be noted that the prices of apartments in Beyoglu in general vary according to currency fluctuations, and are linked to inflation rates, in addition to many factors that determine the price of the property, such as the style of the apartment, its location, area, and finishes.

Offers of apartments for sale in Beyoglu, Istanbul

Imtilak Real Estate highlights a group of real estate offers regarding apartments for sale in Beyoglu, Istanbul as follows:

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Apartments for sale in Beyoglu

Apartments for sale in installments in Beyoglu, Istanbul

In installment options for businessmen and an interest-free system, you can buy an apartment in Beyoglu in installments through Imtilak Real Estate. For more information, you can contact Imtilak's customer service team.

Apartments for sale in Beyoglu, Istanbul with a sea view

Beyoglu is one of the areas close to the Bosphorus and the Golden Bay, and it has the latest residential complexes that fascinate the residents with the splendor of the stunning sea views there. Those wishing to buy apartments with sea views in Beyoglu can contact Imtilak Real Estate.

Apartments for sale in Beyoglu, Istanbul suitable for the conditions of Turkish citizenship

With distinctive modern designs, high-quality finishes, various apartment options, and high investment value, apartments for sale in Beyoglu that are suitable for the conditions of Turkish citizenship can be obtained through Imtilak Real Estate, where apartments are available at distinct levels of prices to suit all segments, and with standard specifications that meet all desires, Turkish passports are given to their owners.

What does Imtilak Real Estate offer to those wishing to buy apartments in Beyoglu, Istanbul?

At Imtilak Real Estate, we have a variety of apartments for sale in Beyoglu, Istanbul 2022, and a specialized team of real estate experts who provide real estate consultancy and guide clients on the right path of real estate ownership and investment in Turkey.

In addition to real estate experts, we have a team of lawyers who take care of other free services related to title deeds, passports, and property management in the after-sales stage.

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Update date: 2024-01-10

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