The most important tourist places in Ankara

Learn about the most famous and most important tourist places in Ankara and the value they add to the city, including museums, mosques, malls, parks, lakes, archaeological sites, and palaces.

The most important tourist places in Ankara

Where does the city of Ankara get its tourist value?

  • Modern European character

The political capital, Ankara, gets its fame through its modern European character in many of its architectural styles and tourist attractions, and its special cultural character, which reflects the various historical Roman, Ottoman and Seljuk civilizations.

This European and cultural character attracted many tourists to visit various tourist places, and spend enjoyable times among its historical, archaeological and recreational attractions.

  • Historical monuments

The multiplicity of historical monuments in Ankara and the diversity of its tourist facilities, such as castles, forts, theaters and monuments, tell us the grandeur and nobility of ancient civilizations that inhabited Anatolia throughout the ages. It is the city known as the city of ancient civilizations and ancient heritage, and the city of historical culture and antique castles.

  • Multiple entertainment venues

Ankara is famous for its ancient historical monuments, it also contains many recreational places that are suitable for families and children, such as resorts, malls, theme parks, parks, museums, water cities, and other multiple entertainment venues.

  • Government bodies

Since Ankara is the political capital of the country, it includes a large group of major centers for ministries and government institutions, and many embassies and consulates of various countries of the world are located on its sides, as well as the presidential palace and parliament, and other official headquarters of the parties and administrative bodies in the country.

Tourist places in Ankara

The most important and famous tourist places in Ankara

Archaeological sites in Ankara

The geographical location in which Ankara is located in the center of the country gave it an ancient historical dimension over the past eras, as various civilizations passed through its lands that left us with a variety of archaeological sites in Ankara:

1. Ankara Castle

Ankara Castle, which was an impenetrable fortress against Roman and Byzantine attacks in the past, is now an architectural and archaeological masterpiece in the Turkish capital, taking its visitors on a dreamy journey through time.

Ankara Castle was built on a high mountain, enabling the visitor to see the capital Ankara from all sides, and it consists of 4 floors built of white stone, surrounded by 3 overlapping walls.

In the inner section of the Ankara Castle there is a rocky area, and many small squares that were used each for different commercial purposes, and gathering places, the most prominent of which are the horse market squares, the hay market, and the sheep market.

The most prominent monuments in the outer section of the fortress include the historical khans, such as Jungle Han, Gogur Han, Bilaloglu Han, and Safran Han.

Ankara museums

In addition to the historical castle in the state of Ankara, you can meander to visit some of the archaeological museums in the region, such as:

Museum of Anatolian Civilizations

Museum of Anatolian Civilizations is a covered market dating back to the fifteenth century, opened in 1921, and attracts thousands of visitors annually, especially with its location near the Ankara Castle, specifically in an area called At Pazarı.

The Museum of Anatolian Civilizations includes a collection of artifacts dating back to the history of Anatolia in the sixth century AD, in addition to the exhibits consisting of archaeological artifacts dating back to ancient times, such as the Paleolithic Age, the Assyrian period, and the Hittite civilizations among the most impressive exhibits are the Hittite inscriptions with English interpretations.

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Ankara lakes

Although there is no sea in the state of Ankara, but it is full of many lakes, parks and tourist facilities, which guarantee relaxation in the arms of the wonderful nature in Ankara:

1. Karagöl Lake

It means in English the Black Lake, is a natural lake, located in a high mountainous area, surrounded by green trees. The lake acquired this name as a result of the dark water color, close to the color of black.

Karagöl Lake is one of the most beautiful natural places in Ankara. It is visited by  tourists all year round, despite the difficulty of accessing it. The area where the lake is located is characterized by the splendor of the landscape around it.

2. Lake Mogan

Lake Mogan, which extends over an area of ​​approximately 644,000 meters, is one of the most important lakes that constitute a wonderful natural painting in the capital, Ankara. It is one of the areas that contain various sports and cultural activities, as it includes an amphitheater that can accommodate 3,000 people, a modern wedding hall with a capacity of 1,000 people, as well as playgrounds and paths designated for walking and hiking.

Among the most important facilities available in this area are a 4 km long coastal boardwalk, an equestrian center, a lighthouse building, a sports center, several cafes, in addition to a boat harbor, tennis, golf, ski areas and a bike club.

3. Gölbaşı Lake

Gölbaşı Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Ankara, which is 30 minutes from the state center, and can be reached by public transport buses designated for the municipality, and is characterized by the presence of green gardens around it, and benches distributed along its coast, overlooking the lake directly.

You can go on a cruise tour in Gölbaşı Lake, relax in front of the charming nature views, enjoy the tranquility that accompanies the general atmosphere in this area, and have barbecues with friends or family.

