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Apartments for sale in Ortahisar, Trabzon

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Everything related to buying an apartment in Ortahisar with distinctive specifications and reasonable prices that suit all budgets through Imtilak Real Estate, follow us

What distinguishes the Ortahisar area in Trabzon?

The Ortahisar region is the main center in Trabzon, where most of the general directorates and government institutions meet, and it hosts many tourist attractions, natural areas, and archaeological and historical places.

The Ortahisar district in Trabzon is one of the quietest areas, as it is one of the ideal areas for those looking for a peaceful residence away from the hustle and bustle of big cities, and at the same time, it has a strong infrastructure of transportation and service centers that provide all the needs of the population.

Is the Ortahisar district of Trabzon considered distinctive for ownership and investment?

One of the most prominent areas of real estate ownership and investment in Trabzon is the Ortahisar region. Thanks to its many assets in various fields, it allows investments in the agricultural, tourism, and real estate sectors wide.

Ortahisar witnessed a comprehensive revolution in the field of construction and real estate, which was manifested in the establishment of many residential projects, which have the most wonderful sea views, and were built with the latest urban methods, near the charming landscapes of forests, seas, plains, and valleys.

Apartments for sale in Ortahisar, Trabzon

Apartment prices in Ortahisar, Trabzon

Apartment prices in Ortahisar, Trabzon start from $40,000 for a 1+1 apartment, and with the expansion of the apartment area and the increase in the number of rooms, the prices naturally increase, but looking at the report issued by some specialized sites in Turkish real estate, we see that the prices of apartments in Ortahisar, Trabzon it witnessed an increase of 8.93% in the last month, while the average residential square meter price in this region was 7,856 TL.

Offers for apartments for sale in Ortahisar, Trabzon

Imtilak Real Estate Company provides apartments for sale in Ortahisar, Trabzon within the modern residential complexes, in which all the reasons for a comfortable and luxurious life are available, including spacious apartments, social facilities rich in pleasure, and geographical locations close to service centers and international roads.

Cheap apartments for sale in Ortahisar

Cheap apartments for sale in Ortahisar are provided by Imtilak Real Estate for those wishing to own apartments in Trabzon, and despite the cheap prices of these apartments, they contain all the amenities of comfortable and safe housing, through which some real estate or agricultural projects can be carried out.

Apartments for sale in Ortahisar, Trabzon by the sea

In contact with the customer service team of Imtilak Real Estate Company, we provide you with a variety of apartments overlooking the Black Sea in Trabzon, which, in addition to the blue seas and their charm, combine the splendor and beauty of the green forests around them.

Imtilak Real Estate Company services for those wishing to own and invest in Ortahisar, Trabzon

Through the Imtilak Real Estate office in Trabzon, we guarantee investors opportunities to own real estate from luxury villas, agricultural lands, high-end independent apartments, and apartments located within modern residential complexes in the Ortahisar area, and we offer distinguished services to clients such as field tours, real estate consultations, follow-up of the title deed file, citizenship and other services.

Ortahisar, Trabzon

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Update date: 2024-01-06

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