What Are the Types of Agricultural Titles? Everything You Want to Know About Land Titles in Turkey

Get to know about the agricultural land types where the land titles of the land in Turkey consists of two main types: 1. Bonds of land suitable for construction 2. Agricultural land bonds

What Are the Types of Agricultural Titles? Everything You Want to Know About Land Titles in Turkey
Do you want to buy agricultural land in Turkey?
Do you know what types of agricultural Titles in Turkey?
What do the Red title deed and the Blue title deed mean?
What is the definition of Construction Land? What is the difference between it and agricultural land?
Many questions for foreign investors in Turkey in which they should  take them into consideration to get accurate answers before investing and buying real estate of any kind in Turkey especially when looking for agricultural land for sale, which will undoubtedly allow him to avoid many legal problems or even manipulation by some of the trolls here and there.
In this article, which is provided exclusively to you by Imtilak Real Estate, we simplify the answers and work to simplify Turkish legal concepts and related investment advice.

What is the agricultural title deed (Tabo)?

The Turkish law regulates the sale and purchase of real estate through the Turkish Tabo Department and is officially known as Directorate of real estate registration and surveying, under the Ministry of Environment and Turkish Cities where registration is made under private title deeds, these bonds are issued in the name of the owner/owners. This bond is known in Turkish as "Tabo". If the title deed relates to agricultural land, it is referred to as "Agricultural Tabo". In the following paragraph you can find the full details of the meaning of the Tabo, partners in the property, and to whom do these titles will be granted…

Definition of title deed (Tabo) in Turkey

The meaning of the word Tabo: The Tabo is legally defined as the title deed. It is the document that regulates a particular property. It proves the ownership of the person mentioned in the document. It includes information about the property, the survey numbers and the location of the property.
The real estate title deed (Tabo) is only given to the owner of the property (the rightful owner) and the owners of other rights in the property in question other than the right of ownership they shall not be given a title deed.
  • If the property is owned by more than one person, only one bond is given, separating the share of each landlord in the property.
  • The title deed shows the ownership of the person named in the title deed, thus If a name of one person is mentioned only in the owner box, without mentioning a percentage of 1/3 or so, it means that the property is wholly owned by the person mentioned in the bond.
  • The partners in the property are partners in all real estate sections. The partner in the real estate does not have a dedicated part of the property, but all the partners share the whole property.
The Tabo includes the ownership of immovable property, as well as the ownership of land ... In this field, there is a great deal of searching for the types of agricultural Tabos in Turkey for the purpose of starting a project within the scope of agricultural investment in Turkey or buying farms.
In the following paragraphs, we will discuss the details of each type of agricultural title deed, and legal gaps that you should be careful not to fall into when looking for agricultural land for sale in Turkey.

الضمان الحكومي انجليزي الضمان الحكومي انجليزي

What are the types of agricultural title deeds in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the best countries for agricultural investment, where the agricultural areas are spread in Turkey across the Turkish states.
But before embarking on the purchase of land in Turkey, it is necessary to identify the details of the (title deeds) and types of land deeds in Turkey, which is divided into two main types:
  1. Construction Land Bonds.
  2. Agricultural Land Bonds.
The following is a detail of each type...

 Construction land bonds
Is the bonds of residential land and is called "Arsa" in Turkish. This type of bond is granted to the lands for which a property is authorized by the municipality. Moreover, land that does not have this status not allowed building on it. If built on agricultural land, this construction incompatible with the legislation on the types of agricultural title deeds and land ownership in Turkey.
In this case, landlords are subject to legal liability and loss of any right to claim property, so making sure this is very sensitive before and during the process of owning a property in Turkey, whether for the purpose of owning land or owning immovable property such as villas, apartments, and buildings.
Thus, full responsibility lies on the buyer to ascertain the type of land that he intends to own, and the intended purpose of the property purchase process. For example, if a person wants to buy a villa in Turkey, he must make sure that the land on which the villa was built is classified as residential land in the municipality, and not a field land, otherwise, he will be the victim of its ignorance of the law. There are several cases of real estate fraud occurred as a result of the mixing up of field land and residential land.
Therefore, construction lands are registered as empty plots that are valid or invalid for construction.
This land must be located within an area covered by the reconstruction plan to qualify as land suitable for reconstruction. However, acquiring the land does not mean that a building can be built on it, or organizing a project and getting the building permit on this land; it must be considered and checked by the municipality concerned on the status of the area and its entry into the reconstruction plan, as the land may be located on the road or dedicated to a public park or a green area and the like.

  Agricultural Land Bonds
The second type of land title is the title deed of agricultural land in Turkey, also known as the field lands name, which is called Tarla in Turkish.
When land is used as a field land, it means that all other types of agricultural projects in Turkey are allowed on it, such as agriculture, tillage, livestock, and poultry, etc. If field land is used within domains and uses other than the designated areas, this is called an illegal use to be held accountable in Turkey due to its violation of the data and the specific uses of each type of agricultural titles.
Before looking for cheap agricultural land for sale in Turkey, the land should be verified periodically, the land or the plot registered in the Turkish title deed as an agricultural land may have acquired the status of reconstruction due to a change in the reconstruction plan in the area, while remaining in the bond as agricultural land, because of the lack of change in the type of the property and these cases are common, therefore, it is necessary to first provide information from the municipalities concerned, before making any investment decision, especially if there were unusual differences in the prices of agricultural land in Turkey.

Information for the investor about the types of agricultural titles in Turkey

Field Land or agricultural lands, two names indicating one name, the land to which the owner is entitled to perform any agricultural work and the like, such as raising poultry or livestock within the land owned for this project.
The title deed for this type of land is defined as the blue title deed.

Blue Title deed

Distinguished from the other types of titles in Turkey, the red title deed of the residential units (house, home, villa, office) or even the lands included in the city's organizational chart.

Red Title deed

As mentioned previously, agricultural land registered in the title deed document included within the types of agricultural titles may be acquired as a result of a change in the reconstruction plan in the area, while it remains registered as part of the ownership title as agricultural land. In this case, accurate information must be provided by the municipality of the area exclusively, in order to dispel uncertainty.

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