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One of the most special things about Istanbul that sets it apart from the rest of the places in the world is that it is divided into two parts, an Asian and European sides, where the beauty and charm are distributed equally between both of its sides, a capital that used to rule an endless empire for hundreds of years.

The beautiful two-continents city attracts many people who want to own upscale real estates among its magnificent sides, this is why the number of people looking for villas for sale in Istanbul is increasing, whether in the Asian or the European side of the city.

Advantages of Buying a Villa in Istanbul Asian Side

The Asian part of the city was the first metropolis of the Ottomans before they were able to conquer Constantinople, this is why the Asian side of Istanbul city has excelled with its historical heritage and originality, where its ancient buildings and monuments that witnessed its civilization tells stories of history and wisdom.

The Asian side of the city is also known for its urban organization, its wide streets, and the elegance of its civilization. Its residential complexes have become a home for the elite and the wealthy seeking luxury, beauty, and peace of mind in this calm quiet environment.

A complex network of modern transportation and advanced Metro lines are expanding day after day, tunnels connect the two sides of the city under the Bosphorus within a few minutes, wide green areas, attractive marine views of the Marmara Sea and its beautiful tourist islands, the endless tourist attractions, beaches stretching over the Marmara Sea, the Black Sea, and the Bosphorus strait that connects them, and many other features have become attractive factors for investors looking for investment opportunities in villas for sale in Istanbul Asian side or luxurious apartments.

Villas for sale in Istanbul Asian side

Villas for Sale in Istanbul Asian Side

As we cover most of the Turkish cities, and due to our distinctive experience in the Turkish real estate market, we guarantee to the customers of Imtilak Real Estate the best investment opportunities that suit different desires at the most suitable prices, with possible installment opportunities in the most important residential and investment areas in the city.

In the following lines, we will discuss the prices of villas in Istanbul Asian side and the installment offers that Imtilak Real Estate can provide in villas for sale in Istanbul Asian side on the sea or on the Bosphorus, as well as other important points.

Prices for Villas in Istanbul Asian Side

It is well known that the prices of villas are not usually controlled by a specific condition, each villa usually has its own characteristics and each location has its selling point upon which the price is determined, the green views or sea views are also an important element in determining the value of each villa.

For example, villas overlooking the Bosphorus have advantages over their peers on the Marmara Sea or in the closed areas far from the coast.

Prices of villas in the Asian part of Istanbul range between $ 10 million maximum and $ 250,000 minimum, but of course, the difference between luxury and views will be different as price differs, as the price is determined based on the valuable luxury elements.

Prices for Villas in Istanbul Asian Side

Villas for Sale in Istanbul Asian Side in Installments

By contacting our expert consultant team at Imtilak Real Estate, you can get to know prices of villas in Istanbul Asian side up close, where we evaluate the available offers and put them in the hands of our customers with all transparency, we also check for the appropriate installment opportunities and search for the perfect option that meets your ambition to own or invest in villas for sale in Istanbul Asian side in installment.

Villas for Sale in Istanbul Asian Side by the Sea

Because the Asian side extends between the Marmara Sea coast in the south and the Black Sea coast in the north, the city's real estate and villas by the sea have gained a great reputation and interest among the investors and wealthy people looking for a luxurious ownership opportunity with distinctive views in villas for sale in Istanbul Asian side by the sea.

Sea view villas in Istanbul Asian side have a high investment value placing them among the most important investments in the city, where the measured and calculated investment can make very good profits in some areas.

Villas for Sale in Istanbul Asian Side on the Bosphorus

The Bosphorus strait has an unmatched aesthetic advantage, its dock has a tourist significance that lives up to its position as a marine artery feeding the world with its cargo-loaded ships and its non-stop ferries.

Luxurious palaces and villas lineup on both European and Asian sides of the charming Bosphorus, taking advantage of its indescribable beauty and amazing panoramic landscape.

Some of these palaces, which date back to the Ottoman Empire era, cannot be evaluated materially due to their historical and aesthetic value, but at the same time, they exceptionally raise the value of the surrounding real estate and villas.

Therefore, we advise those wishing to have an exceptional luxury ownership opportunity in villas for sale in Istanbul Asian side of the Bosphorus, to contact our specialized consultant team and let us give you more information about these options and other real estates that suit your aspirations.

 villas for sale in Istanbul Asian side by the sea

Services and Offers of Imtilak Real Estate for Investors

Once you arrive at Istanbul airport Imtilak Real Estate will be your companion in the search journey and will introduce you to the most important of these properties, such as villas for sale in Asian Istanbul on the Bosphorus or by the sea. We also provide free consultation services, register the real estate in the land registry, and follow-up files of the Turkish citizenship for those who own real estate with a value of 250 thousand dollars or more.

Through our integrated team, Imtilak Real Estate provides many necessary services in the after-sales service department, in addition to the many important services from Imtilak Group through its other companies of the high competency and experience.


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