The Halal Tourism in Turkey and the World

Last year has witnessed a spend of $ 156 billion on halal tourism worldwide...

The Halal Tourism in Turkey and the World
2017-08-16 Last update 2020-04-03

The Halal Tourism in Turkey and the World

Last year has witnessed a spend of $ 156 billion on halal tourism worldwide. According to the data, more than 121 million Muslims travel annually to access Halal tourism services around the world.

The report by Turkey's Association of Independent Businessmen and Industrialists on the future of tourism in Turkey assesses the current time of tourism in Turkey. As well as a list of the latest developments on the tourist level in Turkey.

Overall, the volume of tourism in the 1950s was about 25 million people a year, while that number rose to more than 1.2 billion a year. Halal tourism is an important part of tourism in general.

It is expected that the number of tourist movements will reach more than 1.8 billion annually by 2030, which is why this sector will be a great opportunity for tourist countries. In this context, Turkey is one of the biggest receiving countries of tourists in both the ordinary and the halal levels.

According to a report issued by the World Tourism Organization (WTO), tourism accounts for 7 percent of total global revenues, with tourism contributing of $ 1.5 trillion annually.

In this context, Turkey is among the top 10 countries in terms of receiving tourists. And among the 15 most lucrative countries in the world. The tourism sector is increasingly affecting Turkey's net gross domestic product (GDP) year after year.

Turkey is currently working hardly to increase investment in the development of halal tourism. And to give great importance to the religious sensitivities of tourists in this context and to take the necessary measures from A to Z in accordance with Islamic teachings. In this context, many mega projects are being built across the country.

Which has shown very positive results in the past years in terms of a clear increase in the number of Muslim tourists, especially from the Arab countries in general and from the Gulf countries in particular. Where Gulf tourists broke a record last year and they were ranking the first among the most foreign tourists in terms of Turkey's destination for tourism.

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