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Apartments for Sale in Istanbul in European Side 2020

The Best apartments and residential complexes in Istanbul European side, Apartments for sale in Istanbul European side

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Imt-193 Loca Project

Our new project in Istanbul enchants the eye and captures the hearts among its fragrant flowers and...

Starting at

149,000 $

IMT-192 Neda Park Project

One of Istanbul most advanced projects on the European side

Starting at

315,000 $

IMT-191 Levent the Fifth Complex

A new modern complex with full services and makes try the true meaning of luxurious life,,,

Starting at

133,000 $

IMT-190 Bulivar Project

Beautiful architectural designs, happy life, the abundance of green nature all these elements form o...

Starting at

163,000 $

IMT-189 Prime Istanbul Complex

Luxury has its name with our new complex, full services and in a strategic location...

Starting at

114,000 $

IMT-188 Lal Complex

A new complex with a classical nice design a boutique concept, located in a vital area in Istanbul.....

Starting at

193,000 $

IMT-187 March 19 Complex

A new complex with a modern and beautiful design in one of the most developed and famous areas in Is...

Starting at

82,000 $

IMT-185 Ikhlas (8) Project

The project’s construction company is unveiling its 8thmasterpiece of ikhlas projects...

Starting at

140,000 $

The European side of Istanbul is considered one of the most important investment fields in Turkey, Where the mega government projects are located, here you will find the best apartments and residential complexes in Istanbul, Europe. We also offer you the best search options for apartments for sale in Istanbul European side during 2020.

The prices of apartments in Istanbul have risen in recent years, so apartments have become an important investment in 2020, but buying apartments to invest in Istanbul has become one of the most profitable options, where the increase in apartment prices during the last ten years within the cities As large as Istanbul has reached nearly 100 percent.

What should you pay attention to while buying investment apartments?

It is advisable to set the necessary budget for buying apartments for investment purposes, while moving away from bank loans as much as possible when buying such apartments, because of the high interest added on these loans, which are often equal to the expected investment profit or more, In addition to the possibility of difficulties in the regularity of payment of periodic installments, which may result in the imposition of other financial sanctions, as sales operations are difficult to be implemented quickly.

When buying apartments in Istanbul, it is not recommended to focus only on the city's famous districts, but to turn to the investment areas such as Beylikduzu, Bashakshehir, and Bahchashehir…

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