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Apartments for Sale in Sapanca Turkey 2024

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The purchase of a high-profile apartment in Turkey in the beautiful region of Sapanca is a unique experience, meeting the views of the famous Mount Samanli and, in particular, the Kartepe snow area. With the spectacular views on the famous Sapanca Lake, in the province of Sakarya, in the heart of the Black Sea Marmara region; the area with apartment options is one of Turkey's best properties.

Features of buying an apartment and living in Sapanca

  • Living in a city famously known as Dream City in Turkey
  • The region combined nature with its striking features, with the proximity to Istanbul at the same time plus, Sabiha Gokcen International Airport is only 60 km from Sapanca.
  • Access to offers of apartments for sale in Sakarya, a province with Sapanca area, give easy access to spectacular panoramic views, where they directly oversee Lake Sapanca, due to the 45 km wide lake.

Apartments for sale in Sapanca: What are the features of apartments and apartment blocks?

In the area of the Sapanca, there are distinctive apartments within complexes that may be described as one of the best apartment blocks in Turkey. This includes residential apartments with diverse specifications and impressive features, most notably:

  • The price of apartments in Sakarya is distinguished compared to the price of apartments in other regions, taking into account the achievement of quality standards and global welfare.
  • The investment returns from the purchase of an apartment in Sapanca enjoyed high levels of security, owing to their high demand, for recreation in an area that combined the blight of mountain peaks, the greenery of plains and the torment of charming blue waters.
  • The constant influx of visitors into the Arab region gave those willing to own apartments for sale in Sapanca an opportunity to live within the warm Arab social community.


Apartments for sale in Sapanca

What's the average price of apartments in Sapanca?

If you intend to invest in real estate in apartments in Sapanca, you would be surprised by the difference in prices in Sapanca from other famous tourist cities, such as Istanbul, Bursa, Antalya, and Yalova; it's possible to find an apartment near Lake Sapanca, with a wide area, with appropriate amounts, and with the same specifications as other state apartments.

Offers on apartments for sale in Sapanca in installments

Since the growing demand for real estate in the Sapanca vital Area, apartment complexes with high-quality services, which secure diverse levels of housing well-being, have become more frequent.

In order to meet the need of some investors who want to buy a property in this charming spot, but do not have the cash to buy, it is necessary to take into account the companies that oversee these complexes. By making it possible to pay in installments, which contributed to the inclusion of Sapanca apartments in the list of apartments for sale in Turkey in installments.

Apartments for sale in Sapanca for cheap prices

The charming Sapanca area, located close to Istanbul, has the advantage of buying apartments that are just as important as buying apartments in Istanbul, perhaps even more beautiful providing a comfortable atmosphere away from the noise of large cities; with the added value of being one of the cheapest apartment prices in Turkey. Some areas of Lake Sapanca are closer to Sabiha Gokcen International Airport than some areas of Istanbul itself.

Imtilak Real Estate Company’s services in Sapanca

Imtilak Real Estate; a leading company in real estate investment offers the possibility of a unique investment opportunity, by purchasing a quiet apartment at affordable prices, near Lake Sapanca of the Turkish state of Sakarya. With the provision of all necessary services within the real estate investment in Turkey: Real estate consulting, taking the investor on reconnaissance tours of the most important real estate projects, sharing cheap apartments for sale in Turkey. Imtilak Real Estate is also responsible for the management of the real property and, if the investor wishes, assumes legal responsibility and provides the necessary assistance in obtaining Turkish citizenship for the person who is the owner of the real estate investment in Turkey; Not only do our services stand there, but it also makes it possible for the property to have the best furniture and decorations at the investor's request, and then to secure the best offers of sale when the landlord intends to sell it.


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