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Government-Guaranteed Properties in Istanbul

What are Government Guaranteed Projects

The Turkish government offers financial guarantees on real estate projects carried out by private construction companies or government departments.

Government-backed real estate projects represent Turkey's efforts to strengthen infrastructure and expand the real estate industry while offering investors safe investments with attractive returns. These government-guaranteed real estate projects span residential, commercial, and tourism developments as well as infrastructure developments - helping promote economic and social development throughout Turkey's urban centers.

The Advantages of Buying a Government-Guaranteed Property in Istanbul

  • Only established Turkish developers are eligible to deal directly with the Turkish government and any properties purchased this way are fully assured with regard to construction safety, licensing requirements, and delivery dates.
  • Government-supported projects tend to offer more affordable prices that do not tend to be exaggerated.
  • Government guarantees give buyers additional peace of mind, guaranteeing their project will be delivered and completed as contracted.
  • Government guarantees offer projects protection from bankruptcy or licensing issues that might otherwise stall completion.
  • The government provides most projects within their area with financial and physical support - schools, shopping centres, transportation networks, mosques, etc.
  • Combining the best properties from both public and private sectors.
  • Modern and sophisticated designs can be found throughout most properties' interiors and exteriors.
  • Government-funded projects reflect changes in exchange rates by adjusting their prices accordingly.
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Government-Guaranteed Properties in Istanbul

Top Government-Guaranteed Projects in Istanbul

Grand Palace Project

The project is located at the heart of Istanbul, in the European part of the city. The project is located along the coastal road that connects Ataturk Airport with the city center. The Marmara Sea is also a beautiful view from the apartment. The project is close to many educational and commercial centers, including universities and schools. It also has shops inside the project.

Nisantasi Reserve

The project is located in the Nisantasi district of Sisli which is one of the most beautiful and prestigious neighborhoods in Istanbul. The project is located in a quiet area close to green areas, covering an area of approximately 60,000 m2. The project is located near the markets, shopping centers, and the center of Istanbul in Nisantasi and Sisli. It also has a close proximity to schools, health centers, and educational centers.

The project has a modern architectural design and a concept of healthy living. It consists of low-rise buildings in which apartments are independent, with adjacent green spaces, and views of the sea that stretch from the Nisantasi neighborhood to the Marmara Sea, and the Bosphorus.

Ebruli Project

The project is situated in the Ispartakule District, which is at the entrance of the Bahcesehir District and is a major investment area in Istanbul. It has a direct view of the valley and is surrounded by many new residential developments, making it a great investment.

How to Buy Government-Guaranteed Property in Istanbul?

  • Decide the type of property (residential, commercial, or tourist), its location, and budget before beginning to look for your future investment.
  • Visit Turkish developers on real estate tours for both completed and under-construction properties in Turkey.
  • Use an interpreter to carefully read and understand the contract. Decide your payment method (cash or installments). Finally, do not sign until receiving your property report which should arrive approximately 3-7 working days after the offer form signature.
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Government-Guaranteed Property in Istanbul

How Imtilak Can Help You Find the Best Government-Guaranteed Properties in Istanbul?

Real estate in Istanbul is one of the most attractive investments in Turkey due to its high investment return. Therefore, in recent years, the demand for real estate in Istanbul has increased dramatically, leading to increased real estate prices. However, government-guaranteed properties are affordable and high-quality options. Imtilak can help you buy your dream home in these projects and make sure that all your needs are met.

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