A comprehensive guide to know the Turkish city of Ankara

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A comprehensive guide to know the Turkish city of Ankara
2021-12-02 Last update 2022-05-31

A comprehensive guide to know the Turkish city of Ankara

Ankara is known as the political center and capital of the Republic of Turkey, located between the continents of Europe and Asia. Ankara is the second city after Istanbul in terms of congestion and has a population of 5,663 million until 2020, and it is the third in terms of its area of ​​24,521 km².

History of Ankara, Turkey

The history of Ankara is not short, it dates back to more than 10,000 years in the era of the Stone Age, during which several civilizations followed its rule, beginning with the Hittites, passing through the Persians, Romans, Byzantines, and ending with the Seljuks and the Ottomans.

Location of Ankara, Turkey

As for the location of Ankara, Turkey, it is in the middle of what is known as the Anatolian Plateau, as Ankara forms part of the Inner Anatolia Region, which gives strategic importance as it is a transportation node and the meeting point of roads heading to different parts of Turkey's regions.

Map of Ankara, Turkey

As for the borders of the Ankara map, it is bordered to the east by Kirikkale, to the northeast by Cankiri, to the northwest by Bolu, to the west by Eskişehir Province, to the south by Konya, and to the southeast by Karaşehir and Aksaray.

map of ankara

Weather and climate in Ankara

The height of the city of Ankara above sea level is 938 meters, and the weather in Ankara is described as hot in the summer during the day, while the weather is pleasant at night.

As for the winter, it is very cold, and the Ankara region witnesses snowfall, and the type of climate prevailing in Ankara is continental, and this is due to the internal location of Ankara and far from marine influences.

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climate in ankara

The beauty of Ankara

Ankara includes in its aspects many beautiful monuments, where a large number of Ottoman mosques, such as Haci Bayram Mosque, Alaeddin Mosque, and more than 50 museums, such as the Museum of the War of Independence, the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, and the Museum of Ethnicities, and the city also includes monuments indicating the Roman era, such as the corridor and road of the Roman columns, and the Roman theater.

Tourist places in Ankara, Turkey

  • Ankara Castle

Ankara Castle is described as a cultural, historical, and commercial center since ancient times, and it is an archaeological masterpiece that transports its visitors to different eras, as researchers trace the history of the castle's construction back to 3000 years ago.

The castle is divided into two main sections, one internally at the top of the castle top, and another surrounding it from the outside.

  • Museum of Anatolian Civilizations

It’s one of the important and candidate places to visit for tourism pioneers in Ankara, the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, which is one of the world's leading museums, is distinguished by being awarded the 1997 Museum of the Year in Europe award.

The museum includes antiquities dating back to the Paleolithic and Modern Ages, the Calcolite Age, the Bronze Age, the Hittites Civilization, and the Phrygia Civilization.

  • Wonderland Garden

The Wonderland of Ankara offers a unique experience of fun in a land area of ​​1,320,000 square meters filled with various types of trees and flowers, children's games, football and basketball fields, golf courses, water pools, water bikes, and other charming facilities.


  • Mavi Göl Lake

Mavi Gol Lake, which means in Arabic the Blue Lake, is located in the Bayander district, about 45 km from the heart of Ankara. It is one of the most famous tourist lakes in Ankara, and it has a charming natural atmosphere; thanks to its large spaces and fresh air, and the places designated for holding special barbecue parties.

  • Kara Göl Lake

It’s one of the charming lakes of Ankara, Karagul Lake stands out as one of the most preferred places by visitors for hiking and enjoying the scenic views around the lake, taking trips in the mountains surrounding the lake, spending beautiful evenings and barbecues with family and friends, and this is what makes the visitor feel fun and comfortable to visit this spot unique.

Infrastructure in Ankara, Turkey

What increases the beauty of Ankara is that the infrastructure in Ankara is characterized by strength and modernity due to the embrace of the facilities of Turkish sovereignty, including the presidential palace "San Kaya", in which 11 former Turkish presidents resided, and the new presidential palace "Ak Saray" (White Palace), which was opened during the era of President Erdogan in 2014, there are also official government headquarters, various ministries, the parliament seat, and many public facilities and parks, which means an abundance of many recreational places, such as beautiful parks and huge and sophisticated shopping centers.

history of ankara

  • Education in Ankara, Turkey: Universities and Schools

As is the case in the political capitals of countries, education in Ankara finds an excellent educational environment, as the city contains a large group of famous universities locally and internationally, and some universities in Ankara are taught in English.

Among Ankara's universities, Hacettepe University, Middle East Technical University, Yildirim Beyazit University, Ankara University of Social Sciences, Atilim University, Başkent University, Bilkent University, Ofek University, and TED University.

  • The health sector in Ankara, Turkey: hospitals and clinics

Since it is the official capital of Turkey, Ankara is one of the lucky Turkish cities about the health aspect in terms of the number of hospitals and medical centers, the quality of the existing equipment, and the health services provided there.

Among the hospitals in Ankara are Medicana International Hospital, Gorgan Clinic, Güven Ankara Hospital, Acıbadem Hospital, Ankara Memorial Hospital, and Hacıtepe University Hospital.

  • Transportation in Ankara, Turkey

Regarding transportation in Ankara, it is served by a modern network of internal transportation, including metro, public, private and minibusses, and taxis.

As for external transportation in the Turkish capital, there is “Ankara International Airport” 17 miles northeast of the city. On the other hand, the capital, Ankara, is the hub of Turkey’s railway system, as it can be traveled to by train from most Turkish cities, in addition to buses that are described Traveling in it is fast and economical, with many direct flights available from most Turkish regions to Ankara.

Is living in Ankara, Turkey recommended?

Many Arabs prefer to live in Ankara, where there is a large Arab community in Ankara, and the reason for this is due to the low cost of living in Ankara, given the high costs in Istanbul, which is Turkey's largest and most crowded city.

living in ankara

Frequently asked questions about Ankara, Turkey

  • How big is the Turkish city of Ankara?

Ankara has an area of ​​24,521 km².

  • What is the population of Ankara?

Ankara has a population of 5,663 million, according to the 2020 census.

  • How far is Ankara from Istanbul?

The distance between Ankara and Istanbul is about 450 km.

  • How far is Ankara from Trabzon?

The distance between Ankara and Trabzon is 729 km, which can be traveled in 9 hours and 36 by car.

  • How far is Ankara from Istanbul by car?

5 hours

  • How far is Ankara from Istanbul by train?

About 4 hours and 15 minutes.

  • How far is Ankara from Istanbul by plane?

1 hour and 20 minutes


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