The Arab Emirates Topped Arab Countries | The Most Countries Invested in Turkey

The UAE ranked first in the Arab world, and the Netherlands first in the world, as the largest foreign investor in Turkey.

The Arab Emirates Topped Arab Countries | The Most Countries Invested in Turkey
2022-02-15 Last update 2022-09-30

The Arab Emirates Topped Arab Countries | The Most Countries Invested in Turkey

From 2003 to 2020, foreign investment in Turkey exceeded $165 billion, with one-third of all investments coming from England, the Netherlands, and the United States.

There have been many investment sectors, most notably industry, finance, energy, transport, mining and retail.

The Netherlands Ranked First Globally while The UAE Topped Arab Countries

Official statistics indicated that the most invested country in Turkey from 2003 to 2020 was the Netherlands, with a direct investment of $26.2 billion.

The UAE ranked first in the Arab world in direct investment within Turkey during the same period, with a value of $4.3 billion.

According to data from the Central Bank of Turkey (TCMB), direct investments of non-residents in Turkey over the last 18 years $164.6 billion.

Europe, Asia in Second Place, America Third

In 2007-2020, the highest foreign investment value in the history of the Turkish Republic was $19.1 billion.

The data showed that European countries had the largest share of direct investment in Turkey, with the volume of investments ranging from 60% to 87% of the country's total volume of foreign investment.

European direct investments in Turkey hit $120.1 billion, while Asian direct investments in Turkey reached $29 billion and about $14.3 billion of US investments.

Insurance and finance were the most heavily invested sectors with a total value of $54.2 billion. In comparison, foreign investment in the energy sector hit $18.1 billion, $14.4 billion in telecommunications and informatics, $11.1 billion in wholesale and retail trade, $9.3 billion in the food sector, and $3.5 billion in the mining sector.

Investment in Turkey

The Most Invested and Largest Countries in Partnership with Turkey


The Netherlands is Turkey's largest investment partner in various fields, including ports, logistics, real estate, construction, agriculture, aviation, food and electronics, automotive industry, and supply and medical tourism.

Over the past 18 years, the Netherlands has made direct investments in the Turkish economy, amounting to approximately $26.2 billion, about 16% of Turkey's total foreign investment during the same period.

United States of America

The United States of America ranked second on the list of the most invested countries in Turkey (2003-2020), with direct investments reaching $12.9 billion in several sectors, the most important of which are finance, food and technology.

The United States recorded its largest direct investment in Turkey in 2007, with a value of $4.2 billion in the banking sector, and its share of investments amounted to 7.8% of total foreign investment in Turkey.

Investors in Turkey

United Kingdom

The UK ranked third in direct investment in Turkey during the same period, with $11.6 billion, or 7.1% of the country's total foreign investment, and the most prominent sectors were infrastructure, energy, food, tourism, finance and telecommunications.


Austria ranked fourth among foreign countries in its direct investments in Turkey, with an investment volume of about $10.6 billion in wholesale, retail, and energy sectors.


German companies have focused on direct investment in Turkey in important sectors, most notably automotive, energy, industry, petrochemicals, and other fields.

These investments amounted to $10.1 billion, making Germany the fifth largest in the world in direct investment in Turkey.

Other countries

Many different countries have clearly impacted investment within Turkey, with Luxembourg, Spain, Belgium, France and Azerbaijan on the top 10 direct investment list.

The total investment of these countries totalled $42.3 billion, with banks, insurance, energy, automobiles, food and petrochemicals being the most prominent areas in which they invested.

Arab Gulf Countries Investments in Turkey

Gulf states' direct investment in Turkey reached $11.4 billion in 2003-2020.

The United Arab Emirates ranked first with $4.3 billion, Qatar came in second with $2.7 billion, followed by Saudi Arabia with $2 billion, while Kuwait was fourth with investments of $1.9 billion.

Industry, finance, retail and media were the most important areas invested by the Gulf states in Turkey.

Investment in Turkey


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