The most important infrastructure projects in Ankara and their advantages



The most important infrastructure projects in Ankara and their advantages

Advantages of infrastructure projects in Ankara

What increases the beauty of the city of Ankara is that the infrastructure in Ankara is characterized by strength and modernity gıven Ankara’s embrace of the facilities of Turkish sovereignty, including the presidential palace “Çankaya”, in which 11 former Turkish presidents resided, and the new presidential palace “Ak Saray” (White Palace), which It was opened under President Erdogan in 2014.

In addition, the city has official government offices, various ministries, parliament, and many public facilities and parks, which means an abundance of many recreational places, such as beautiful parks and huge and sophisticated shopping malls.

How have infrastructure projects developed in Ankara in recent years?

Turkey is one of the countries that’s interested in strengthening its investments in infrastructure, as it ranked second in the amount of its investments in infrastructure, according to the report issued by the World Bank for the year 2014. Turkey also topped the world in 2015 in the volume of government and private investments in infrastructure projects, as Turkey alone implemented 40% of the global investment in infrastructure, as the value of government and private investment in infrastructure in Turkey was estimated at $44.7 billion.

There is no doubt that Ankara, the capital of Turkey, has received a large share of the development of its infrastructure, as we will note in the coming paragraphs.

What are the most important infrastructure projects in Ankara?

1. Transportation and roads

Regarding transportation in Ankara, it is served by a modern network of internal transportation from the metro, public, private and small buses, and taxis. In addition to buses, travel is described as economical, with many direct flights available from most Turkish regions to Ankara.

Infrastructure in Ankara

2. Airports

The Turkish capital, Ankara, has an active international airport, the Esenboğa International Airport, which is popularly known as the "Ankara International Airport". The airport is located 17 miles northeast of Ankara, and is a pivotal operational airport for Turkish Airlines. According to some websites, Ankara Airport has been rated high by ACI Europe.

3. Subway (Metro)

The Turkish capital, Ankara, is the hub of Turkey's railway system, as it can be traveled to by train from many Turkish cities. As for the metro networks within Ankara, its main center - with different directions - is in the vital Kizilay district in central Ankara.

Ankara Subway

4. Tunnels

Tunnels are among the strong infrastructure elements in the transportation sector in the Turkish capital, Ankara, which the Turkish government has paid great attention to, due to their prominent role in shortening distances and easing traffic pressure.

Among those tunnels, Ankara witnessed on 2/7/2021 the opening of a tunnel between the capital, Ankara, and the state of Çankırı with a length of 2,071 meters, which contributes to reducing the travel time in the region from 15 minutes to only 3 minutes.

Ankara Tunnels

5. Telecommunications and the Internet

Turkey is advanced in the telecommunications sector and the Internet, and this must be the case for Ankara, the political capital of the country and the placce of government ministries, political missions, diplomatic representations, and embassies of foreign countries. It must have special importance and priority in the modernity of its communication networks.

6. Water and sewage networks

Ankara is one of the most organized and modern Turkish cities. It also has a developed infrastructure and various public facilities, including water and sewage networks, which increases the quality of housing and living in Ankara.

7. Educational institutions

As is usually the case in the political capitals of countries, education in Ankara has an excellent educational environment, as the city contains a large group of prestigious universities, known locally and internationally, and some universities in Ankara are taught in English.

Among Ankara's universities, we mention Hacıtepe University, Middle East Technical University, Yıldırım Beyazit University, Ankara University of Social Sciences, Atilim University, Baskent University, Bilkent University, Ufuk University, and TED University.

most important projects in Ankara

8. Health facilities

Since it is the capital of Turkey, Ankara is one of the lucky Turkish cities with regard to the health aspect in terms of the number of hospitals and medical centers, the quality of the existing equipment and the health services provided there.

Among the hospitals in Ankara are Medicana International Hospital, Gürgan Clinic, Güven Ankara Hospital, Acıbadem Hospital, Ankara Memorial Hospital, and Hacıttepe University Hospital.

9. Essential services and facilities for the economy

Ankara has the strong ground for the establishment of many projects, for example, there is investment in the field of hotels, which is one of the most popular projects by tourists throughout the year, and is a great investment option thanks to its large investment returns, which rise annually by 8% and 15% of the property value.

