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10 Things to Pay Attention to in the Lease Contract in Turkey

There are points in the lease that require attention during the signing of the lease contract...  

10 Things to Pay Attention to in the Lease Contract in Turkey
2016-12-03 Last update 2020-09-23

10 Things to Pay Attention to in the Lease Contract in Turkey

There are points in the lease that require attention during the signing of the lease contract:

Signature: Before signing the contract, the tenant must look at the records and verify the identity of the property and its original owner, and then sign the contract from the landlord or his official agent under a statutory agency certified by the notary public.

ID card Information: All owner information such as name, nickname and national number (T.C) must be provided, in addition to providing information about the address of the landlord and tenant if any.

Lease duration and finance: Detailed written information indicating the method of payment, due date, and the bank account number to be deposited must be provided, the return (rent) must be assigned a number and written.

Accrued dues:  There are provisions in the contract that undertake not to transfer any old debts and dues accrued to the previous tenant, to the new tenant such as water and electricity bills.

The address data is correct: The address and location of the house registered in the contract must be carefully scrutinized and verified in the contract and to verify whether it is true or not. Any difference in address may be a reason for the rejection of official transactions or cause of a delay.

In case of disputes: The contract should contain detailed information about the court to be invoked in the event of a dispute between the parties.

Terms of insurance: In the event that the landlord asks the tenant to pay for the house insurance, he must mention it in the contract and signed by both parties (the landlord and the tenant). He must also mention cases where the right to claim the amount is canceled.

Requesting an increase: The contract must contain detailed information about the owner's request for an increase, the rate of increase in rent and any period during which the increase will be applied prevents doubts.

The presence of both parties in one session: The landlord and the tenant must be present together at the time of signing the contract, or if the landlord has agents responsible for his presence, each page of the contract must be signed by both parties.

Responsibilities of the Tenant: Among the things that must be discussed between the landlord and the tenant are the dues and financial entitlements of the leased property. If the leased property is an apartment in a residential building, the lessee must take part in the payment of the expenses due.

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