The most famous 10 districts in Istanbul and their features



The most famous 10 districts in Istanbul and their features

What are the five most famous districts in European Istanbul?

Basaksehir District

Basaksehir is located in Istanbul, Europe, surrounded by Arnavutkoy on the north, Ayub on the northeast, Sultangazi and Esenler on the east, Bagcilar on the south, and Esenyurt on the southwest.

It has the most developed infrastructure in the city, due to the novelty and establishment of the region, and is one of the most attractive areas for investors due to infrastructure, social, cultural, health, and educational facilities, located within a point very close to the new Istanbul International Airport.

Basaksehir includes a protected forest in the Samlar area, which contains various animals, as well as large green areas for hiking, designated by the municipality of Basaksehir for the inhabitants of the neighborhood, spanning 50 square kilometers.

Basaksehir also contains one of the largest natural valleys with a natural and archaeological garden at the same time. Lake Basaksehir  is located on the area of 26,000 square meters, the largest artificial lake in Istanbul, surrounded by large areas of gardens, stretching over 300,000 square meters. In addition to restaurants, game parks, private clubs, cafes... All have made it one of the most lucrative real estate areas in Istanbul, where the area is very well received by real estate investors, for the purchase of Basaksehir properties.

Basaksehir has a wide spectrum of apartment options, based on important factors, such as actual space, a high level of internal and external cladding, delivery dates of apartments still under construction, proximity to vital projects in the area such as the municipal central square, the botanical garden, transportation stations, and even housing within modern complexes and malls.

Beylikduzu District

The region of Beylikduzu is located west of Istanbul, bordered by the region of Avcilar to the east, Esenyurt to the north, Buyukcekmece to the west, and in its south by the Sea of Marmara. The region is experiencing an unparalleled boom in high-quality real estate investment, owing to good organization and the proliferation of advanced infrastructure from hospitals, shopping centers, factories, new real estate projects, transportation routes, higher schools and universities. In addition to the presence of the malls, this has contributed to the region's increased importance, particularly the proliferation of international schools and universities in the region, and has increased the demands for rental of housing units in the region.

The area has a range of high-end hotels and coastal resorts, as well as luxury residential complexes with integrated facilities. Beylikduzu is experiencing a dramatic development, compared to other regions. It is well organized, and the presence of villas in Beylikduzu has made it the focus of investors in the real estate sector, especially after its transportation problem has been eliminated and linked to the city center via the "Metrobus" bus line. The region is divided into 10 major neighborhoods: Cumuhriet, Gurbinar, Marmara, Yakubi, Adnan Kahwaci, Buyuksehir, Deryagzi, Kavakli and Sahil neighborhood. The area also contains vast green areas, parks and multiple forests, perhaps most notably Life Valley Park Beylikduzu or Green Valley Park, which is a number of adjacent parks connected to large areas within the Beylikduzu area close to the Sea of Marmara.

Beylikduzu has a wide variety of residential complexes, with different prices due to the size of the apartments and their proximity to the Metrobus.

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The finest regions of Istanbul

Bahcesehir District

The area of Bahcesehir (Garden City), the spectacular city as some would like to call it; is located at a strategic point northwest of Lake Kucukcekmece, the nature of its land is characterized by the spread of small hills, cliffs and valleys, giving it natural beauty.

It is located in the heart of Istanbul on the European side of the city, within the borders of the municipality of Basaksehir, and is easily accessible from all areas of the city via the modern road network that surrounds it, in addition to the railway connecting the city of the European side in Istanbul.

It has a strong infrastructure, a water refinery and purification facility, and is used to irrigate green spaces, where large quantities of freshwater are provided in this way, sustaining water resources through refining.

The area has a large and luxurious number of residential complexes, with the highest comfort and safety facilities, as well as social and health facilities, many shops, such as shops, offices and commercial centers, and the largest artificial lake in Turkey, spanning over 3,000 square meters. The lake is surrounded by a wide range of restaurants, cafes, clubs and other social facilities.

The Bahcesehir area, over four million square meters, is planned to accommodate the construction of over 15,000 apartments. The area also has diverse vegetation from various trees, with an estimated per capita area of twelve square meters of green space.

The region has received wide attention from real estate investors, as over recent years it has become an important center for attracting real estate investors, and property prices are rising in Bahcesehir, particularly in areas near the lake.

Get familiar with the prices of apartments in Istanbul by reading our article.

Atakoy District

The Atakoy district is located in the European section of Istanbul, overlooking the Sea of Marmara, surrounded by a vast network of vital and recreational public transport and facilities, as well as a beautiful seaside, some 40 kilometers from Istanbul's new airport.

