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Apartments for sale in Konyaalti Antalya 2024

Offers for Antalya konyaalti apartment for sale by; Imtilak Real Estate, Turkey's premier property consultant. Cheaper prices and free Turkish citizenship services, communicate with us.

What are the advantages of buying an konyaalti apartments, Antalya?

Buying an apartment in Konyalti Antalya is a productive option, as the region is at the forefront of Antalya's real estate sale for foreign investors, whose investments have increased significantly over the recent period. Foreign investment in the real estate sector is estimated at more than 30% of the total real estate investment in the region. This high percentage has made the region one of the most important and selling areas to foreign investors, and this high interest by foreign investors has contributed significantly to the value of the real estate area. Many of the construction companies have also adopted setting up numerous modern and distinctive real estate projects, such as luxury residential complexes, which are characterized by their proximity to the seaside on the one hand, and by their proximity to important central locations in the city, such as markets, hospitals and various social centers on the other. They also have sports and recreation centers, swimming pools, children's playgrounds and other features.

Apartments for sale in Antalya Konyalti: special offers for cheap prices and in installments

Konyalti area is known for its location near the city center and its Mediterranean coastline, containing activity centers, social and recreational events and markets. In addition to having a good transportation network, the apartments for sale are distinguished by their offers and prices, for example, the Golden Palm project, it’s an opportunity for ownership and stability in one of the most rapidly growing areas of the city, which raises its investment value.

The project is also characterized by its modern design, diverse apartment options and completed equipment.

Apartments for sale in Antalya Konyalti Hurma

The region of Hurma, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Taurus Mountains, is one of the most important neighborhoods in the important coastal suburb of Konialte, Antalya estate center. In the recent period, this neighborhood has been undergoing major development, particularly in the areas of reconstruction, construction and infrastructure. The region is experiencing many reconstruction and construction projects, such as roads, modern housing complexes, fields, public parks, activity centers, and various social and sports events. The municipality is also very interested in increasing the green space in this neighborhood, which is well received by foreign real estate investors, making it an important center for the existence of apartments for sale in Antalya Hurma.

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Average of apartment prices in Konyalti Antalya

The development and demand for the real estate investment sector in Konyalti have accelerated markedly in recent years. In particular, in conjunction with the heavy demand in the real estate sector by investors. There is no doubt that the prices of apartments in Konyalti vary according to the view and space, overall, the average price is estimated at $100,000.

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Is Konyalti suitable for real estate investment?

Over the recent period, Arab investors have become increasingly interested in real estate projects in the Konyalti region, where many of them are buying housing units from luxury apartments in the region for use on holidays in Antalya. This high interest from investors has led observers to be optimistic about the real estate future of the area, where today observers are urging investment in the area and expecting a significant increase in real estate prices in the future.

Imtilak Real Estate investment services and offers

Imtilak Real Estate provides many services to investors who wish to own a property in Turkey, or who wish to acquire Turkish citizenship, from the airport to the receipt of property.

There are pre-purchase services, which include:

  • Airport-to-hotel reception.
  • Helping to pick a place to live
  • Specialized real estate consulting.


Post-purchase  services include:

  • Title deed
  • Receipt of the property and verification of its conformity with the contract.
  • Issuing a residence permit
  • Opening a bank account in Turkey.
  • Preparing the property for use (decoration, furniture, water, gas and electricity).
  • Property management: such as renting it, or reselling it, and following up on taxes, fees and bills for the property.


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