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Apartments for Sale in Gungoren, Istanbul

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Overview of Gungoren, Istanbul


Gungoren neighborhood is situated on the city's European side. It is located west of the city's core and is surrounded by the Baçlar, Esenler, Bahçelievler, and Zeytinburnu districts. Gungoren may be reached from many areas of Istanbul because of its excellent connectivity to key transit routes, including roads and public transportation choices.


The history of Gungoren area stretches back to a time when Istanbul was dominated by a number of different civilizations and empires. The district's current growth, however, didn't start until the second half of the 20th century, notably in the years following World War II. As Istanbul grew, the region saw a transformation from rural and agricultural terrain to a more urban and inhabited sector.

Apartments for Sale in Gungoren

The Advantages of Living in Gungoren, Istanbul

Magnificent Nature

Despite the fact that Gungoren is more recognized for its urban environment, it's important to remember that Istanbul as a whole is surrounded by breathtaking natural scenery. Gungoren may not have a large number of natural places, but its citizens may easily reach parks, woods, and recreation sites nearby for outdoor sports and leisure.

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Historical Beauties

Residents of Gungoren can easily visit the historic and cultural landmarks that make Istanbul so well-known because to the neighborhood's close proximity to the city center. You may visit historical sites, museums, and architectural wonders to get a sense of Turkey's rich history.

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Job Opportunities

As a component of a sizable metropolis, Gungoren has access to a variety of career possibilities across several industries. Due to its urban setting, inhabitants have access to work opportunities in a variety of sectors, including retail, business, services, and more.

Health Service

With a large number of hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities, Gungoren provides a complete healthcare system. For their medical requirements, locals have access to a wide selection of doctors and medical services. In fact Istanbul's hospitals is equipped with the latest technologies and can provide a high quality services.

Apartments for Sale in Gungoren, Istanbul

Why Should I Buy a Property in the Gungoren Area?

Istanbul, which is situated in a special position, is an area that will always be important and have a lot of potential. The apartment you purchase today in Istanbul will yield you a healthy return on investment in a few years. Large complexes with apartments can have excellent rental potential if they feature luxurious social amenities. This is a compelling argument in favor of making an investment in a Gungorn-area apartment.

Istanbul is currently Turkey's most significant economic hub, contributing around 25% of the country's total revenue. As a result, investing in Turkey and purchasing real estate in Istanbul is one of the finest choices you can make since it will provide you access to fantastic rental prospects and unmatched income opportunities.

Average Price of Apartments in Gungoren, Istanbul

The price of building materials, transportation, and labor increased, which had a negative impact on the Turkish real estate market. In Istanbul, the location and specifics of the property play the most significant role in determining the price of real estate, but generally speaking, the average price of real estate is increasing $100,000 minimum, $150,000 maximum are the costs of a 100 square meter apartment.

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How Can Imtilak Help You Find the Best Apartment for Sale in Gungoren?

Gungoren is a really amazing place to live because of the facilities and infrastructure available. The community in Gungoren and its people are supportive and nice which makes it a very suitable environment for families to live there. If you have already started thinking about investing in Gungoren and buying an apartment, Imtilak is here to help you. With years of experience in the real estate market in Turkey, we have succeeded in providing the best services to our clients. Offering the best properties at the best price in the market has been our competitive advantage that has brought success to our company. To buy your dream home contact us today and get a free consultation.

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