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A Third Underwater Tunnel In Istanbul



A Third Underwater Tunnel In Istanbul

A Third Underwater Tunnel In Istanbul - Invest in Istanbul

Director of the Contracting Department at the Directorate General of Investments in the Directorate of Infrastructure and Transport attached to the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Mohammed Shamil Kaylak, announced that three offers have been made to start the huge project which will be operated based on the principle of building, operating, transporting, where the metro train will pass inside the tunnel and the line will extend to 31 stations in both continents.

"The project beginning is based on the necessary assessments on the offers and the giving marks, where the offer will eventually be given to the top mark, he added.

He pointed out that the contract was made for the third underground tunnel in Istanbul, the first of its kind in the world. The tunnel will include a pedestrian corridor, a car corridor and a subway corridor at the same time.

He also explained that the work on auditing the files submitted by companies participating in the project has started, and the project is considered the first of its kind globally, in which the upper section will be pedestrian, the middle for cars, and the bottom for the metro train.

The major project will let 6.5 million passengers benefit about a day from both the Asian and European continents in Istanbul.

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