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Important Details About the New Construction Law in Turkey

: 2017-05-31

Important Details About the New Construction Law in Turkey
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Several amendments have been issued to the construction law in Turkey, which has provoked many reactions in real estate circles, most notably with respect to the 1 + 0 apartments, which were common in Turkey, where they were banned starting in July of this year.

The newly amended law will regulate many aspects of building construction now and later. The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization in Turkey has taken many important steps at the urban level to provide suitable housing for those who want to own a Turkish real estate.

"The law is very important and vital and should not be postponed because of its great importance," said Mr. Mohamed Ozzhsky, Minister of Environment and Urbanization in Turkey.

The new amendments point to the need to take into account the apartments that will be newly built to the standards of health, security and living necessary to ensure a decent life for its inhabitants.

In this context, the amendment on the prevention of constructing apartments 1 + 0 is an important step in this way, where the area of the smallest apartment from now on will be 28 square meters, and the apartment must be at least a room and lounge.

The law states that buildings will not be randomly painted from now on, and that the municipalities will make the decision so as not to cause an imbalance in the aesthetics of the area. Architectural experts will identify the color of the surfaces and front fronts of the buildings.

The new amendments also include a new item on the possibility of installing lightning arresters on the educational, health facilities, hotels and buildings that contain explosive materials, in addition to the possibility of establishing gardens on the balconies, also constructing swimming pools on the upper floors and balconies of the buildings.

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