4. Mavigöl Lake

Mavigöl Lake is one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Ankara. It is located in an area close to the state center, and can be reached by municipal buses. The lake area contains many tourist, service and recreational facilities, such as the vast green spaces scattered around the lake, places for barbecues, and paths set for walking. In addition, some other activities can be practiced, such as boat and ship riding, and horse riding in the Equestrian Club.

Mavigöl Lake ankara

Ankara parks

Speaking of Ankara parks, we find that the following parks among the most beautiful natural parks in Ankara:

1. Wonderland Eurasia Park

The Wonderland Park, which was opened in 2004, is one of the largest parks at the local and continental level, as it extends over a large geographical area, estimated at 1,320,000 square meters, and is divided between planted green space, and another area designated for artificial ponds.

Spread around the Wonderland park, carved cartoon characters, the park provides all sports activities from basketball courts, tennis courts, golf courses, skating rinks, theaters, exhibitions with a capacity of up to 5,000 people, and many cultural and entertainment clubs are held in it.

2. Kuğulu Park

Kuğulu Park is located in the central and most famous district of Çankaya in the Turkish capital. It was opened in 1958, with an area of ​​approximately 2.5 acres. One of the most famous features of this park is the swans available in it, which were donated by the city of Vienna to the municipality of Ankara, and were allocated in this park.

This is park is famous for swans as well as some other types of birds, such as ducks and geese that swim in the pond in the middle of the park, forming one of the most beautiful parks in Ankara.

3. 50th Year Park (50. Yıl Parkı)

The 50th Year park represents the charming natural face of the state of Ankara, which includes green meadows, perennial trees, colorful flowers, water ponds, and some waterfalls that give the place a distinctive character of beauty.

The park is one of the ideal places to relax and enjoy the nature in Ankara, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and its traffic congestion. It extends over an area of ​​approximately 135 km, and there is an amusement park, which contains the most wonderful entertainment games suitable for children, adults and different age groups.

4. Ankara Youth Park

The park covers an area of ​​approximately 27.5 hectares in the center of Ankara, with a height of about 850 meters, making it one of the lowest points in Ankara. It is surrounded by Ulus Square in the north, Ankara Opera House in the east, Selim Seri Tarkan Sports Hall and Ankara Central Station in the south, and May 19 Stadium in the west.

The Youth Park was opened on May 19, 1943, which coincides with the National Youth Day in Turkey. In this park, there is the main swimming pool, which has an area of ​​42,000 square meters, and Luna Park, which is an open-air theater, and around it are distributed some cafes serving drinks to visitors, as well as two miniature trains within the park area as part of the recreational attractions.

Ankara mosques

1. Aslanhane Mosque

Aslanhane Mosque, or as it is known as Sharaf al-Din, is one of the historical mosques that attracts visitors. It was built by Sharaf al-Din in the early thirteenth century during the reign of the Seljuk state in Ankara. It is located in the old quarter of Ankara next to the Ankara Castle, at an altitude of 947 meters, and has a wonderful view of Ankara.

The “Sharaf al-Din Mosque” was given another name: “Arslan Hane Mosque,” ​​because of the presence of a lion statue on the wall of the cemetery opposite the mosque, especially since the meaning of “Aslan” in Turkish means the lion.

The area of ​​the mosque is 400 meters, it has one minaret, and its roof is made of wood and covered with lead. It is based on 24 large wooden columns, and it has 3 gates, from the north, south and west sides, and 12 windows. The construction process dates back to the Roman and Byzantine periods.

2. Kocatepe Mosque

The Kocatepe Mosque is one of the most prominent historical mosques in the capital, Ankara. It was built in 1967 and opened in 1987. It’s one of the largest mosques in Turkey, that you can see from almost anywhere in the city. It includes 4 minarets, and the height of each one is It is 88 meters long, and its golden dome is 25 meters in diameter. It is distinguished by its architectural style that combines the Ottoman and classical styles of construction.

3. Maltepe Mosque

Maltepe Mosque is one of the most famous mosques in Ankara. It is located in the Maltepe district of Ankara. The work on the construction of the mosque began in 1954 and was completed in 1959. The total building area including the courtyard is 7,019 square meters, which is a square building, the length of each one of its sides is 20 metres.

The lower five meters of walls are covered with ceramics, and it has one green dome 30 meters high, and two minarets with one balcony each, and each minaret is 50 meters high.

5.Melike Hatun Mosque

Malike Hatun Mosque is one of the new mosques in Ankara. It was opened on September 27, 2017. The mosque is located in the old quarter of Ankara, to the east of Ataturk Street and Cenglik Park and it was designed by the engineer Muharram Hilmi Şenalp.

The area of ​​the mosque is 3,600 square meters, the diameter of the dome is 27 meters, and its maximum height is 47 meters. The mosque has 4 minarets, and each minaret has 3 balconies, and the height of each minaret is 72 meters.

