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Apartments for sale in installments in Trabzon 2024

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Is it possible to buy an apartment in installments in Trabzon?

Imtilak Real Estate provides apartments for sale in Trabzon, in installments, that suit all. Within residential complexes with scenic views, modern and contemporary architecture, with all the means of life and stability, and in neighborhoods with a strong infrastructure of hospitals, universities, transport and markets.

If you want to buy an apartment in Trabzon, we're going to offer you a number of payment offers and price details that suit everyone, so you just have to connect with us now.

The first offer includes a down payment starting at 30%, and the rest in installments for a period of up to 36 months, and upon payment of 50%, the title deed will be delivered directly.

  • Spaces start at 83 m2, and at $37,000
  • Spaces start at 210 m2, and at $89,000
  • Spaces start at 180 m2, and at $47,000

The second offer, 35% down payment, and the rest in installments for 12 months.

  • Spaces start from 178 m2, 3 rooms and 1 lounge and at a price starting from $72,000.
  • Spaces start from, 215 m2, 4 rooms and 1 lounge and at a price starting from $76,000.

The third offer, 50% down payment and the rest installments.

The spaces in this offer start from 170 m2, and the price starts from $43,000.

Are the prices of apartments in installments different from the prices of cash payments?

There is no doubt that real estate offers have different advantages, whether, in installments or cash, the installment option is appropriate, for those who do not have sufficient cash, to pay the first payment for the property, especially if it is part of a project under construction, and then to pay installments in a convenient way.

With regard to cash purchases, discounts on cash payment of property may sometimes amount to up to 15% of the total price, and the owner will eventually receive the title deed, called “Tabu”.

And do not forget that the option of buying in cash or in installments in Turkey enables the investor to obtain Turkish citizenship, through the so-called "real estate investment", for an amount of more than $250,000 in Turkey, with a pledge not to sell the property 3 years ago.

We note here that the purchase of one property is sufficient to obtain Turkish citizenship, and can also purchase several properties on the condition that the total combined value is more than $250,000.

Apartments for sale in installments in Trabzon | Imtilak offers

If you want to own to buy an apartment in installments, in Trabzon, we at Imtilak Real Estate offer you a variety of offers, shortening your search, and allowing you to find your request and the features you're looking for in the apartment you want to own.

Imtilak real estate has a variety of options in large areas of Trabzon,  most notably the Black Sea “Yalincak” area overlooking the Black Sea and the green mountains, the quiet and charming "Yomra" area, the “Akcaabat” area, or the Konaklar area which is administratively affiliated to the city center of Trabzon, as well as in the famous Ksosto / Orta Hissar region.

We will show you one of the residential complexes where apartments available in installments within the offers of Imtilak, which is: Premium Complex IMT-31.

Located in the region of "Yalincak" in the northern Turkish city of Trabzon, it has a charming view of the Black Sea on the one hand, and of the Green Mountains, close to the beach, with all life facilities from shops, restaurants and public transport.

The apartments in this project are characterized by the use of waterproof and heat-insulating materials and perfect designs, as each floor contains two apartments and each apartment overlooks from three directions. As for the master bedroom, it contains a bathroom (shower + sink + toilet) in addition to a dressing room.

Method of payment and breakdown of prices

35% down payment and the rest in installments for 12 months and prices start from $72,000.


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Update date: 2024-01-10

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