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Apartments for sale in Kartal, Istanbul

What distinguishes the Kartal district in Istanbul?

The municipality of Kartal is located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul (Asian Istanbul), directly on the coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara, and extends inland to beautiful green hills.

Kartal faces directly from the sea side of the Princes' Islands; It is surrounded by the regions of Pendik, Sultanbeyli, Maltepe, and Sancaktepe.

Weather in Kartal is characterized by its mild climate and gentle breezes flowing from the Marmara Sea, which attracts many residents of Kartal to the beautiful parks off the coast.

Kartal is one of the dynamic areas that you can visit in Istanbul due to its charming sea and mountain views, which are of great value in terms of tourist demand, due to its proximity to the Princes’ Islands known in Turkish as Adalar, and Kartal includes Aydos Hill, which is described as the highest point in Istanbul!

Kartal also contains the Palace of Justice of Asian Istanbul, which is one of the two largest palaces of justice in the city (the other is in the Çağlayan district). Among the most famous tourist sites of Kartal, in addition, there are the historical Kartal Bazaar, Dragos Hill and its surroundings, Kartal Mosque, Yakacik Square, City Park, Aydos Forest, and Soğanlik Street.

What distinguishes the Kartal district in Istanbul

Advantages of buying an apartment in Kartal, Istanbul

Regarding the advantages of buying an apartment in Kartal, and given the distinction of the Kartal region in several aspects that we referred to in the previous paragraph, it can be said that the region has turned into a preferred destination for high-end real estate ownership in the beauty capital of Istanbul, due to the many advantages of Kartal that were manifested in the quality of the real estate product. In that region, in addition to the climatic and aesthetic characteristics that distinguish it, its serene calm, and its stunning views of the Sea of ​​Marmara, in addition to the integration of its services and the development of its infrastructure, as the region is full of commercial centers and service facilities that cover most of the living needs.

Apartment prices in Kartal, Istanbul

The prices of apartments in Kartal, Istanbul vary according to the diversity of the real estate supply, the development of its services, its location, and its views.

You can get an apartment in the luxurious Elise complex in Kartal of a type of 2+1 and an area of ​​113 square meters, with a price starting from $203,000, You may also buy an apartment of type 3+1 with an area of ​​155 square meters at a price starting from $282,000 (according to the fixed price until the date of writing this article), and the options vary according to the features of the property, its location, and so on.

Apartment prices in Kartal, Istanbul

Offers for apartments for sale in Kartal, Istanbul

You will be greeted in the Kartal Istanbul neighborhood - on its seaside - by some huge buildings with exceptional designs, and if you take one of the Kartal highways, you will not miss the types of residential complexes decorated with the most luxurious designs.

For a comprehensive view of offers for apartments for sale in Kartal, Istanbul within the latest residential complexes offered for sale, we advise you to view the Imtilak Real Estate website, within the classification of the Kartal region specifically.

Apartments for sale in Kartal with sea view

For those looking for apartments for sale in Kartal with a charming sea view of the Princes’ Islands, and in a distinguished strategic and investment location, they can discover the prestigious Loca Kartal project, as the project offers an opportunity for a comfortable family life, in a residential complex that combines standards of luxury, beauty, and quality, which are evident in its buildings with glamorous facades and its sparkling terraces with stunning sea views, and its spacious green spaces adorned with trees and flowers, and its various and modern facilities.

Apartments for sale in Kartal with sea view

Apartments for sale in Kartal, Istanbul are suitable for the conditions of Turkish citizenship

The Loca Kartal project includes offering a wide choice of apartment types suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship, and the project apartments range between the two types: 1+1 to 5+1, with options for apartments with private terraces, and duplex apartments of type 4+1 and 5+1.

The project is also distinguished by its location less than one kilometer from the seashore, and services that are no less important than its location, as the project includes: spacious green spaces, a children’s play park, and terraces for recreation, in addition to an open and closed swimming pool, a sauna room, a Turkish hammam, and a fitness center physical fitness, basketball court, and other facilities and services

Apartments for sale in Kartal in installments

Imtilak Company offers apartments for sale in Kartal Istanbul at cheap prices with the possibility of installments in projects such as International City and other important projects that you can learn about when visiting Imtilak Real Estate website or contacting us directly through one of our contacts to take advantage of our free and professional service packages.

Apartments for sale in Kartal, Istanbul

How does Imtilak Real Estate Company serve you if you decide to buy an apartment in Kartal?

Imtilak Real Estate Company provides the best suitable price offers, legal registration, and real estate mediation, as well as what is related to many of the investor’s preferences in terms of post-ownership services and additions.

To learn more about owning apartments for sale in Istanbul, you can visit the Imtilak Real Estate website or contact us directly through one of our pages to benefit from our free and professional service packages.

Edited by Imtilak Real Estate ©


Edited by: Imtilak Real Estate©

Update date: 2024-01-09

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