The Atakoy region is characterized by its distinct infrastructure, being in close proximity to educational institutions, schools, institutes and universities. Atakoy is surrounded by a series of service facilities. It is close to the Metrobus Line, and it has many state and private hospitals and health centers, which provide comprehensive and diverse medical services to the population, including the Bahcelievler State Hospital and Bakirkoy Dr. Sadi Konuk Research And Training Hospital and Memorial Hospital.

The area is characterized by luxurious modern style, as well as shopping malls, hotels, high-end restaurants, an integrated amusement park, and nearby universities, Atakoy Coast which is one of the most entertaining destinations, as well as the Bakirkoy Botanical Garden, with many entertaining games, and the famous Istanbul Aquarium, the largest water park in Europe and the Middle East.

The region is undergoing rapid development in modern residential enterprises, amidst shopping malls, hotels, shopping places and close proximity to tourist and Coast maritime sites.

Atakoy is an important investment destination, owing to its guaranteed real estate development, the vitality of the region and its proximity to the main city centers of Istanbul, the accelerated movement of real estate construction, and the construction of modern housing complexes bordering the Sea of Marmara.

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Beyoglu District

Beyoglu is located in the European part of Istanbul, between the Bosphorus Strait and the Golden Horn, about 40 kilometers from Istanbul Airport, and about 50 kilometers from Sabiha Gokcen Airport in the Asian section.

Beyoglu is a vital, service-integrated area filled with shops, scenic gardens, luxury buildings, public and private hospitals, multiple markets, restaurants, high-end hotels, and social facilities, with the famous Istiklal Street, Taksim Square, the Flower Passage, the Galatasaray Tower and Kamar Hatton Mosque. In addition to the Galatasaray High School, known as Turkey's most famous high school, and the German School in Istanbul, a private high school, founded in 1868, the district also contains Imam and Khatib religious schools such as Beyoglu Anadolu Imam Hatip Lisesi.

Investment in the region is of great importance, as the purchase of property in the Beyoglu region, a region of vitality and geographic location, provides an opportunity for financial and investment development, given the presence of the most important tourist areas in the region, whether the property is for rent or profit, or the purchase of real estate premises suitable for tourism companies and offices, and commercial.

For more, we recommend reading our article on investment in Istanbul and the most important fields.

The importance of investment is no different from the importance of housing. All about making it an ideal place for a privileged high-end life, and the right choice for those who want to invest.

Due to the high profit earned by buyers of real estate in the Beyoglu area, this is all due to the lifestyle provided by the area that houses historic buildings; and vital streets with strong infrastructure.

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What are the five most famous regions in Asian Istanbul?

Tourist spots in Istanbul

Umraniye District

Umraniye district is located in the Asian section of Istanbul, bounded on the west by Uskudar, on the south by Kadikoy, on the east by Kartal, and on the Beykoz region, one of the most contained green spaces in Istanbul.

It is one of Istanbul's most developed areas of population growth and real estate sectors, consisting of fourteen neighborhoods, six towns, and four villages, with a total area of 22,000 hectares.

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It is one of the areas to which investors have been strongly attracted, particularly in recent years, as it has proved to be the fastest-growing Istanbul region, as well as one of the central regions of Asian Istanbul; its proximity to the Istanbul International Money Center, as well as to the Uskudar metro line, would significantly increase the investment value of its real estate.

The renaissance in the urban area of infrastructure development in recent years has been accompanied by an increase in the population and housing projects by modern standards, which have contributed to a significant rise in real estate prices, particularly in the last eight years.

Its housing features include the fact that its buildings, as described by experts, are anti-seismic, given that most of its buildings have been established by companies specializing in this area, and it has been classified as one of Istanbul's most prestigious areas of modern life, in addition to the availability of many recreational and cultural facilities that have been associated with the luxury and modernism of construction.

Read also about the advantages of ownership and real estate investment in Istanbul.

Istanbul Asian Regions

Uskudar District

Uskudar is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, bordering the sea, where the Bosphorus Strait meets the Marmara Sea, and the Uskudar region is surrounded by the Kadikoy, Umraniye and Beykoz regions. Within its borders, there’s a hill of sixty-eight meters above sea level, with the Camilca Mosque being the largest mosque in Turkey.

The Uskudar region has received considerable attention from the Turkish government for its historical status, unique location and growing tourist turnout, highlighted in its public transport, municipal services and famous features, as well as an extensive network of health institutions. These include specialist university hospitals (such as cardiovascular hospitals, pediatric hospitals, etc.). Physical therapy and rehabilitation centers and clinics, making their infrastructure one of the newest in Istanbul, are among Istanbul's most green areas.