Ankara shopping malls

Ankara shopping malls, including their marketing and entertainment features, attract visitors. Among the most important malls in Ankara are the following:

1. ANKAmall Ankara

ANKAmall is located in the lively Gazi district of Ankara, and guarantees visitors an enjoyable and exciting shopping trip. The mall opened its doors to visitors in 2006, and extends over an area of ​​approximately 120,000 square meters, and the number of shops in it reaches 330, making it the largest mall in Ankara.

ANKAmall provides all the basic needs of furniture, household items, electrical and electronic appliances, as well as many shops selling Swiss jewelry and watches, but what really distinguishes the place is the group of stores that sell distinctive collections of clothes, bearing the names of the most famous international and local brands.

Also, it has many recreational activities, such as watching the latest movies in the cinema with modern visual and audio technologies, or playing some sports in the fitness hall, in addition to restaurants and cafes that serve Turkish and Western meals.

2. Kentpark Mall Ankara

It’s one of the most famous shopping malls in Ankara, it has 204 shops, and it contains the latest products in the world of fashion at the local and international levels, and these shops are spread over a total area of ​​80,000 square meters. This mall in Ankara guarantees visitors a real opportunity to spend a perfect shopping experience, with its various entertainment and marketing activities.

3. Ankara Optimum Outlet

The Optimum Outlet Mall in Ankara is the ideal place for shopping enthusiasts. It consists of 4 floors, and includes a variety of clothing stores that offer the best fashion and fashion shows and the latest designs, in addition to electronics and accessories stores, and the supermarket has a children's entertainment center, an amusement park, and a bowling alley, a cinema hall, and there are also many distinctive restaurants and cafes.

Ankara Optimum Outlet

4. CEPA Mall Ankara

Through its famous shops, CEPA Mall in Ankara provides shoppers with everything new in the world of fashion, located in the central Çankaya district of the state, and provides visitors with all the basic needs of clothing, accessories, gifts, electronics, jewelry and all food products.

5. ACity Outlet Shopping Mall Ankara

ACity Outlet Mall in Ankara will give you an unparalleled shopping opportunity where you can move between its four floors, to discover the products offered and the different stores it contains, which number up to 270 stores.

6. Panora Mall in Ankara

Panora Mall is one of the newest shopping malls in Ankara. It occupies a privileged location in the famous Altindağ district in the capital, opening new horizons for shopping, with its prestigious brands that meet all tastes, and provides a mixture of fun and entertainment for tourists, especially with the presence of entertainment centers, cinemas, many restaurants and cafes.

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The most important streets of Ankara

Ankara is characterized by some streets that include a touristic character, such as:

1. Sakarya Street

It’s one of the famous streets in Ankara, named after the coastal state of Sakarya on the coast of the Black Sea, is the main destination for musicians and musical instrument lovers, as it includes shops and laboratories for making musical instruments of various types.

Sakarya Street is 1.8 km from the center of Çankaya district. Some buses of public transport pass by it, it houses historical buildings, shops, cafes and restaurants.

2.Konur Street

Konur Street is located in a central point of Çankaya district. It is a closed street that cannot be entered by cars because it is intended for pedestrians only. The street is full of factories that manufacture musical instruments, and it includes places designated for parties and personal events.

3. Kızılay Street

Kızılay Street is one of the famous neighborhoods in the state. It is located in the square named after the street, and the popular character blends with the tourist character, and shops, restaurants and cafes are distributed on its outskirts.

Kızılay Street ankara

Tourism investment opportunities in Ankara

The diversity of tourist attractions in Ankara such as museums, mosques, malls, parks, lakes, archaeological sites and palaces, and the great turnout witnessed by these places from tourists, made it a destination for tourism investments, as Ankara has a strong ground for establishing many tourism projects.

For example, there is investment in the field of hotels, which is one of the most popular projects by tourists throughout the year, and it is a great investment option thanks to its large investment returns, which rise annually by between 8% and 15% of the value of the property.

The investment in the huge commercial malls in Ankara is also one of the important options in tourism investments. These shopping malls offer many opportunities for investment, such as shops, restaurants, cafes, game halls, cinemas, etc., contributing to the growth of commercial traffic and doubling tourism investment opportunities in Ankara.

The value added by tourism to real estate in Ankara

Experts in Imtilak Real Estate company confirm that the tourism factor plays a major role in activating the movement of real estate sales in various Turkish states in general. Then what if it is related to the Turkish capital, Ankara? which is full of many tourist attractions, archaeological areas, and natural places.

The value that tourism adds to real estate investments in Ankara resonates with foreign investors, who choose real estate investment and buy real estate in Ankara.

In this context, the diversity of the tourism investment sectors that we mentioned earlier, provides a solid ground for the multiplicity of investment advantages, which can be available in the service of those wishing to invest in Ankara real estate.

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