Information about the Besiktas area in Istanbul, living, and investing in it

Learn about the Besiktas area in Istanbul, its most beautiful tourist places, and the advantage of housing and investment in it, also get to know the Besiktas coast and its parks.

Information about the Besiktas area in Istanbul, living, and investing in it
2020-05-04 Last update 2023-08-24

Information about the Besiktas area in Istanbul, living, and investing in it

  1. Information about the Besiktas area in Istanbul

The Besiktas area of Istanbul is one of the most prestigious areas in the two-continents city, it is one of the most important tourist destinations for people inside and outside Turkey due to its luxurious palaces and the many Ottoman mosques as well as its historical museums, various art galleries, and lively vibrant markets, especially the famous fish market and restaurants specialized in serving seafood, not to mention everything related to the activity of Istanbul especially the investment, commercial, and residential activities.

  1. Where in Istanbul is the Besiktas area located?

The impressive Besiktas area is located between the areas of Kabatas and Ortakoy, the Besiktas area is considered the second center of Istanbul after the famous Taksim area, also, the Besiktas area of Istanbul has attractive views of the majestic Bosphorus Strait on the European side of the city, and it provides the visitors with enjoyable recreational and cultural activities that integrate with the other tourist destinations in Istanbul.

  1. How to get to Besiktas port:

Since the Besiktas area is one of the vital centers in Istanbul, as it is considered the second largest center for the two-continents city, it has many means to reach the area and its port, as there are many means of transportation that can be used to reach the Besiktas Center such as public transport buses and the minibus, it is also possible to go to the area by shared taxi dolmuş in addition to the ferries and marine ships that connect the port of this area with several regions on the Asian side of Istanbul such as Kadikoy, Uskudar, and others.

  1. How far is Besiktas from Taksim

The famous Besiktas area is only a few minutes away from the most famous area of Taksim as the distance between them is no more than 3.2 km, and many transportations are launched from Akartlar station to Taksim Station, also, the walking between the two areas is a pleasure that is only available in Istanbul and it takes about thirty to thirty-five minutes.

  1. Advantages of living in the Besiktas area of Istanbul

Since the area is considered one of the vital and important areas of Istanbul, this thing itself is an advantage that is not available in all areas, as it is the second most important and dynamic center of Istanbul, and what increases the importance of this area is the fact that the area overlooks the most important water straits globally and the most beautiful of all, the Bosphorus strait, the area also contains several important historical monuments such as the famous palace of Dolmabahce, one of the most important features of Besiktas area of Istanbul in addition to the Maritime Museum, the area is also famous for its diverse markets that the people with everything they need.

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  1. The most beautiful places in the Besiktas area

The Besiktas area includes some of the most important Ottoman monuments and the most tourist-attracting shopping areas in Turkey, including the Dolmabahce Palace, which is one of the most important palaces of Istanbul and was the main administrative center of the Ottoman state from 1856 to 1922, and it is parallel to Uskudar area and it contains Yildiz Palace which is associated with the name of the Ottoman Sultan Abd al-Hamid the Second, may God have mercy on him. The area has many other special characteristics that combine the historical features with the modern ones giving it an amazing diversity.

  1. Yildiz Park in Besiktas

Yildiz Park is the Besiktas Istanbul area is famous for the hundreds of trees, plants, and roses gathered from all over the world, which gives the park an attractive appearance during the spring and remarkably delights every one of its visitors, and if that is not enough, it is close to the beautiful Yildiz Palace and it also lies on the bank of the Bosphorus.


  1. Besiktas Coast

The Besiktas coast is one of the most distinct places in the area, and because of it, the Istanbul Besiktas area attracts many visitors, tourists, and the lovers of beauty and the charming views, in addition to historical monuments, palaces, and gardens. It is located on the European side of the shining city of Istanbul and overlooks the beautiful Bosphorus, and since the area is the second in terms of importance as a center of Istanbul after the Taksim area, its coast has gained additional importance along with its ports and tourism attractions.

  1. Besiktas market in Istanbul

The Besiktas Market (Besiktas Bazaar) is considered one of the famous markets of Istanbul, there you can buy vegetables and fruits at the cheapest prices, the market provides different varieties of fruits and vegetables in addition to legumes, but it is characterized by the presence of all types of products such as clothing, leather products, etc., it is also a moving market, which means that it takes place on a particular day every week in different places of Besiktas Istanbul.

  1. Advantages of investing in the Besiktas area

Due to the vital location of Besiktas in the two-continents city, Istanbul, and due to what the area includes of palaces, museums, and Ottoman mosques, and because it contains famous gardens, luxury restaurants, and well-known markets, in addition to what the region gained from a good reputation in being Istanbul's second center, all of these reasons have made it fertile field of investment, as the Real Estate Investment in the Besiktas area has become a safe and successful investment, also, the presence of schools, hospitals, and universities has enhanced the success rate of investment.

Besiktas Istanbul area

  1. Advantages of buying an apartment in Besiktas

Buying an apartment in Besiktas has become a matter more important than buying an apartment in the rest areas of Istanbul, where the real estate in this area is constantly rising, which enhances the chances of successful investment, as many of people want to live in this area due to its features, service centers, and vital tourist facilities, and because of what this area offers on a personal level and on the financial development level.


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