Apartments for sale in Karasu, Sakarya

Apartments for sale in Karasu, Sakarya with stunning views of nature and the sea. Imtilak Real Estate provides many options to suit all tastes and budgets. Contact the first real estate consultant.

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For those wishing to own real estate in the Karasu, Sakarya region, Imtilak Real Estate provides some of the best residential apartments within the residential complexes, with outstanding real estate specifications, social facilities rich in entertainment, and reasonable prices.

What distinguishes the Karasu district in Sakarya?

The Karasu region in the state of Sakarya is characterized by its green areas, which are similar in beauty to the tourist charm of Trabzon, and it is characterized by its panoramic view of the Black Sea, and its richness in many tourist ingredients that attract tourists to it at every time of the year.

The local economy in the Karasu, Sakarya region relies heavily on agriculture, tourism, and fishing. The Black Sea climate prevails in the area, which is moderate most of the year.

Apartments for sale in Karasu, Sakarya

Is the Karasu area in Sakarya considered special for ownership and investment?

The presence of tourism, agricultural, and real estate investment projects in the Karasu region makes this region very special for investment and real estate ownership and encourages investors to buy real estate and invest in this region.

The strong infrastructure of the Karasu region of transportation, its proximity to the center of the state of Sakarya, and its richness in educational, marketing, and health centers are among the most important factors that make this region distinguished for investment.


Offers for apartments for sale in Karasu, Sakarya

Apartments for sale in Karasu, Sakarya, within the urban and investment-distinguished residential complexes, apartments with distinctive views of the Black Sea, rich in recreational facilities, cheap prices, and special discounts from Imtilak Real Estate.

Average prices for apartments in Karasu, Sakarya

The average price of apartments in Karasu, Sakarya starts at $100,000 for an upscale 2+1 apartment with elegant finishes and a distinctive architectural style. However, this price is subject to change according to the specifications, area, location, and finishes of the property on the one hand, and as a result of changes in the exchange rate of the Turkish lira against the dollar on the other hand.

An overview of ​​Imtilak real estate services before and after the sale

Through the Imtilak Real Estate office in Sakarya, investors and those wishing to own real estate can buy the best real estate at the most appropriate prices possible in the Sakarya region, while enjoying access to an integrated package of services such as real estate consultations, field tours, providing an updated study of the property, and following up on matters of title deed, nationality, and property management after the sale stage.

prices for apartments in Karasu, Sakarya

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