Also, investment in the huge shopping malls in Ankara is one of the important investment options because these shopping malls offer many opportunities for investment, such as shops, restaurants, cafes, game halls, cinemas, etc., which contributes to the growth of commercial traffic and doubling the tourism investment opportunities in Ankara.

In addition to hotels and malls, the investor can find many opportunities for tourism investments, such as apartments for annual rent, resorts and chalets, and other real estate used for tourism purposes.

Besides, the development of industrial investment in Ankara and the multiplicity of investment fields in it, attract large investors to work in the industrial sector, which encourages the entry of investors to carry out investment deals in the industrial sector, as there are many industrial cities in Ankara.

The industrial city, known as Ostim, is at the forefront of the industrial cities in Ankara, as it is one of the largest industrial areas that contains active laboratories in many fields, most notably the textile, medical, plastic industries, auto parts, furniture, sports and household equipment, etc., and this would provide various opportunities for industrial investments.

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What are the future plans for infrastructure projects in Ankara?

As previously mentioned, Ankara has an unmistakable urban organization, and the development of infrastructure projects in Ankara is reflected in the elegant urban identity of the city.

Therefore, we can say briefly, if you are looking for the luxury of living in major Turkish cities, the options in Ankara are abundant to meet your request, according to appropriate standards and prices, especially since the capitals of countries usually have plans to develop their infrastructure at the top of the priorities of the concerned authorities.

How does the infrastructure in Ankara affect the investment value of the city?

Buying an apartment in Ankara allows you to enjoy many advantages that will guarantee a classy and prestigious life for all who wish to live in it, and the most important of these advantages are:

  • Ankara is one of the cities that are witnessing development in all fields, and it has a strong infrastructure in various sectors.
  • Ankara is the political center and capital of the Republic of Turkey, and there are many official headquarters of ministries and embassies.
  • The state has a distinct geographical and strategic location in the center of the country.
  • It has a regional climate suitable for a comfortable life.
  • The multiplicity of tourist attractions distributed in different parts of the state and the diversity of its facilities.
  • It has an educational environment of the highest levels of public and private schools, higher institutes and universities.
  • It’s based on a solid foundation in terms of the presence of advanced hospitals and health centers.
  • It depends on a network of modern transportation distributed throughout the state.
  • Low cost of living in Ankara compared to the high costs in Istanbul.
  • The great urban activity that Ankara real estate witnessed during the past years, and the reasonable prices of its properties compared to Turkey's real estate in Istanbul.

The best serviced areas in terms of infrastructure in Ankara

Some areas and neighborhoods in the city of Ankara are characterized by being more elegant, organized and developed areas. Among those areas, we mention the following:

  • Çankaya area

Çankaya area is the central district of Ankara state, where most of the embassies of the world's countries are located in Turkey, and the area is also the commercial and financial nerve of the city of Ankara.

  • Yenimahalle area

Yenimahalle includes the Turkish Presidential Palace in which the Turkish President resides and administers the country's affairs. Yenimahalle is the second district after Çankaya in the state of Ankara, and is characterized by the city's main metro line, as well as the aerial cable car.

  • Keçiören area

It’s one of the areas inhabited by the Arab community in large numbers, especially the Iraqi community. The area is located near the Yenimahalle area, and the property prices of Keçiören district are described as being low compared to the prices of Çankaya and Yenimahalle areas.

The best residential projects in Ankara that are located in serviced areas in terms of infrastructure

The state of Ankara flourishes with distinctive residential real estate projects, which provide apartments of different sizes and designs to suit all tastes of those wishing to buy a property in Turkey.

Ankara is witnessing the activity of many reputable construction companies in Turkey, and Imtilak Real Estate company recently opened its own office in the Turkish capital, Ankara, based on market requirements and the high rates of customer demand for Ankara real estate.

Imtilak Real Estate team in Ankara provides a range of distinguished real estate opportunities, which allow the possibility of real estate ownership in the most important projects in Ankara, such as:

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Reference: Turk Press & Anadolu Agency

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