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Whom Are the Nationalities That Own Properties in Turkey?

: 2017-04-24

Whom Are the Nationalities That Own Properties in Turkey?
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According to the information issued by the Directorate General of Real Estate Records attached to the Ministry of Environment and urbanization in Turkey, investors from foreign countries such as the Gulf States and England have purchased more than 121 thousand apartments in addition to more than eight thousand plots in Turkey over the past ten years.

Moreover, according to the report issued by the General Directorate of Real Estate Records, 2016 witnessed the arrival of 21,178 foreign investors who bought apartments and purchased 912 plots last year.

Iraq ranks the first among foreign property owners, followed by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Afghanistan and England.

The stable economic situation in Turkey was the main reason for the stability of investment in Istanbul in particular and Turkey in general, which contributed significantly to the high demand from many investors for real estate, especially apartments for sale in Istanbul near the sea, and villas for sale in Istanbul, which was the most prominent purchases in which foreigners have been investing in recent years, in addition to the lands on which projects are built on in general.

The report mentioned that Iraqi investors has ranked the first in the purchase of real estate, where two thousand and 459 properties were owned by Iraq, followed by Saudi Arabia with a thousand and 642 properties, Kuwait with a thousand and 640 properties, and the Afghan citizens with a thousand and 518 thousand and English citizens with 29 thousand properties throughout Turkey.

Foreign investors bought 5, 411 properties from Istanbul, 4,971 from Antalya, 1,344 from Bursa, 1,287 from Adana, and 31 from Yalova.

The Afghans come first in Istanbul, followed by Iraqis and Saudis.

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