Updated Information on the Turkish Citizenship, Visa, and Residence Permit



Updated Information on the Turkish Citizenship, Visa, and Residence Permit
In conjunction with the revolution of communication and technology we are experiencing today, Turkey has made qualitative leaps towards facilitating all governmental transactions such as visa, residence permit, and Turkish citizenship, which have always been a heavy bureaucratic burden.

How to Obtain The Turkish Visa

In the time of the Internet, it is no longer acceptable to delay routine transactions to long terms. Starting in 2013, the Turkish visa can be obtained electronically.
Applications for visas for tourist or commercial purposes are available for citizens of a number of countries through the official website of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in nine languages, including Arabic and English, and within minutes!

How to Obtain The Turkish VisaOfficial Turkish website for obtaining an electronic visa

The Electronic Turkish Visa

It is a document that allows you to enter Turkish territory. The following is a complete overview:
  • The applicant can obtain an electronic visa once he has provided the necessary information and pay the fees charged by credit or bank cards. The visa fees to Turkey vary according to the applicant's nationality.
  • Visa Turkey fees (Electronic Visa to Turkey), which is obtained through the visa website, is usually less than the cost of the Turkish visa issued at Turkish airports.
  • Tourist companies that receive tourist groups are allowed to apply for an electronic visa for the entire tour group and paying for the entire group.
  • Employees who check passport at the border crossing points can verify that the information on the visa is valid through access to their private network.
  • However, we suggest that those with electronic visas should make printed or electronic copies of the electronic visa in case of an emergency in the network.
  • The electronic visa is valid only for tourism and commercial purposes, while it is not suitable for other purposes (such as study, work, etc.), where they must apply at the Turkish missions.
  • Nationalities of countries not covered by the electronic visa can refer to the nearest Turkish mission to apply for a visa to Turkey according to specific conditions, and the price of the Turkish visa varies according to the nationality of the applicant as mentioned above.

Types of Residence in Turkey

The types of stay permits in Turkey vary for the resident, depending on the purpose of his presence in Turkey, and the methods of getting stay permits in Turkey also vary according to the following:

Tourist Residence in Turkey

Tourist stay shall be issued upon request by the applicant, provided that he has entered the country in a legal manner and apply during the applicable period for his visa to Turkey (validity of the visa to Turkey)
The residence permit is requested by booking an appointment to visit Director of Immigration by visiting its official website (the Turkish residence site). The visit shall be in the Director of Immigration within his her city of residence, accompanied by documents supporting his / her legal residence in Turkey, such as a lease or title deed of the house, approved by the notary public.
The short-term residence permit, or so-called tourist stay, is usually granted for a period of one year. You need to provide the following papers in order to obtain it: translation of the passport into Turkish, ratification of the translation by the notary public, the inclusion of 4 personal photographs, health insurance, Tax can be obtained from the tax department (takes minutes to get).
For children under the age of 18, birth certificates must be certified by their source and must also be translated and authenticated by the notary public in Turkey or providing a translated and certified family book.
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Permanent Residence in Turkey

This permit is granted with the consent of the Ministry of the Interior to a foreigner residing on Turkish territory for a period of 8 consecutive years on a regular basis. He is then entitled to apply for permanent residence in Turkey (long-term residence permit in Turkey).
The following are the conditions for obtaining permanent residence in Turkey, including:
  • He has not received social assistance during the last three years of his stay in Turkey.
  • The resident must have sufficient income to secure his living and his family's livelihood on a regular basis.
  • The resident must have valid health insurance.
  • If the resident does not pose a threat to public order and public security.

الجنسية التركية انجليزي الجنسية التركية انجليزي

Work Residence in Turkey

Foreign workers are granted work stay permit in Turkish companies, the company obtains permission from the Ministry of Labor for the foreigner to be employed and then to apply for residency, thus, one of the most important conditions for work stay permit that the company employs five employees of Turkish nationality for each foreign employee.
If a father or mother obtains it, all members of the family (husband/wife/ children) are entitled to get a residence as well, the duration of which is similar to that of the accompanying person.

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Student Residence in Turkey

The residence permit for students attending coming to study for studying at Turkish universities is subject to the requirements of tourist stay. In addition, the student shall present a proof student paper officially certified by the university in which it is registered.

Humanitarian Residence in Turkey

This type of residence permits is granted to refugees in Turkey, according to the government's assessment of their situation.

Family Residence in Turkey

If you are married to a Turkish wife/husband, you can apply for a family residence. The holder is entitled to apply for Turkish citizenship after three years.
On the other hand, members of the family of the employee holding the work permit can apply for a family residence in Turkey.

