Comprehensive Information on the Beykoz Region in Istanbul

Comprehensive information about the Beykoz region in Istanbul, its location and the most important features of its infrastructure and tourist and leisure places. Find out about the advantages of buying an apartment in Beykoz Istanbul.

Comprehensive Information on the Beykoz Region in Istanbul
2022-05-17 Last update 2023-08-24

Comprehensive Information on the Beykoz Region in Istanbul

About Beykoz District in Istanbul

Istanbul residents and visitors alike often look for a quiet and beautiful tourist haven, most notably vast areas of dense forest or the Bosphorus, the Sea of Marmara or the Black Sea coasts. The Ottoman caliphs took the Beykoz as a hangout from time to time, at the gates of the capital of the caliphate Istanbul.

The name "Beykoz" originated a long time ago and seems to derive from two old words: Bey, meaning a prince or a master and Koz in Persian, meaning a village or one of the types of walnut fruit.

Beykoz is famous for its beautiful nature, green forests, streams and estuaries from the Kucuksu and Goksu regions, where the Bosphorus meets the Black Sea.

The municipality of Beykoz also houses a group of villages renowned for their natural beauty, such as the charming Riva area overlooking the Black Sea, close to the Bosphorus strait and the European side of Istanbul.

Beykoz was opened early by the Ottomans and then built by Sultan Bayezid I. During the Ottoman Empire, Beykoz was open lands and forests for ottoman sultans to hunt and seek tranquillity, with several traces of this remaining from that era, the most famous of which were the fishing hut in Kucuksu, numerous fountains and waterways, and mosques with villages along the coastal area.

Beykoz Istanbul

Beykoz Location

Beykoz is located in Istanbul, on the north-eastern side of the Bosphorus strait on the Asian side of the city.

You can get from Beykoz to the city centre, Taksim, by car, about an hour, crossing from the Yavuz Salim Bridge or the Sultan Muhammad Fatih Bridge.

Beykoz has been an independent municipality since 1928 and remains so up to this day.

What Stands out for Beykoz in Istanbul?

Beykoz has cold and mild weather in winter and warm summers; the region is often affected by the cold winds of the north, especially in winter. The area stretches on the Black Sea and the Bosphorus, the city's most beautiful beauty and tourism icon, as well as vast green spaces. 

Beykoz has tourist areas, and historical and archaeological monuments, including historic palaces, directly on the banks of the Bosphorus and touching its waters, as well as beautiful forests and green hills.  

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Ownership and Living Features in Beykoz Istanbul

The population in Beykoz is low compared to other regions of Istanbul, with an area of 239.2 square kilometres, with a population of 248,595, according to the latest official statistics for 2021.

The most important reason for the low population in Beykoz, compared to other regions, is its extension of a wide area of green forests and vast parks, giving it a special advantage among large investors and landlords who like enjoying Beykoz luxury villas and apartments, away from Istanbul’s hustle and bustle.

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Infrastructure in Beykoz Istanbul

Beykoz is just as important as other regions in Istanbul, and the most important things to be briefed about are its facilities:

1. Roads and Transportation

Beykoz is connected to the rest of Istanbul and other cities by two highways, namely the Northern Marmara Road to Sultan Yavuz Salim Bridge, and the E80 road to the Sultan Muhammad Fatih Bridge over the Bosphorus.

Through these two roads, in addition to other public transport, Beykoz has a close connection with all surrounding regions.

2. Schools and Universities

Beykoz has a full range of public, international and private schools, which provide an integrated educational environment for all groups and stages of study.

With regard to university education, one of the most important universities in the region is Beykoz University, as well as the nearby Uskudar University, Koc University and Istanbul Technical University, which are within a close distance of the city's European bank.

3. Hospitals and Health Centres

Beykoz may not be as rich in hospitals as other areas of Istanbul, but Beykoz is content with the medical services it includes, the most famous of which is the State Hospital in Beykoz.

In addition, clinics, private clinics and nearby hospitals are deployed in the Uskudar region or on the European side of the city.

4. Tourist and Leisure Venues

Among the most famous and beautiful attractions in Beykoz are:

  • Yusa Hazretleri Hill: It houses a tomb of the Yusa Prophet, overlooking the Bosphorus.
  • Beykoz Glass and Crystal Museum: It was opened in April 2021 and is Istanbul's newest and most beautiful museum. It is located within a 395-acre historic garden/forest. The historic brick building has been restored, and the museum features a stunning collection of glass and crystal pieces.
  • Polonezkoy Zoo - Dooal Yasam Park: A natural park in the middle of the forest.
  • Yoros Castle: a Roman-era castle, located on the Anadolu mountain range in Istanbul. The castle has stunning panoramic views of the Black Sea and Bosphorus, surrounded by restaurants for tourists from everywhere.
Beykoz Istanbul University

Apartment Prices in Beykoz Istanbul

The prices of homes for sale in the Beykoz real estate market have increased rapidly in recent years. The average price per square meter of housing in the Beykoz region was 14,286 TL at the time of writing, according to the real estate website Zingat.

According to the Real Estate Price Index and the 2022 Regional Report, the average price of a 100-square-meter house in the Beykoz region is between 1,071,435 TL and 1,785.00 700 TL within old properties or in rural areas, while prices are doubled in modern real estate with open views of the Bosphorus, forests or the Black Sea at Istanbul's Beykoz Beach.

Apartment Prices in Beykoz Istanbul

Imtilak’s Best Real Estate Projects in Beykoz Istanbul

It is well known that Beykoz features very luxurious and brilliant urban models, which the wealthy are attracted to own in their apartments or villas with modern specifications. Here is an example of the most excellent real estate projects in the region:

Miza Apartment project:

  • The project is based in the most beautiful areas of Beykoz of a charming nature, and the central and cultural importance of the Asian bank of Bosphorus Istanbul, which hosts the finest real estate projects that appeal to the elite.
  • A privileged location near the lake and forest where the trees of linden and pines are evergreen, connected to the private garden of the project.
  • Only 2 km to the Bosphorus, and approximately 2.5 km from the highway leading to the Sultan Mohammed Fatih Bridge.
  • The project has an attractive architectural design with colourful gardens, and its apartments have stunning views of the greenery inside and around the project.
  • The project offers spacious apartments of 2+1 to 6+2 styles in contemporary architectural style and healthy home standards.
  • The project has a wide variety of services and recreational facilities, including a water park, a fitness centre, a sauna and steam room, a Turkish bath, an indoor swimming pool, a children's game garden, and a basketball and volleyball court.

For additional project features, apartment prices, and other high-end projects in Beykoz, you can contact Imtilak Real Estate directly and take advantage of our professional and free services.

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