It has many schools; there are eighty-six state primary schools in Uskudar, twenty-two private primary schools, one hundred and sixty-eight state intermediate schools, ten private medium schools, twenty-six government secondary schools, twenty-three private secondary schools, eighteen student residences, fourteen private training institutes, twelve private teaching institutes, a State university and a private university.

All of this has taken on great importance and has made Uskudar a central area of real estate investment, with the influence of a number of factors, the most important of which is the atmosphere of its tourist sites. Maiden’s Tower, 15 July Martyrs Bridge, Kuleli Military High School, Beylerbeyi Palace, Mihrmah Sultan Mosque and Semsi Pasa mosque.

Sales of apartments in Uskudar have achieved a high rate, in a clear indication of the high demand for Uskudar real estate.

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The best investment zones in Istanbul

Maltepe District

The Maltepe region is located in the Asian section of Istanbul, overlooking the Sea of Marmara and the Emirate Islands, and is approximately 25 kilometers away from Sabiha Gokcen International Airport.

Maltepe is considered one of the most important areas of advanced infrastructure, with all means of subsistence and stability from universities, schools, government services, health centers, and coastal resorts, as well as markets, shops, parks and hospitals, an enormous transportation network, high-end restaurants and hotels, and social facilities that meet all modern needs. Modern urban development is also remarkable, as the area is full of specifications.

It is home to Tuzla Marina, where restaurants, cafes, gardens and shopping centers abound, the largest Istanbul island in the Sea of Marmara, and is the largest park in the world, with an area of 1 million and 200,000 square meters, the park has eight different islands, and each has several recreational spaces.

Infrastructure factors combined with geographic location factors to shape an urban environment with a neat modern design, combining the finest ocean and landscape, making real estate investment in Maltepe a viable option with all the high-profit indicators for real estate investors. In addition, the livelihood of the region is compounded by high-end residential complexes, equipped with all the amenities and rules of earthquake resistance, firefighting systems, the presence of scenic sea-Atlantic parks, markets and malls, and recreation spaces, making them a new destination for investment.

Kadikoy District

The Kadikoy area is located in the Asian section of Istanbul, surrounded by the areas of Uskudar, Atashehir and Maltepe, the south of which is the Sea of Marmara. Because of its proximity to the Bosphorus Bridge and the Maiden’s Tower, and other factors, it has become a vital, distinctive, central area that tourists always seek.

Its infrastructure is a source of livelihood, including easy access, as it has various means of land, air, and sea transport. It is 20 kilometers from the Sabiha Gokcen International airport, Haydarpasa Train station is located at the center of the area, as well as a seaport from Eminonu.

Kadikoy also has various tourist features, such as Haydarpasa Train station, Bride Hill, Bostanci Park and Umbrella Street, and is one of the most magnificent streets in Istanbul, and the Kadikoy Coast, one of Istanbul's finest tourist venues, with its clean beaches and clean water.

In view of the above factors, large-scale infrastructure and development projects have increased, making real estate ownership much safer in the region. Investment in the area has thus recently seen unprecedented growth, especially since its real estate and buildings are intermingled with the old and modern models. The price of real estate and apartments for sale has increased gradually in the recent period, and investment opportunities have increased.

Istanbul regions

Sancaktepe District

Located in the Asian part of Istanbul, it overlooks the forest area, is 22 kilometers from the Sabiha International Airport, and contains an advanced infrastructure, with educational institutions, from schools, institutes and universities, State and private. The most famous of these are the Basil International Schools, one of the private universities; Ozyegin University, with State and private hospitals and health centers, with Sancaktepe Hospital on the top.

The Sancaktepe region includes several historical areas, such as the Sivkenhak Usta Fountain, the Sarigazi Koyu Well, the Paskoy Rumi Cave, the Sarigazi Koyu Mosque, and its proximity to forests.

The Sancaktepe  region has undergone major development in its development, with the expansion of high-end housing and government service projects, which have made it particularly relevant because of its proximity to the forest area and the tourist region of Sile, which has increased the rate of stability, particularly after old neighborhoods have been turned into modern by real estate investors.

One of the advantages of investing in them is its great attractiveness to investing after the factors that we talked about, which accelerated its physical growth, with modern designs, particularly as they are distinctive patterns in apartment buildings with horizontal extension and varying elevations as well as the availability of large indoor gardens.

We have luxury properties and apartments for sale in Istanbul Asia, see the offers and the details.

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