Real estate Residence in Turkey

It is a short, renewable stay for foreigners who own property in Turkey, where you can buy and stay in Turkey on a regular basis, also known as ownership stay (residence in Turkey by buying a property) is usually granted for one year and the wife and children Under the age of 18 years to obtain residence as well as accompanying the owner.

Required Documents to Obtain a Residence Permit in Turkey:

  • Title deed of property (tabu).
  • Earthquakes insurance of the property.
  • A valid passport for a minimum period of six months.
  • A family statement of children translated into Turkish and certified by the Turkish Embassy in the mother country.
  • Health insurance in Turkish territory for each member of the family.

How to Get The Turkish Citizenship?

The following are the cases that qualify the holder to get Turkish nationality:
  1. Five-year residence in Turkey in a legal manner provided that the resident has a work permit and that his residence is not for the purpose of education.
  2. Who is of Turkish origin and has sufficient and strong documents that prove his Turkish descent.
  3. To marry a Turkish citizen for 3 years, after which the foreign spouse or wife can apply for Turkish citizenship on condition of proof of family bonding.
  4. Businessmen, investors, artists, economists, thinkers and those who contribute to the development of agriculture, trade, industry, art, and sports in the country, according to the competent authorities in Turkey.
  5. Obtaining Turkish citizenship through a real estate investment, and we will explain it below ...

New Turkish Citizenship Law for Investment in Turkey

A formal decision was recently issued to amend the executive regulations of the Turkish nationality law for property ownership. The amendment included the conditions that any of the applicants may apply for Turkish citizenship, as follows:
  • Buy a property worth at least $ 250,000 and not to sell it for three years, instead of $ 1 million in the previous decision.
  • Fixed investment of not less than US $ 500 thousand.
  • Providing job opportunities for at least 50 Turkish citizens, instead of 100 citizens.
  • Cash deposit in the Turkish banks of $ 500 thousand, after it was 3 million Turkish lira in the past decision of citizenship.
  • Applying for Turkish citizenship in return for buying a property according to specific conditions.

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Imtilak real estate will help you in getting Turkish citizenship

  • With its wide experience in the Turkish real estate market and its access to the best Turkish legal practices during providing after sales service, Imtilak Real Estate can help you obtain Turkish citizenship by following documented, correct and accurate procedures as follows:
  • Imtilak Real Estate will help you to choose the right property, which conforms to the Turkish citizenship granting conditions (You can buy more than one property and submit it together in one file).
  • Imtilak Real Estate provides you with a list of documents and personal papers that you are required to prepare in your country of origin and certify them by your country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Imtilak Real Estate helps you complete the purchase procedures and issue the title deed (Tabu) from the General Directorate of Real Estate Records.
  • Imtilak Real Estate will help you prepare a legal agency from the new landlord (from you) to a trusted lawyer, in order to start the transaction of obtaining the citizenship.
  • Imtilak Real Estate in coordination with the lawyer prepares and processes all necessary documents for the transaction of obtaining citizenship.
  • Imtilak Real Estate shall prepare the conformity application form from the Directorate of Citizenship Affairs nvi.gov.tr and signed by the new landlord (from you) or the attorney-agent.
  • Imtilak Real Estate receives your original personal documents certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country, authenticated by your consulate in Turkey, translated into Turkish by a sworn interpreter and certified by the notary.
  • Imtilak Real Estate provides the title deed document and the copy of the owner's passport translated to an assessment institution accredited by the Turkish government.
  • The accredited evaluator will do a field visit to the property location and issue an evaluation report for the actual property value. The resident's report must be issued with a value of over $ 250,000 to be accepted.
  • Imtilak Real Estate receives the resident‘s approved report and gives it to the Directorate General of Real Estate Registries - Tabu, to register a pledge not to sell the property for 3 years according to the conditions of granting Turkish nationality.
  • Imtilak Real Estate receives a statement from the General Directorate of Real Estate Registries - Tabu, stating that the property was marked by not selling for 3 years.
  • Imtilak Real Estate collects all documents and papers in one file, and reviews and verify the accuracy and validity and complete all requirements, and the file will be handed over to the Joint Office for the Review of Nationality for Foreign Investors in Istanbul.
  • A copy of the file shall be forwarded to the Immigration Department and the investor shall be given a residence document until the completion of his application.
  • A copy of the file will be forwarded to the Directorate General of the Interior and Citizenship Affairs to study the investor's request and take the decision to grant citizenship.
  • If the investigation procedures are completed positively, the file will be submitted to the Ministry of the Interior for submission to the Presidency.
  • In case of issuance of the approval decision by the Presidency of the Republic, Turkish citizenship will granted to the applicant.
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Source: Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs + Turkish Ministry of Interior
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