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The Best Countries for Real Estate Investment in the World



The Best Countries for Real Estate Investment in the World

The world has witnessed remarkable growth in all real estate sectors due to the population’s continuous growth. The financial and economic rise in some countries revived the real estate sector. 

In the following lines, we will discuss some real estate issues and try to elaborate on them.

Why is real estate investment one of the best investment opportunities?

As a new global financial crisis started over the world due to the COVID-19 epidemic that affected all-economy fields, including business markets, many investors decided to invest in the real estate sector as it is a more secure and stable investment. Due to the population’s continuous growth, housing is always seen as a must, making real estate investment the best sector ever.

The Best Places for Real Estate Investment

What are the best countries for real estate investment?

If convinced with real estate investment priority, it is time to identify the best real estate investment destination. Destinations vary according to the state’s annual progress rate, policies, economic stability, housing price rate, tourism sector growth, general security, regulations, weather, and of course, the state’s natural beauty.

Statistics about the best place for real estate investment vary every year due to regional and international circumstances. But, Turkey, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Panama, UK, and Malaysia keep top rankings on the scale of the best attractive countries for real estate investment.

What are the facilities and advantages that countries offer real estate investors?

 As countries are aware of real estate investment values on progress and economy, they plan to attract more investors; they have reduced regulations to a minimum to encourage and attract investors. So capital holders seeking investment choose countries with the most facilities and advantages. Here is a list of facilities offered by governments:

  • Countries offer the residence for foreigners who purchase a property which is often a preliminary step for citizenship. Explore the real estate residence.
  • Reduced taxes, which all investors prefer when choosing a country for investment. Explore the real estate taxes.
  • Affordable property prices in some countries make it available for moderate-income people in other countries
  • The natural beauty, weather, and location are reasons for citizens living in extreme weather countries to spend their holidays in more beautiful countries and consequently encourage them to purchase a property.

Real estate investment features in Turkey

Though the Turkish lira is experiencing rate fluctuations, Real estate investment in Turkey is one of the most attractive markets as the Turkish real estate prices are enticing and engaging; they are competitive and varied. Turkey’s real estate market can be divided into two groups; senior regions for real estate investment such as Istanbul and nearby areas overlooking the Black Sea, and the junior regions overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in south Turkey.

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the Best Countries for Real Estate in the World

What are Turkey’s features for real estate investors?

Turkey has a strategic location, giving it a top ranking on the map of tourist investment. Turkey is situated between two continents (Europe and Asia), lying on four seashores (the Marmara Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, the Aegean Sea, and the Black Sea). Turkey’s area is 783.562 km², giving it a varied climate, stunning nature, and fabulous beauty.

Apart from Turkey’s real estate investment features, it has a special status, historical, religious, and economic presence, making it a destination for real estate investors.

Turkish citizenship for property has added more features to Turkey in the real estate market. It is a motive for comers from unstable countries to consider purchasing a property in Turkey. Though property prices in Turkey are somehow high, property purchase demand high.

الجنسية التركية انجليزي الجنسية التركية انجليزي

Overview of expected real estate investment returns in Turkey

Based on Turkey’s eligibility and viability in real estate investment, customers might ask about expected returns for purchasing a property in Turkey. So, let us consider the following:

  • First: It is crucial to purchase a property with a competitive price, then considering investing in it, either renting it out with a featured price or selling it with more returns. We highly recommend consulting Imtilak Real Estate for more convenient guidance.
  • Second: Experts estimate real estate investment returns in Istanbul by 12% of total property value. It might rise to 20% of annual property value in some areas.

Search our distinguished projects list and find the suitable property for you.

Real Estate Investment in Turkey

Real estate investment future in Turkey

Despite Turkey’s real estate excellence, real estate seekers might have some doubts about Turkey’s real estate future, mainly at the time of international financial crises and the Turkish lira rate fluctuations.

Although these fears are legal, the positive effects of the Turkish lira rate fluctuations for foreign comers will make property prices more reasonable and lower. The real estate sector’s strength causes these fears to disappear.

In short, Turkey’s tourist and economic location will eventually contribute to its real estate investment progress.


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