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Apartments for sale in Sakarya Serdivan 2024

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What are the advantages of ownership in the Serdivan area of Sakarya?

  • Proximity to the most prominent tourist area, in the town of Sakarya, which attracts Turkish and foreign tourists.
  • Serdivan is described as a quiet area surrounded by green mountains, suitable for living and family stability.
  • Its residential apartments are characterized by a magnificent and modern architectural design, with integrated services that everyone is looking for.
  • A complete integrated area in terms of markets, restaurants, hospitals and educational schools.
  • It's a safe housing environment for families, and apartments with good spaces.
  • Serdivan is known for its enchanting plateau, which is a haven for relaxation seekers, and is also a popular destination for skydivers.

Apartment prices in Serdivan

Imtilak Real Estate provides you with offers for apartments for sale in Serdivan, with beautiful architectural designs, and ideal housing specifications, at cheap prices starting from $45,000.

Imtilak real estate offers within apartments for sale in Serdivan, Sakarya

If you want to buy an apartment in Serdivan, contact us now, to inform you of the best offers that Imtilak Real Estate company has, its advantages in terms of price, geographical location, and the future investment line of the apartments.

We will show you one of the features of one of the residential complexes, at reasonable and cheap prices, among the offers of Imtilak Real Estate in Serdivan: IMT-675

Located within the Serdivan area, the property is close to a vital street rich in shops, restaurants and hospitals, as well as a project space of 8000 square meters, with four buildings three floors high each, with all the modern features of children's playgrounds, swimming pools, sports clubs, and a closed garage.

Method of payment and breakdown of prices

Cash, prices start at $45,000.

Cheap apartments for sale in Serdivan

Imtilak Real Estate has a variety of residential projects in the vital Serdivan area at appropriate and competitive prices, for which those who want to settle and live or earn a profit through future real estate investors are looking. In particular, Imtilak Real Estate Company focuses on choosing typical residential projects that provide all the means of comfortable living, with exquisite views, modern and modern urban designs, with a strong infrastructure of hospitals, universities, transportation and markets.

شقق للبيع في سكاريا سردفان

Apartments for sale in installments in Serdivan Turkey

Imtilak Real Estate provides apartments for sale in installments in Sakarya within the Serdivan area, with offers that suit everyone.

We’ll show you one of the very special projects in Serdivan, which is "Serdivan Residence" and for more inquiries about the project, you can communicate with us.

Serdivan Residence IMT - 675

The project is characterized by typical residential apartments, complete with services and facilities, surrounded by wide service facilities such as markets, restaurants and hospitals. The project is classified as a suitable environment for the safe housing of families and is equipped with all required services from sports clubs, swimming pools, children's games, a park and a closed garage for cars.

In case you want to buy an apartment in Serdivan, or if you're looking for a special investment opportunity in the real estate business, contact us now and get all the information,  and installment offers for Imtilak Real Estate.


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Update date: 2024-01-10

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