Questions about the inheritance law and property inheritance in Turkey

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  • Inheritance law in Turkey 
  • Real estate inheritance law in Turkey
  • Inheritance tax in Turkey
  • Writing will and withholding inheritance in Turkish law

Frequently Asked Questions"Questions about the inheritance law and property inheritance in Turkey "

It is a tax imposed on the one who inherits the estate of the deceased person.

It is a law applied to the legal heirs of immovable property within the Turkish territory, which determines the heirs and their specific legal shares of the estate.

In general, movable property is subject to the inheritance laws of the country that the deceased owner holds its nationality, while the Turkish law is applied regarding immovable property and real estate.

The inheritance tax in Turkey is relatively low, it varies depending on the value of the investor's property, where a lower percentage tax is deducted as the property price gets lower.

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In the absence of a legal will, the first to inherit the estate of the deceased is the children, husband, or wife.

The Turkish law is applied when dealing with the ownership of a real estate that falls within the borders of the Turkish Republic.

  • A family statement in addition to a "real estate inventory" shows the heirs and the kinship relationship, certified and translated into Turkish.
  • Applying for the tax register in Turkey and obtaining tax numbers.
  • Having a valid passport.
  • Personal photo

In comparison with other countries in the European Union, the inheritance tax value in Turkey is relatively low, ranging from 1% to 10%.

The inherited tax is paid within a maximum period of 3 years from the date of death.

Anyone in Turkey can write a will explaining to whom the property will be left after his or her death.

One of the heirs can be prevented from obtaining his or her share of the inheritance in special cases, but the person concerned must explain the reason for doing so in court if he or she wishes to withhold the inheritance from one of the legal heirs.

Of course, real estate in Turkey is transferred from the deceased to the heirs according to Turkish law. 

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