Construction system, licenses, and costs in Turkey

Important information on construction in Turkey, system, licenses, and construction costs in Turkey. Also, get familiar with the style and age of construction, the price of construction meters in Turkey.

Construction system, licenses, and costs in Turkey
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Construction system, licenses, and costs in Turkey

Information on construction in Turkey

With regard to the issue of construction in Turkey, certain controls are adopted when starting to build a project or house on the land, as not every land is suitable for construction. Therefore, the land on which the construction works will be constructed must be included in the urban planning, or so-called reconstruction plan, so that it can be built on.

The land should also be registered as "housing" in its architectural position. In addition, it is necessary to obtain a document on the architectural situation, which contains all information on the land from the municipality concerned.

If the land is located in unregulated areas such as rural areas or otherwise, it can be built upon, but on several conditions, as follows:

  • To not cause an aesthetic and health problem in the organizational sector or organizational unit.
  • The share of construction does not exceed 5% of the surface of the regulatory sector.
  • The total construction area should not exceed 250 m2 on a maximum of two floors.
  • Construction should not exceed 6.5 meters above ground level.
  • The minimum distance from the regulatory boundaries for the sectors and from the roads is 5 meters.
  • Permission is given for construction in unregulated areas, such as for summer homes for families, or for tourist and recreational facilities, which meet the above requirements.

Construction in Turkey

What is the construction system in Turkey?

Concrete construction is most common in the construction system in Turkey, and in many countries around the world, it carries a lot of positive in economic terms, in terms of strength, compared to other construction systems, and it carries some downsides.

There are many systems that can be used in building houses such as steel frame systems, stone brick building systems, and wooden houses.

The method of construction in Turkey

Every piece of land in Turkey has documents containing all the information on it in the municipality to which it belongs. In the method of construction in Turkey, this document should be considered, which shows you the appropriate way to deal with this land, building on it according to the divisions and regulations permitted by the municipality.

The building permit for this land should also be obtained, in terms of its use, and the manner in which it will be built, as the conditions for construction reflect a difference, depending on the uses involved, as to whether it is residential or commercial.

الضمان الحكومي انجليزي الضمان الحكومي انجليزي

What are the building permits in Turkey? Where do you get them?

Building on the ground, it is necessary primarily to prepare the architectural layout of the building and to conduct a review of the building units of the municipality concerned in order to obtain the construction permits. The documentation required to obtain the building permits in Turkey is as follows:

  1. Request to apply for the license.
  2. The title deed
  3. The architectural situation (requiring the municipality within which the construction is located).
  4. Status document (showing the boundaries of the sectors, obtained from the survey directorates).
  5. Architectural plan (certified by Architects' Chamber).
  6. Architects' Chamber record document.
  7. Concrete plan (certified by Architects' Chamber).
  8. Chamber of Structural Engineers record document.
  9. Electrical extension scheme (certified from the Chamber).
  10. Chamber of Electrical Engineers record document.
  11. Plumbing plan (certified from the Chamber).
  12. Chamber of Mechanical Engineers record document.
  13. Soil study report.
  14. Responsible for the execution of the scheme and its documents.
  15. Documents related to the Construction Institute, where construction is undertaken by an authorized contractor.
  16. The documents of the construction supervision company, and the construction supervision contract.
  17. Building information module.
  18. A bank receipt indicating that 20% of the Building Supervision Company's rent has been deposited into its account.
  19. Construction supervisor contract.

Construction system in Turkey

Construction costs in Turkey

The calculation of construction costs in Turkey is the main focus of people dealing with the construction industry. Construction costs include the price of construction materials, requirements for construction, as well as the fare for construction or undertaking, which is calculated according to the square meter of construction, and changes according to the system used for construction.

How much does the construction meter price cost in Turkey?

The Turkish Ministry of Environment has announced construction meter costs for 2020, published unit prices per square meter, and explained in detail unit prices per square meter for 2020 depending on the construction class and purpose.

Construction costs in 2020 can be explained by offering minimum, maximum, and average prices ​for​ construction costs per square meter and for all types of buildings, all of which will be illustrated through the following tables:

Residential buildings
Steel structure construction system
Concrete structure system
Minimum in Turkish lira
Maximum in Turkish lira
Minimum in Turkish lira
Maximum in Turkish lira
Luxury Constructions
Construction of the first class
Construction of the second class
Construction of the third class
Simple constructions


Residential buildings
Brick stone building system
Temporary construction system
Minimum in Turkish lira
Maximum in Turkish lira
Minimum in Turkish lira
Maximum in Turkish lira
Luxury Constructions
Construction of the first class
Construction of the second class
Construction of the third class
Simple constructions


Construction permits in Turkey

What’s the allowed construction age in Turkey?

Each building has a certain age, but no particular date can be set to determine the age of construction in Turkey, the reason being that the factors affecting the age of construction in Turkey are variable, and the characteristics of the residential buildings affect how long they can survive.

Despite all this, the most important factor that consumes building life very quickly is corrosion. Given all these matters, the average age of construction in Turkey ranges between 60 and 70 years.

Information on construction fairs in Turkey

Construction fairs in Turkey specialize in displaying building materials techniques used for construction according to global specifications, where they find all the building requirements and related technology. Some exhibitions also organize seminars, explaining the arts of architecture, the design tools to be built, and all the new technologies in the world of construction.

Construction costs in Turkey


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