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Apartments for sale in Beykoz, Istanbul 2024

Imtilak Real Estate offers a range of distinctive options regarding the offers of apartments for sale in Beykoz, Istanbul, follow us


What distinguishes the Beykoz district in Istanbul?

Beykoz occupies a privileged location on the Turkish map, on the northeastern tip of the Bosphorus Strait in the Asian side of Istanbul, where the rolling green forests overlooking the Bosphorus, the fresh air, and the ocean away from all the noise and noise, it is the ideal place for those wishing to live in peace and comfort in Istanbul.

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Advantages of buying an apartment in Beykoz, Istanbul

The charming nature of the Beykoz region is one of the most important features available to those wishing to own property in this region, as it extends over a green cover, which at the end blends with the blue of the Black Sea and the Bosphorus Strait.

Buying an apartment in Beykoz, Istanbul means living in a quiet area close to the tourist attractions, an area distinguished by its strong infrastructure, rich in various services, strong with its investment projects, and many with its wonderful residential complexes with high-end architectural styles.

Average prices of apartments in the Beykoz district of Istanbul

According to the Zingat website, which specializes in Turkish real estate, the real estate market in Beykoz witnessed an increase in real estate prices by 18.39% over the past month, with the average prices per square meter of housing in this area amounting to 22,894 TL.

This increase recorded on a monthly basis in the prices of apartments in Beykoz, Istanbul raises the real estate value and encourages investors to increase investments in this region.

Offers of apartments for sale in Beykoz, Istanbul

Imtilak Real Estate offers you a variety of offers related to apartments for sale in Beykoz, Istanbul, and the most important of these offers are the following:

Apartments for sale in installments in Beykoz, Istanbul

The installment system adopted by Imtilak Real Estate in selling real estate is completely interest-free and is based on providing 50% of the property value as a down payment, and following up the rest of the amount in deferred installments, suitable for businessmen with limited incomes.

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Apartments for sale in Beykoz, Istanbul suitable for the conditions of Turkish citizenship

According to Turkish laws, investors can buy a property or more worth $400,000 in Turkey and then apply for Turkish citizenship. The apartments for sale in Beykoz are within the lap of charming nature amidst the picturesque Beykoz forests in promising investment complexes, and it is an opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship.

apartment in Beykoz

What does Imtilak Real Estate offer to those wishing to buy apartments in Beykoz, Istanbul?

For those wishing to buy apartments in Beykoz, Istanbul, Imtilak Real Estate offers distinctive and unique services when owning real estate. There are pre-sale services such as field tours and free real estate consultancy, and after-sale services such as managing the title deed files and Turkish citizenship.

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Update date: 2024-01-10

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