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Apartments for sale in Kocaeli on the sea in 2024

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General information on the apartments in Kocaeli and the sea view advantage

Apartments in Kocaeli are located in the rich surroundings of vast green spaces, in addition to the luxurious modern design of the apartments. The apartments overlooking the sea in Kocaeli, which is distinguished by its blue colour, make the residence a beautiful and wonderful place. When you buy an apartment in Kocaeli, which is bordering on the sea, you can enjoy living in the quiet, spacious, modern and vibrant places in nature's enchanting arms. These apartments are also available in spaces and stripes that correspond to everyone's wishes.

Apartments for sale in Kocaeli on the sea

Are there apartments in Kocaeli overlooking the sea? What are their specifications?

There are distinctive apartments in Kocaeli overlooking the sea, with modern specifications, such as the Orkida Housing Project and the Valley Complex Project. Such projects provide residential apartments with attractive views of the sea, distinctive views of the scenic nature surrounding these projects, as well as the distinction of their elegant buildings, lateral, non-high-rise buildings and large-area apartments. Apartment patterns range from 1+1 to 4+1, and their models vary from normal apartments to apartments of two floors (duplex) with their wide space, high-end architectural layout, elegant finishings, as well as useful and enjoyable service facilities.

Imtilak Real Estate offers apartments for sale in Kocaeli by the sea

Imtilak Real Estate offers a range of offers to buy apartments in Kocaeli on the sea. The first of which is offering residential properties at competitive prices, with many social facilities, such as swimming pools and parking lots. With gardens and other large green spaces, as well as guardrails and surveillance cameras.

Imtilak offers have the advantage of meeting all the wishes of investors and people aspiring to own real estate in Kocaeli on the sea. There is a pattern of 1+1 and 2+1, 4+1 duplex apartments, with terrific balconies and terraces, with high-quality finishings, as well as the opportunity to pay in installments.

Imtilak Real Estate services in the field of real estate in Kocaeli

Imtilak Real Estate offers the opportunity to own real estate in Kocaeli by offering multiple options for every type of investment that customers aspire to and this includes everything related to real estate ownership. There are pre-purchase services, which include: reception, assistance with the choice of residence, as well as specialized real estate consultations, with real estate tours along the Sakarya. In addition to the post-purchase services include titling, receipt of the property, verification of its conformity with the contract, getting a residence permit, the opening of a bank account, processing of the property and its attachments for use, as well as administration of the property: such as renting it, or reselling it, and following up on taxes, fees and bills for the property.


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Update date: 2024-01-10

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