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Apartments for Sale in Kagithane, Istanbul

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Overview of Kagithane, Istanbul


Kagithane is a neighborhood of Istanbul, Turkey, which lies on the continent of Europe. It is positioned between the communities of Saryer, Beyolu, Işli, and Beyolu. Kagithane Creek runs through the district and has traditionally contributed to the growth of the local economy and industry. Due to its convenient position in the center of Istanbul, Kagithane is a popular area for both residential and business purposes.


The name Kagithane, which refers to the paper mills that previously flourished in the region, is derived from the Turkish terms "Kagit" (paper) and "hane" (home). Kagithane has a long history that goes back to ancient times.

Apartments for Sale in Kagithane

The Advantages of Buying an Apartment in Kagithane, Istanbul

  • Due to its strategic location on Istanbul's European side, Kagithane area offers quick access to all areas of the city. This benefit is especially tempting to people who wish to experience Istanbul's cultural, economic, and leisure offers as well as people who work or study in different parts of the city.
  • In recent years, Kagithane has seen a considerable urban transformation that has sparked the growth of contemporary apartment buildings, shopping malls, and recreational areas. Purchasing an apartment in Kagithane enables you to be a part of an urban environment that is active and growing with enhanced facilities and infrastructure.
  • The neighborhood has excellent access to main thoroughfares, including roads, bridges, and modes of public transit. With less travel time and more accessibility, this interconnectedness makes getting around Istanbul easy and efficient.
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  • In Kagithane, recently constructed residential developments frequently include contemporary facilities, cutting-edge security measures, and energy-saving technology. The benefit of living in a modern, comfortable atmosphere is one of the advantages of purchasing an apartment in such a development.
  • The combination of residential, business, and recreational areas in Kagithane offers people a wide variety of living options. Kagithane can satisfy a variety of interests, whether you choose a tranquil evening by the river or a fun-filled night out in a cultural center.

Real Estate Importance in Kagithane Area

Due to several elements that make it a desirable location for investors, developers, and purchasers, Istanbul's Kagithane neighborhood has grown significantly in significance in the real estate market.

This region's real estate is distinguished by being contemporary and including several unique and sizable real estate developments. Incredibly impressive infrastructural development is also taking place there, and several new transit projects are being constructed.

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In recent years, Kagithane has seen an impressive urban change. Former industrial zones have been renovated and transformed into contemporary apartment buildings, shopping malls, and green areas. This renovation has given the area new vitality and attracted investment and real estate development.

Infrastructure and facilities have been improved in tandem with the district's urban expansion. The improvement of utility services, modern roads, and transit choices has raised the quality of life for locals and increased the region's appeal for real estate investment.

The potential for investment in Kagithane is influenced by continuous urban change, enhanced infrastructure, and rising demand for contemporary living spaces. Property values may rise over time as the neighborhood develops and changes, giving investors the chance to make a profit on their investments.

Apartment for Sale in Kagithane with Imtilak

Average Price of Apartments in Kagithane, Istanbul

While the average price per square meter inside residential complexes ranges from 5,250 to 8,500 TL, it is typically between 3,740 and 5,000 TL outside residential complexes. Prices per square meter for offices and retail spaces outside of commercial complexes range from 4,700 to 6,000 TL, while prices outside of commercial complexes are between 6,300 and 9,500 TL.

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Find the Best Apartment for Sale in Kagithane with Imtilak

Kagithane is an amazing place to live because of the facilities and infrastructure available. If you are already thinking about investing in Kagithane or buying an apartment, Imtilak is here to help you. With years of experience, we have successfully served thousands of clients to buy real estate in Turkey. Offering the best properties at the best price in the market has been our competitive advantage that has brought success to our company.

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