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Apartments for sale in Gungoren Istanbul 2022

See Imtilak Real Estate's offers of apartments for sale in Gungoren Istanbul. Specifications and prices suit all people, see them and contact us.

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Advantages of buying an apartment in Gungoren Istanbul

Gungoren is considered one of the areas that are located in the heart of Istanbul city, and it is one of favorite options for Ownership in Istanbul to many people because the prices are cheap in this area compared to other areas of Istanbul, also, its distinctive strategic location and being close to vital investment projects makes buying an apartment there an excellence project. 

Apartments for sale in Gungoren Istanbul

Apartments for sale in Gungoren Istanbul - the specifications and prices

Apartments for sale in Gungoren Istanbul with unbelievable specifications and at very cheap prices compared to other different areas in Istanbul like Basaksehir. When you make your decision to buy one of the apartments for sale on the European side of Istanbul you will find a wide range of options available regarding the apartment specifications and prices.

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Apartments for sale in Gungoren Istanbul by installments

Currently, the Turkish real estate market provides many offers in real estate projects that facilitate the ownership of investors, and among these offers, there are the amazing installment options with different periods. Or the possibility to take advantage of the installment option that does not include any additional interests, which makes the prices for apartments in Istanbul affordable. In addition, there is the possibility of an easy installment for foreign investors.

Apartments for sale in Gungoren Istanbul by installments

Services of Imtilak Real Estate for ownership and investment in Turkey

Imtilak Real Estate Group puts all its professional teams specialized in buying and selling real estate at the disposal of its esteemed clients, and it works to provide all services related to searching and looking for the best Istanbul real estate in general, and in Gungoren area in particular, along with providing the best suitable options for various payment methods and putting them before you.

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